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Dang. @KatyPerry’s eyes are telling me so many fascinating and fierce stories as she gets lost in the lense of the camera. A master of the SMIZE. Oh, those brows - I brow down! https://t.co/TgbGXPjASX

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Monday is your friend, not your enemy! https://t.co/MwFfs54Eub

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Monday is your friend, not your enemy! https://t.co/Ewl0w2yBul

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Fiercely going forward, but making time pause to Step Into My Light! 💛 https://t.co/caj7Bc0I0V

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Flashback to the 1998 @VH1 Fashion Awards! I got 98 problems, but a man ain’t one. #90s! https://t.co/hQKBnymmfO

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Throwing it back to this #Valentines feeling catwalk moment. ❤️💕❤️ https://t.co/qvK9Z6QEIf

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Don’t have a Valentine today? Well, you’re all my valentine’s day boos! https://t.co/EhElzTM55g

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Slim. Thick. Tall. Short. Non-conforming. Boy. Girl. EVERYBODY. #ModelLand is for you. Sign up for updates now, and get ready for your Tyra mail. https://t.co/j9wvsYPrBB

Grammy’s 2005. What the HELL was I thinking!!!??? #HotRedMess https://t.co/Wzwvyp8yWc

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How do you spell #GRAMMYs? B. T. S. Auntie TyTy is SO proud of you fierce babes! 💜 #BTSARMY https://t.co/CBsoH5jUu2

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If your yee is hawed for @kaceymusgraves, consider me tongue ty’d at this fierce country queen! #Grammys https://t.co/tQhVAUkWbM

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They said to make spaghetti a fierce fashion look, so I did. #TyraTries #Nailedit #Not https://t.co/y1o9KK5B3m

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