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Haha! 👍 creative! No politics here....just life 🙏😃 Credits : TMKOC https://t.co/7hEFEsymn3

When you watch game of thrones on Doordarshan https://t.co/kEkZmiw6lx

Prithviraj Chauhan is known for his love story??? I think so https://t.co/JvkgMAwZfH

Close enough https://t.co/26QAHRA9he

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I stand with Heath Ledger https://t.co/gOHWbCyr4U

I stand with Vivek. https://t.co/C4WFgPilPb

Women body shaming is right of only women.

Not everyone deserves your explanation. Those who know you will be by your side forever.

Call swiggy first https://t.co/zbRbkItfVw

When panipuri wala bhaiyya makes the best panipuri https://t.co/ZGKWnDePWf

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The seat is reserved permanently https://t.co/VLem34YHfD

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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/zFEqE1huhP

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Congressulations https://t.co/hMniEs6v4O

When asked for a cup of tea Normal Mother Ambani mother https://t.co/2kN4Ygoyfq

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Leaked images from GOT finale episode. https://t.co/l0JnLnIckr

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Throne https://t.co/L5udFz5HHX

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