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As anti-Semitism rises in France, Macron’s government struggles to respond https://t.co/VlxKrFeqTl

Opinion: Five years have passed, and Russia is still occupying territory in Ukraine https://t.co/bWOZ0VBE4l

South Korea’s cosmetics industry takes aim at the super young https://t.co/cwTy7HmWLq

Across the Arctic, lakes are leaking dangerous greenhouse gases. And one lake is behaving very strangely https://t.co/z3Kohf23hC

Review: Tom Sietsema’s 9 favorite places to eat in D.C. right now https://t.co/PkcP7abmJ5

From the Magazine: Marianne Williamson Wants to Be Your Healer in Chief https://t.co/W6tNK2sjSG

Perspective: What we get wrong about the roots of slavery in America https://t.co/YLmmgjoeJl

"You want a cookie?": As families arrive en masse, border agents offer snacks and medical checks https://t.co/4EqsgDyUtY

Trump grows frustrated with Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, leading some administration officials to fear he might be fired https://t.co/YnYbMorNos

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is no big deal the second time around https://t.co/JWdqclyfu9

Analysis: What we learned about Trumpworld outreach to Russia since Mueller’s investigation began https://t.co/Rid8XGC7D0

Egypt detains, then expels New York Times correspondent https://t.co/kteEU1PGXz

Flight reaches 801 mph as a furious jet stream packs record-breaking speeds https://t.co/WHWY8RrFKF

Trump to create Space Force but will place it under Air Force secretary control as Pentagon officials wanted https://t.co/3ptTYVH1y2

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is ready to mount another rebellion https://t.co/wLpnLvz7Me

Mexican national dies in border patrol custody after asking for medical aid https://t.co/00322N4OCg

In Central Asia’s forbidding highlands, a quiet newcomer: Chinese troops https://t.co/shpqc5rwPp

Analysis: Trump’s "authoritarian" streak stirs backlash at home and abroad https://t.co/bolqV0Vbri

First he was hoarse. Then he couldn’t chew. How one man’s hunch led to the truth. https://t.co/0RkM5WAAGS

Opinion: In Europe, the centrists are fighting back. What about in America? https://t.co/a8KjSGI3F8

One year after sparking nationwide protests, West Virginia teachers prepare to walk out again https://t.co/Itsmk4lhYG

Opinion: The Catholic Church has a long history of child sexual abuse and coverups https://t.co/f54nta6Tmr

Winter food doesn’t have to be heavy. These light and fresh recipes provide a little relief. https://t.co/aYGLmEWyWs

Opinion: What America really needs to do is abolish Congress https://t.co/xWdER5kie8

Opinion: One number determines who gets an organ transplant. And it’s horribly unfair. https://t.co/IYOOCRnjse

Syrian military linked to more than 300 chemical attacks, report says https://t.co/3prC4Nh3Jm

"Trump does have authoritarian impulses, but he lacks the political strength to act on them" https://t.co/IypdRt2hwx via @PostEverything

A German government adviser recommends a ban on smartphones for children younger than 14 https://t.co/8OhhnCrxPM

States file federal lawsuit claiming Trump’s national emergency declaration is unconstitutional https://t.co/e9ODdIny1y

Opinion: From disputed New York Times scoop to "Coup"! https://t.co/wEzntefAYk

Review: In Northern Virginia, there’s no restaurant like Clarity https://t.co/F32xwpyULq

Japan’s Abe won’t confirm Trump Nobel Prize nomination, but media reports say he did https://t.co/W1NksUjBA3

Barack Obama reportedly set for role with NBA-backed African basketball league https://t.co/8lvAx46tfA

Seven lawmakers quit Britain's Labour Party over Brexit and anti-Semitism https://t.co/wjhGv7vuxA

White House defends Trump’s emergency declaration amid mounting challenges https://t.co/w2UBcVWGyt

Perspective: History has a massive gender bias. We’ll settle for fixing Wikipedia. https://t.co/a8k5xmgLqr

Opinion: Should readers care if novelist Dan Mallory lied about his life story? https://t.co/fxZbfbLQjH

Florida sixth-grader charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance https://t.co/37Utx1GK97

Perspective: Giving up alcohol made our lives better — and turned us into terrible guests https://t.co/reN5TotFxW

Great white sharks abound at a marine sanctuary just off the San Francisco coast https://t.co/uHhXixooEP

Sharon Bottoms Mattes, who lost gay rights custody battle to her mother, dies at 48 https://t.co/9DggSuMHTD

Opinion: An off-key Pence sings from the Trump hymnal to a stony European reception https://t.co/wqmdw2A7JC

Agricultural workers of the future may soon be made of steel. Can a machine pick a strawberry better, faster and cheaper than a seasonal farmworker? https://t.co/d2G686ZNfp

Facebook 'intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws' in Britain, lawmakers say https://t.co/dqry1FZF7w

Their parents joined ISIS. They were raised in the caliphate. Can they come home? https://t.co/LikxMEIn9i

"Uncharted territory": Political, legal hits continue after Trump’s emergency declaration https://t.co/7mMEt3DtVV

A suspected killer eluded capture for 25 years. Then investigators got his aunt’s DNA. https://t.co/tWr6Oti7pI

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: Trade requests should stay behind closed doors https://t.co/YcA0IRpDDa

Perspective: The incomparable audacity of Colin Kaepernick amazes his admirers in the NBA https://t.co/ZwfrCfc9Iq

With fitness trackers in the workplace, bosses can monitor your every step — and possibly more https://t.co/MLLmmSy7Ml

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