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Aaj kaun jeetega?? A: RR B: KKR

First ever mirror selfie was taken by Arjun in Mahabharata

Chikoo top tweets
  • Long time No


    Chikoo top tweets


    Chikoo top tweets

    Can I watch the movie in which they are acting but I promise I won’t look at them. PROMISE.

    Farah please tell shirish to unblock me. It’s been 3 years now. Tumne bhi toh Shahrukh ko maaf kar diya tha.

    Great invention. But it’s highly useless. It can be just used in exams while writing essays.

    Why don’t socks come with GPS.? Kitna time bacha sakte hei.


    The guy she told you to not to worry about vs You

    Chikoo top tweets

    Best shit of the day 😭😭

    Common wealth mei itne gold aate hei. Olympics mei kyu Nai aate.

    U keep quiet please

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