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Six sets of model sisters who prove beauty runs in the family. https://t.co/tYpqHKTs7D

15 ways to stay warm in (sustainable, super-cozy) alpaca. https://t.co/xDARsw49gp

Plunging temperatures and moisture-sapped air are wreaking havoc on skin. Here is a guide to restoring your glow. https://t.co/92ak8D9Wbj

The definitive guide for preventing, soothing, and dealing with dry skin this winter: https://t.co/ChE7WKcuH1

J-Rod is giving Jelena a run for their money. https://t.co/aVnX0eMAIy

One sleep-deprived Vogue editor tried out @FKAtwigs’s sleepwear line and favorite bedtime rituals. https://t.co/MbdMnxs1WE

From a shea butter balm to a damask rose mist, the all-natural products that Vogue staffers love: https://t.co/9WHQZmyOjD

Who says you have to choose red when there are plenty of winter-appropriate white wine options? https://t.co/WihLmI2USb

8 super-hydrating hair treatments for hibernation season. https://t.co/TFQ27J4XNY

Inside a traditional English wedding at the bride's 18th-century country house: https://t.co/gW7VUeU1aa https://t.co/Jk1uplXIqe

No day of hunkering and hygge is complete without a hearty meal. https://t.co/kXb2HAsOj4

22 dishes to try next time you make your way to a Vietnamese restaurant or head to the country on vacation: https://t.co/yiwbOBwhQO

Four next-level layering tricks (and a quick visual guide!) to keep you cozy, yet chic all season long. https://t.co/8IKm0IYkOx

If anyone can turn museum merch into a major style moment, it’s @MykkiBlanco. https://t.co/dJbw4pzVBR

Since @OutdoorVoices's founding in 2013, its growth has accelerated with the lithe ferocity of a 100-meter sprinter: 800 percent in 2016. And the fashion world is taking note. https://t.co/fi6SLzlAe6

Just because you’re not wearing the crown jewels doesn’t mean your pieces can’t sparkle like them. https://t.co/0XFCeSC2n3

Fashion month's top models share the on-the-go beauty essentials they always have on-hand. https://t.co/IRHbOQ6JuY

This new form of Vitamin C actually brightens skin. Learn more here. https://t.co/WrrpTigPPV

A health-minded Vogue writer investigates the wide, varied world of alternamilks. https://t.co/A76sN1WEEP

The Crown's Vanessa Kirby reveals the tiny transformations that make all the difference in Princess Margaret's evolution. https://t.co/WgqfKEqGgw

There’s a reason so many movies and shows film in the south part of New Zealand’s South Island. https://t.co/Qm6Sfrmp2L

We’ve picked out some of the most luxurious ryokans with hot spring baths for you to unwind at on your next trip to Japan. https://t.co/YxuFjPdlPS

Effortless is a word that’s much overused in fashion, but it’s well applied to Phoebe Philo. https://t.co/cESaOyEgc1

Experts weigh in on why a probiotic-laced skin-care regimen actually works. https://t.co/IlYTjq810M

7 new hi-tech DIY tools to streamline your beauty routine this year: https://t.co/AH8Ut6dbca

Plunging temperatures and moisture-sapped air are wreaking havoc on skin. Here is a guide to restoring your glow. https://t.co/blY0erSREd

If you’re new to consigning, don’t stress—a few Vogue editors shared their tips and tricks for a successful spree. https://t.co/AdHZp9CYyL

As these It girls prove, the best winter beauty hair strategy leaves one looking just the right amount of mussed. https://t.co/DRnhgrBHhn

In houses from Aspen to Marrakesh, see 31 of the most inviting (and unique) bathtubs in Vogue here. https://t.co/k4ua97a52k

[email protected] just released a new project by Exactitudes that shows the brand’s multi-generational fans, including Kanye West, Solange Knowles, and Vogue’s own Yohana Lebasi. https://t.co/oaNDF6gFSL

The bride's wedding gown was a one-of-a-kind custom-made couture piece designed by her father-in-law, Naeem Khan. https://t.co/9B5C9esY3w

Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the Irish rock band the Cranberries, has died in London. She was 46. https://t.co/7AWHPftBdG

For a trip to Miami with Malia, Michelle Obama swapped her prim post-White House wardrobe for more relaxed outfits that included some closet favorites. https://t.co/5IXk9l7obR

Watch @jordynwoods provide a play-by-play of her daily glam routine, from her three-step contour to her daytime smoky eye: https://t.co/d8GYUbK3Is https://t.co/QQcDE0Tvze

Is the sleeveless turtleneck fashion’s greatest mystery? https://t.co/kpFcy5SHPR

In 2018, hotels are getting more creative than ever as they compete to attract discerning travelers from around the world. Here are the ones on our radar. https://t.co/UYVVwr2Dc0

Timothée Chalamet announced that he will donate his entire salary from Woody Allen's forthcoming film, A Rainy Day in New York, to three charities. https://t.co/IElcXSIWlx

Happy birthday, Kate Moss! Here are 8 times the supermodel played muse to fashion's biggest photographers. https://t.co/gpYTPU8d6X

See what the most stylish guys are wearing in Milan. https://t.co/e60tNrJZFh

Gigi Hadid proves once again that she is a master of vibrant monochromatic dressing. https://t.co/BDReMXBSAt

The Dallas Contemporary is hosting the first retrospective of designer Mary Katrantzou's career. https://t.co/SJPMtXZYLV

5 new restorative workouts to have on your radar in 2018: https://t.co/F5Wgc47IiI

Kate Middleton may have a more lavish wardrobe than most, but she is not above recycling her outerwear. https://t.co/nmUKPzfCAE

Congratulations, @KimKardashian and Kanye West! https://t.co/SQKwDhHUa8

Marion Cotillard reveals a head-turning beauty makeover. https://t.co/dGSTIysYuI

As the face of one of the most famous flashpoints of gender imbalance and sexual misconduct in the workplace in history, Monica Lewinsky marked 20 years of what she called "surviving the unimaginable." https://t.co/GKK3aN2xDW

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have welcomed their third baby, born via surrogate. https://t.co/I3GWedYNu2

Kate Moss's off-duty style may prove to be the most enduring part of her fashion legacy. https://t.co/5s0klYU4qB

Marion Cotillard's red carpet look was both futuristic and bold. https://t.co/igjeHRENyE

[email protected] tweeted that she commemorates every January 16 as "the day I survived another year from 1998." https://t.co/YcNedft1TK

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