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Shooting on set with people you love is no different than eating dinner with loved ones. You text rather than talk. Ha! #LifeSize2 https://t.co/dtri0h5b82

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COMMENT GAME: Was this filmed 18 years ago on the set of #LifeSize or this year on the #LifeSize2 set?! #SheStayLookinYoungBoo https://t.co/UmUKyPe8A6

It was the year of women taking over! It was the year of Eve’s return! Find out how I took over in this @metropolitanmagazine inside look! https://t.co/dGEnr0QQOb

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Secretary Eve behind the scenes! And she just typed this for you! “kbSpfj ffhwfhf jmfjf!” If you haven’t watched #LifeSize2 yet, you can watch it any time on @hulu! https://t.co/gOy5lqg9s2

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Recording Artist Eve. This was the look Eve wore into the studio when she spit those bars, made that bop, and flexed so hard she came out on top! #LifeSize2 Get that Be A Star 2 remix ASAP! https://t.co/AZxUGsnas3

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Eve is waiting for you. Did you know you can watch #LifeSize2 on @Hulu, on demand and https://t.co/moqKmr7w66? https://t.co/lF2kYmPQzf

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STOP! May I have your attention please!? #LifeSize2 ratings were revealed today...and they were UP! More than 50% than what was projected! And it is ALL because of YOU! Plus, tons of ‘special friends’ engaged on social and we were #1 social movie on TV!!! Eve and TyTy 💛 you! https://t.co/qQr11Un5wQ

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Lifesize 2’s major success is a dream come true for this birthday girl today! It’s special cuz I get to share my birthday week w/YOU & Eve! One photo is raw and the other is app-i-fied taking me from TyTy to Eve Fly! Ok, gonna go celebrate with my “extra” special friend now. 🎉 https://t.co/jND7MTRNRX

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Top Model has lost a beautiful soul. We will all remember Jael and her fun-loving spirit and beautiful soul.

Serving you H2T snow angel fierceness on the cover for @REMIXmagazine’s #REMIX100! Happy Holidays everyone! https://t.co/3QjWQKEJYp

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