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What Tyra Banks Tweeted On Twitter?

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Dallas boo boos, come see me April 11! #perfectisboring https://t.co/FkAcl1T7yk

Well halleloo boo! The next level fierce @itsSHANGELA stopped by @AGT and shared all the tea! Good luck tonight you diva! https://t.co/txskx9OP0W

Tyra Banks top tweets
  • And that's the tea. Sip it. Chug it. πŸ’› #ANTM https://t.co/UfRZjyqzxB

    Congrats on best photo Rio! It was freshy fresh freshness! πŸ’› #ANTM

    Erin, even though you are going home, I want you to hold your head up high, and know that you have made a huge change for women everywhere across this globe. I am so proud of you. πŸ’› #ANTM

    Thank you so much for watching @ANTMVH1 with me tonight...again! We have many more Tuesday nights ahead of us. Stick around though, the next hour is never before seen footage! TyTy has to go be Mama now...lil boo boo wants to dance! πŸ’› #ANTM

    Too my book πŸ“– on a fierce lil walk down the @AGT red carpet! πŸ’› https://t.co/SLKiNAWhRO

    Tyra Banks top tweets

    Club Banger! Ha! πŸ’›

    It's #NationalNappingDay but I'm too busy to celebrate!!! πŸ™„

    Let TyTy spell it out for ya. Hashtag. Next. Level. Fierce. Tuesday's @ANTMVH1 is #NextLevelFierce https://t.co/UFgHrXkfj3

    Thanks for watching with me tonight, tygers. Y'all make Tuesday night my favorite night! TyTY loves you! πŸ’› #ANTM

    Don’t just get up this morn. Get up...and WIN!

    I took my book on a lil tour of the @AGT set today! Watch it on my insta story! #PerfectIsBoring Pre-order yours: https://t.co/miOzJfvQHv

    Hell yeah, @EllenPompeo!!! Because #PerfectIsBoring https://t.co/h9VGagn9yq

    So proud to be a woman today. Mama, I hope I have made you proud. #internationalwomansday2018

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