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Photoshopping someone’s pic is so 2013.

satyaAPEl singh

TL since last few days

Woman’s honesty is so turn on 😍

Ngidi no

Party culture se team haar jaati hei bc

My teacher always used beat me for writing β€˜i’ small. i knew i was right.

Lolhit sharma

India scored double than expected. Moral victory.

#indvsSA explained

Find the video recorder and get him arrested.

i cha gho


GST is the main reason for VAT loss.

And some from mouth.

Nice DP πŸ˜‚

dominic purcell in prison break 😍😍

Taimoor Ali Khan farts deodorant.

Pic 1: CTC Pic 2: in hand salary

Karan Jauhar

Bhadwa @ek_samosa_dena


Horny Cena

I hope it will be more successful than Game of thrones series.

Humaare maathe pe delhites thodi likha hei

You are still alive after tweeting this. Feel proud.


Bolo zubaa kesari

Got my new passport. Jay shri ram 🚩

Babuji got no chill

We are the last generation whose parents are not on social media.

Now wonder its name is grease

All: all set... let’s go goa Bat: arre mumma ne mana kar diya... mai nai aa raha

Srimati Rahul Gandhi

Ben ki lohri

Haar gaye bhenchod

Saving Bhuvi for WC 2019

Kohli be like bangladesh k saamne main team but SA k saamne experiment karenge.

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