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Happy birthday @amitshah . Have a blast.

What is this ? @clubfactoryapp https://t.co/UeyGhR3Ux8

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Chikoo top tweets

Dalit https://t.co/pFlIR8bSQE

Chehra dhak lo https://t.co/Q1OMWHvkWa

Kya chhilnaa aasaan hei

RanDee 💕💕 https://t.co/VMUlpx7HG7

Ranveer weds Deepika

Series of events https://t.co/iZYMmRY0ak

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Cancer https://t.co/8TEBjuiYKc

This is scary https://t.co/ZpTiamT9bo

Ban burning Raavan ffs

RIP https://t.co/jlJhHlRogQ


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Tin patti https://t.co/fwMS3UAU7B

When you are punctual your entire life and they put “Late” ahead of your name after you die. https://t.co/3AKR9jrOlN

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They should also have sex after Friday prayer https://t.co/ej8nMEVrEm

*finishes all the work and starts packing bag* Boss: https://t.co/MTMdRdXtOu

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When someone write “Chodd” instead of “Chhod” repeatedly. https://t.co/0eohqYejZM

Chikoo top tweets
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