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मुंबई लोकल में कोई धर्म जात रंग रूप में भेद नहीं होता सभी भेड़ बकरी होते हैं ।

You ought to be intelligent and really very smart to think like a fool, write it down and fwd the same to a dozen fools every day who in turn will fwd to another dozen and so on...

What do you call WhatsApp in Hindi? ‘Whats’ I know means अफ़वाह, App ka translational someone do pls.

Want to cry and laugh, feel the warmth that a close knit family brings in? Make a drink, sip slow & watch ‘This is Us’.

The most weird animal on this planet is a ‘BOSS’.

We need butterflies, not cctv cams to survive.

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