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A pro "Fortnite" player is suing his team and the entire esports world could feel the fallout https://t.co/dlnCg7j56A

Robert De Niro suggested Trump should be impeached and imprisoned. Fox News had a field day. https://t.co/ScqvQdCRLX

Opinion: A top Democrat warns that if we don’t confront Trump, he’ll grow more lawless https://t.co/FfjAuTPmC7

Demonstrators clash with police over after President Joko Widodo reelected in Indonesia https://t.co/Zy7DFDDhCZ

Analysis: How often does the Supreme Court overturn precedents like Roe v. Wade? https://t.co/5tTXmva9Ls

Opinion: McGahn ignored a congressional subpoena. A legal mess will follow. https://t.co/TeclQQvoon

Are they yours? https://t.co/nuQVedrRn9

Review | My kingdom for a robot: Synetic Theater creates a dystopian, cyberpunk "Richard III" https://t.co/SrfzCvfDJe

On a New York Indian reservation, a one-man factory keeps lacrosse tradition alive https://t.co/wVJ1OpX5Sd

Opinion: Trump’s Iran sanctions are working. But it’ll take more to topple the regime. https://t.co/0XMFzvj7tE

Analysis: Why wasn’t the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma and Texas as bad as feared? https://t.co/nHOfUSc27t

Austria’s political crisis refocus attention on the far right’s ties to Russia https://t.co/fq2DPb6QUe

Eastern Virginia Medical School to release probe of racist photo on Northam yearbook page https://t.co/bCL5YPdIq7

Review: Fahrenheit Asian is a delicious mother-daughter reunion, with the best mapo tofu in the D.C. area https://t.co/Se4tJGubs8

Perspective: Breast-feeding isn’t free. This is how much it really costs. https://t.co/QIahqKpa5p

Analysis: Robert F. Smith’s Morehouse commencement speech embodied leadership in action https://t.co/ItEopgTkYl

Opinion: A Texas death penalty case illustrates the absurdity of the worst crime bill to emerge from the 1990s https://t.co/cswtg7D226

Opinion: Republicans who don’t protect Trump’s corruption will pay a very steep price https://t.co/JolK5o2lz1

Opinion: It’s time to make rich people uncomfortable again https://t.co/u6c6GNaR5Y

Opinion: What is Mitt Romney talking about? https://t.co/p5HGxPeKTJ

White House intends to block former counsel Donald McGahn from testifying to Congress, defying another request from House Democrats https://t.co/Nc54ocLf8t

Review: Readers have waited 13 years for a new Thomas Harris novel. But "Cari Mora" is no "Hannibal." https://t.co/ojcFjqx8bu

Opinion: A war with Iran would be the mother of all quagmires https://t.co/TesZlFf1p8

Palestinian leaders say U.S. "Peace to Prosperity" summit slights them https://t.co/s1im4nxJGd

The "Game of Thrones" finale had one last gaffe: A plastic water bottle spotted in King’s Landing https://t.co/9uoADl8yX5

"Alabama shows we need a different abortion dialogue" https://t.co/NhXRwerykV via @PostOpinions

In the popular mobile game Sniper 3D Assassin, the goal of the "Breaking News" mission is clear: kill a journalist https://t.co/xHCcKPEfst

Sailors ranked female crew and the sex acts they wanted to perform with them, Navy report says https://t.co/ALEygt8d2N

D.C.'s parking and traffic problems are so bad that the city is considering a plan that would allow some citizens to write tickets when they see a violation https://t.co/SXqGkmHE4H

The ‘Game of Thrones’ finale, while lacking, goes out on an important note: Stories matter https://t.co/TUCpyhw7LW

Perspective: A daily aspirin is good for your heart, right? Actually it’s time to rethink that but here’s why many doctors don’t. https://t.co/Epsj0eIkQX

Faced with their own demise, Europe’s social democrats are moving left https://t.co/t86qA99RcF

Advice column: We want our son to eat healthfully. His grandparents fed him fast food. What should we say? https://t.co/QM9zaFEOC3

Opinion: Religiously unaffiliated voters are leading U.S. politics into uncharted waters https://t.co/XeCvlhG2bD

Perspective: She grew up believing college was a "scam" and a "rip-off." Let’s not prove her right. https://t.co/FKMBIBYp6t

States aren’t waiting for the Trump administration on environmental protections https://t.co/kUYkws1ng7

Opinion | Biden: The end of the beginning https://t.co/7opQJnqSmE

A new comic book paints Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a superhero — literally — on the Hill https://t.co/sGzYxMQe08

D.C. officials want to recruit everyday citizens to help enforce parking and traffic regulations. Critics say these “citizen cops” are a recipe for disaster. https://t.co/sK2hChTl80

Five years ago, she was a homeless high school valedictorian. Saturday, she got a degree from Georgetown. https://t.co/wyU1gGetLt

Dozens of tornadoes have struck the Plains since Friday. A serious outbreak is feared Monday. https://t.co/1JD9BFw5tc

Billionaire Robert F. Smith pledges to pay off Morehouse College Class of 2019′s student loans https://t.co/Yj9Qz8dxVz

In this wildly popular game, you kill a journalist. "Make him famous in a different way." https://t.co/155bQ1QnUs

After 3 tours in Iraq, Appalachian Trail victim Ronnie Sanchez had set out to "find peace" through nature https://t.co/o9ZXHe8S86

Analysis: Did you hate your wedding day? Join the club. https://t.co/mdK9uqZMs5

Five things you need to know about rosé https://t.co/EnyDLyPc8p

Review: The Whitney Biennial presents the best new artists in the country — and lots of fluff https://t.co/97JeNm5ja1

Analysis: 7 things to know about the fall TV schedule, from Disney’s expansion to CW’s "Batwoman" https://t.co/5DJOPBZfel

Ovarian cancer is deadly, but new tests, treatments start to emerge https://t.co/3FCyTAvYs3

Opinion: "Veep" was TV’s finest tragedy — and a horrifying story about the pursuit of power https://t.co/gqFzLyUBTT

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