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How one bride and groom surprised guests at their engagement party by having a wedding instead. https://t.co/hmYLHygrs9

Gina Haspel's nomination isn't a win for women or their civil right to be treated equal to men at work. Here is why. https://t.co/evPm3ymILh

  • From New York to Paris, here are our favorite traffic-stopping street style beauty looks from the Fall 2018 shows. https://t.co/8dFUspgdjE

    Lady Amelia Windsor shares her nighttime routine and favorite sleep accessories. https://t.co/raPV0dFkp5

    Melania Trump joined her husband in welcoming Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for St. Patrick’s Day festivities at the White House. https://t.co/b1FO9ZUY8I

    [email protected]'s website will feature five brand-new Spring 2018 pieces in additional sizes, from 14-20. https://t.co/QiKDgZ87tk

    [email protected] reveals and the secrets behind looking 12-hours-of-sleep fresh, as well as the the beauty trick she's stealing from @Madonna. https://t.co/RXO9DvizZC

    Watch what happened when one woman received 15 cosmetic procedures in 12 months: https://t.co/Pp47i0mzYc

    A Wrinkle in Time set up shop in Wanaka, a small town that is coincidentally a must-visit for anyone with their eye on New Zealand. https://t.co/fOuJc3Cnpz

    [email protected] reveals and the secrets behind looking 12-hours-of-sleep fresh, as well as the the beauty trick she's stealing from @Madonna. https://t.co/dVe9rPxMsX

    Beauty inspiration was not limited to the runways at Paris Fashion Week. https://t.co/sA3evwdjDF

    Jessica Alba just cut nearly a foot off her waist-grazing hair. https://t.co/lEOxN5fCO6

    All-Americans deserve their due fashion credit too. https://t.co/DjBZ70ykzK

    Bella Hadid makes the '60s look fresh in @Dior. https://t.co/JYrPIWldp8

    This season, the coat game at #NYFW was particularly strong. https://t.co/zWpQBF1NUT

    There is much more to @TOMFORD than meets the eye. https://t.co/xS27hNaTrz

    The most common wedding mistakes to watch out for: https://t.co/CjcyPQKjWH

    If you love the ’70s, you will love this collection. https://t.co/vlkz3kcEV7

    Technicolor eye makeup has taken a hold on fashion month: https://t.co/41FGmuawxy

    Here is what happened when one Vogue writer dressed up like @EmRata for a day. https://t.co/36BJOy4j6J

    One of the biggest beauty vices is also the easiest to fix. https://t.co/VUxFkbnUKr

    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez held hands and perfectly coordinated in denim: https://t.co/07LIyC8SQ1

    Frances McDormand reveals that she is a pagan mom. https://t.co/LphYuHqYkE

    Looking for a fresh Spring cut? Bella Hadid has the perfect solution. https://t.co/kkMEEHxXOw

    For Alicia Vikander, the hard work of becoming Lara Croft has paid off. https://t.co/sZnFFgMGkt

    One more example of another time another woman had to deal with the kind of inspection a man would never have to. https://t.co/hz4eoW6W9O

    Are you planning to do your own wedding makeup? Then this is for you. https://t.co/MUDRSqfpU1

    Is fat freezing too good to be true? https://t.co/1BtiCzk5Vz

    [email protected] announced her new single in a full @Versace look fresh off the Fall 2018 runway. https://t.co/HmqWtEwQVd

    Spring officially arrives this Tuesday! (And so too does allergy season.) https://t.co/qnI5RzLK6r

    After a month of fashion shows, our backstage photographer names his top 23 moments. https://t.co/59zs9cyqKI

    We’ve distilled a month of street-style photos down to the trends you’re about to see everywhere in 2018. https://t.co/Uw2H1lA89z

    We’ve distilled a month of street-style photos down to the trends you’re about to see everywhere in 2018. https://t.co/69EZdZ3zEu

    Seven top wedding planners sound off on the wedding trend mistakes that they think people should avoid in 2018. https://t.co/FFbQerqQR1

    How one model-turned-CEO is making Somali hot sauces global. https://t.co/SaJqNOFpNt

    The best places to sleep, eat, and shop in Colonia Roma: https://t.co/WdKJJmNYPH

    From the promotion of Tomb Raider to casual lunches out, Alicia Vikander is an endless source of braid inspiration. https://t.co/MQdyt2pK7x

    Margot Robbie has a chic alternative to the typical leggings-and-hoodie combination. https://t.co/yiFs68RbCd

    Meghan Markle's coat took cues from her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and it's already sold out. https://t.co/HnCQQlMJnL

    [email protected] and its swirl of artist-collaborators led New York's creative scene between the 1930s and the '50s. That spirit of cross-pollination resonates today: https://t.co/ASS77PfY5V

    Victoria Beckham turned to her Spring 2018 collection for a day out with her son Brooklyn. https://t.co/YXm50Qnef8

    Blake Lively already knows what she's wearing to the Met Gala this year. https://t.co/emgpriCyjB

    The 40-to-44 and 45-to-49 age brackets are the ones in which U.S. birth rates—despite record lows overall—are rising fastest. Here, #AmericanWomen describe what it feels like to be pregnant in your 40s. https://t.co/6c8ppcEhNm

    Kate Middleton’s fit-and-flare coat was forgiving, yet tailored in all the right places. https://t.co/3Dp8fBMyiR

    Meghan Markle wore a coat by Amanda Wakeley, a British designer favored by the the late Princess Diana, for her first official event with Her Majesty the Queen. https://t.co/jpkD17p0Qz

    9 kitchen staples to acquire before you turn 30—how many have you checked off? https://t.co/VupLEpXQLr

    This charmingly retro-inspired makeup trick is just in line with French girls' laissez-faire take on beauty. https://t.co/fx38UXRsPc

    Now is the time to undo any sun damage, up your defenses against fine lines and creases, and pack in moisture. https://t.co/kJJePSkKWf

    Itty-bitty bags may be taking over runways, but Kendall Jenner prefers to carry a massive Birkin. https://t.co/bnia4CMZn1

    [email protected] has responded to a Snapchat ad making light of the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of Chris Brown in 2009. https://t.co/szzUFFBlTn

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