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This was many years ago, but to celebrate the kickoff of summer how about this #FlashbackFriday!? You may not feel the same as you did years ago, but promise TyTy that you’ll still celebrate the skin you’re in at the pool all summer long! Don’t cover it up, uncover and turn up! https://t.co/GU2J8TpI7l

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OMG! #LifeSize2 is bringing people to tears! This beauty @Mac_DaddyB just woke up from getting her wisdom teeth taken out and was tearing up to be on @antmvh1, then crying for Eve! Don’t cry boo, Eve will be back this Holiday season on @FreeformTV! https://t.co/g3LJIFaMrm

[email protected] - She’s unapologetically real. She’s unapologetically successful. She’s unapologetically a woman. A constant inspiration in my life. See the clenching of her hands, notice the intensity between her brows. We should all aspire to be 1% of what this powerful black woman is. https://t.co/FaaX7eeXpt

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Smizing in the sky Up so high Girls got skills Oh my my my https://t.co/y7vT2IyOCh

She got that audio book of #perfectisboring! Let Mama and I read to you. Get it now, here: https://t.co/QTTaTJTfrx https://t.co/Huiyzmh6V9

This young woman took every single ounce of bullying, and turned it into a fierce force of a talent. May every young person do just that, and be exactly what they are without the constant worry of what bullies think! Go @AmandaMenaMusic Go! #AGT https://t.co/x6i3JJggrA

Before @agt tonight, learn why men with big heads look more handsome on TV! #FACTS!!! https://t.co/cDRU16kjM3

Wanna be next level fierce? Turn on @agt and tweet me your selfies watching! #AGT

She's 71. Proving that yet again, ladies, no matter what age we are - we CAN do ANYTHING! #AGT https://t.co/7V8lGhxljp

Did you wake up and say to yourself, “It’s just so difficult. What do I do?” The answer is in you. Dig deep. You’ll see.

Standing in front of my @StanfordGSB students in class gives me just as much happiness as walking a runway in Paris! These students are the brands, designers, innovators, and success stories of the future! #BrandPROJECTYOU https://t.co/8kLVOGZzvP

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Good morning. It’s Monday. Goals Day. Win Day. Focus Day. You can do this.

We can’t forget the Stepfathers. Happy Daddy Day to YOU, too!

Are you a Daddy’s girl? I am. Happy Father’s Day Daddy, love your baby girl TyTy. 💛 https://t.co/wMITUsUjx3

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To all the Mama’s who had to step up and be the Father too, Happy Father’s Day to YOU!

👊🏽 https://t.co/2QIlxJZ8eN

My “son”. @patrickstarrr, your future mother in law approves. https://t.co/swiyPPaxn8

It really brings so much joy to see YOU enjoying #perfectisboring! Y’all are really working that hair on the lip pose! It’s available internationally, and as an audio book…yes that’s really ME reading to YOU! 💛 Order here: https://t.co/QTTaTJBEzZ https://t.co/bVIWp8CRHG

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Congratulations @LondonBreed! You represent the present, future, and beyond! I love San Francisco for the tech, the creativity, and so much more! 💛 https://t.co/3vtYyZrbpr

The Beard Weave lives on @Iam_DenzelWells!!! #ANTM 😉 https://t.co/kUQh7Hfte5

I smile for lots of reasons, but one thing recently that has made me smile is my teaching at @StanfordGSB. The campus is filled with so much inspiration, even this brilliant color-changing art wall. The piece is called Monument To Change As It Changes, and it makes SMILE! https://t.co/66XblX379G

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