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We all get to dream because of YOU. And don’t worry #MLK, your dreams came true and will continue to come true. We will get through this and the strength of your legacy will make sure of it!

Throwin’ that side eye shade if you don’t watch @ANTMVH1 tonight! https://t.co/dCkKESfDhX

Oh snap! So happy you're hooked! #ANTMtonight https://t.co/t39vu8KtSE

Tonight’s #TyraMail: Some girls like to chill and glide through this competition, but I say no, you need to focus! #ANTM

Oh honey, it had to come back! Listen for it again tonight boo! #ANTMtonight https://t.co/nt2NlY2NT2

It’s real. It’s bossy. It’s real bossy tonight! #ANTMinThreeHours

RETWEET if you will be watching TyTy tonight! #ANTMinTwoHours

My babies are beauties! https://t.co/szplTgjIDd

I just went live on facebook, and y'all got to hear my lil boo boo tryin to get mommy's attention! He's so darn cute I can't stand it!

Ok #tygers, get ready to CELEBRATE women and their bodies...tonight's photo shoot is all about the beautiful baby bump! #ANTMtonight

Ok boos, #ANTM starts now on @vh1! Tonight is so emotional! https://t.co/BxX7KwDiv7

What can be fierce? Your walk. Your pose. Your outfit. But, your 💛 can also be fierce. Let's all spread some next. level. fierce. LOVE! #ANTM

You can't say @StaceyMcKenzie1's name, and not say FIERCE! That yellow jacket and those legs! Yassss honey! #ANTM

You get a YAS/WERK/GAG, Coura! #ANTM

You gotta always be ready to walk! Always. #ANTM

Commercial break, smize break! The best #tyger smize gets a follow! Tweet me a pice! #ANTM

ROAR! I'm loving it, and you! #ANTM https://t.co/anhjxpXeAu

Living for the way @LUXURYLAW says "waaaaaalk"! #ANTM

THAT POSE THO! #ANTM https://t.co/n1ZFrf2pQK

Nothin but next level fierce love for you Miss Stacey! #ANTM https://t.co/64hCEgRV0v

I am obsessed with baby bumps! There is so much beauty behind a bump! #ANTM

Who's bohemian baby bump photo shoot are you loving so far? #ANTM

A woman's body is beautifully glowing during pregnancy! These girls are capturing that. #ANTM

Oh honey, you did it! You're not just a Tyger, you're a lion with that mane! https://t.co/t2RjUSjIvY

I am so excited for y'all to play around with the #ANTM mobile game! I think it's next level!

Yes, child! #ANTM https://t.co/EZiSpWOZHy

All y'all know, if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! #ANTM


There's a lil bit of goddess in all 15 of these girls! #ANTM

15 beautiful ladies, but 1 beautiful lady has to leave the competition...and guess what? She'll always be beautiful! #ANTM

Brendi and Maggie. Both extremely beautiful y'all. #ANTM

Hey @_MaggieKeating, you said you were grateful, but we were also grateful to have you on #ANTM. 💛 Now all my #tygers go follow our girl!

Women being a cheerleader for other women is also a fierce quality! 💛💛 https://t.co/vs82xh9Mdv

She’s got something special. That skin. Those eyes!!! https://t.co/EvW3qkeU04

I’d want exactly THAT. Hands doing everything right. Subtle Smize on point! Lips and gloss are poppin’! https://t.co/VdMVHUVKfJ

Now this is what I call a good wig day! #ANTM is all new tomorrow on @vh1! https://t.co/TUKyGR0GNg

All these women pop stars are puttin’ out the BOPS right now! 💛 me some @Pink, @ddlovato, @Camila_Cabello, and @kelly_clarkson! Can they please start a girl group!?

Mmmm BBQ. I’m craving it bad.

To me, race is not a trend. My skin is not a trend; your skin is not a trend. We are who we are, so we should not go in and out of fashion. My booty, her booty, your booty, should not be cool today and cold tomorrow. It should just be. https://t.co/uTCa3H8s7X

I’ve got a secret for @JKCorden tonight on @latelateshow! https://t.co/PfN4t0XFW0

Shine like gold, everywhere you go! ✨ #TyraOnCorden tonight https://t.co/qrKv9376UC

Thank goodness for radio!!! #ANTM https://t.co/cbmpJsa4sv

And you got that #Smize down!!! I am SCURRRED of you, @NeNeLeakes! WERK! https://t.co/60NINoHkPc

I may be smiling, but I mean business cause I’m the BOSS! #ANTMtomorrow on @VH1 https://t.co/xQyP61KjNT

Find me a door, and I’ll find you a pose. Can you handle it? #ANTMtomorrow on @VH1 https://t.co/gp9La7PkY3

Oh, yes. Don’t mess with me! 💛 https://t.co/riI1o8oLvD

I love this. 💛 https://t.co/Fluku0b0yN

Tonight is the night we take it to the next level. #NLF NEXT. LEVEL. FIERCE. #ANTMtonight on @VH1

Don’t lie to TyTy, you’re already judging my girls. Who stands out to you? #ANTMtonight at 8 on @VH1 https://t.co/98Ggx3JRfM

A “table reading”. https://t.co/bfR4HaQzZK

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