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Opinion: It’s time to look at the (political) science behind climate change https://t.co/iDzFXIiDdv

"Two Grinches" caught on video stealing a Salvation Army Christmas kettle https://t.co/HguI4baAOX

Opinion: Italy’s right wing is waging a dangerous attack on vaccinations https://t.co/oeyAnX1VAj

Analysis: From "Stranger Things" to Game of Thrones," teaser trailers now dominate the fan experience https://t.co/hNfsIsbMIo

Opinion: Democrats should investigate the Kushner-MBS connection https://t.co/xm1JkWsHoh

"I can see myself carrying out this operation." Feds say man was planning synagogue attack for ISIS https://t.co/kZ0FBtl9q1

Orrin Hatch dismisses Trump hush money allegations https://t.co/L6iCiwqrO3

Interior officials downplayed federal wildlife experts’ concerns about Trump’s border wall, documents show https://t.co/GiQeCP1CNP

Hateful conspiracies thrive on YouTube, despite pledge to clean up “problematic” videos https://t.co/Y0cavchywY

“There was no Plan B”: Trump scrambles to find chief of staff after top candidate turns him down https://t.co/NYZDJKMWNf

Google reveals new security bug affecting more than 52 million users https://t.co/5W9HANwiHm

Analysis: 5 NFL teams capable of making a surprise Super Bowl run https://t.co/iXlvigdIqK

Analysis: Harold Baines does not deserve a spot in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Period. https://t.co/GhGGFK4Dm9

Analysis: 5 new questions about Trump, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort https://t.co/rHlxBT6Kbr

Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs https://t.co/NpPHgAZy2L

Another Jehovah’s Witness center has been destroyed in 9-month rash of arson attacks https://t.co/VRsmXhsWnJ

Trump administration resists global climate efforts at home and overseas https://t.co/24Y36rBeyQ

"Crying Nazi" vows "destruction" of the left after Charlottesville killer’s murder conviction https://t.co/ClCC0gac7g

Nearly half of women murdered in the past decade were killed by an intimate partner https://t.co/pvN8nMa5bW

Perspective: How I learned to stop worrying and love "White Christmas" https://t.co/NktEpIbCdq

Perspective: Got bloating or hives? Don’t diagnose your own food allergy or sensitivity. Do this instead. https://t.co/QkxEMZcz7Z

Opinion: Families of Iran’s hostages unite to pressure Tehran https://t.co/mQJOZzaczR

Meet the Fact Checker's Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again https://t.co/IFbctUktW8

Review: "Sweet Valley High" and "The Baby-Sitters Club" were more than mere fluff https://t.co/tkXpakP3kA

Congo’s Kabila, as his 17-year presidency ends, says he may run again in 2023 https://t.co/AzxwcPS6Zs

Populists who started Brexit call Theresa May a traitor to the cause ahead of historic vote https://t.co/OV3riA3N5B

U.S. rejects language affirming global warming’s severity, joining Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait as battle lines sharpen at summit https://t.co/5SnEphlbT9

Opinion: All the Trumpians’ lies have one thing in common https://t.co/RctvnX2Ozk

Investigation of generic-drug ‘cartel’ expands to 300 prescription medications https://t.co/tivLGeLab3

Robert De Niro’s Robert Mueller joins SNL’s Eric and Donald Trump Jr. for a bedtime horror https://t.co/SpPFHiWX0x

Vast forests of dead or stressed trees prompt new federal approach to restoration out West https://t.co/06dcJcu3tQ

"This place is full of old stories": Historical Maryland diner is slated to become a marijuana dispensary https://t.co/k8gTFV4q9q

A turtle-obsessed boy had his 22nd surgery, and people from all over sent him turtle photos https://t.co/Tiw4I83XlU

These are the 5 recipes our readers loved most this week https://t.co/XdWuZwniE3

After the deadly Camp Fire, a dog waited for his owners' return. They’ve finally been reunited. https://t.co/JIBHCqzF26

Families of service members killed in Mississippi disaster want more answers https://t.co/riN1ooySfc

Opinion: The hush-money payments are a sideshow. Mueller just added key pieces to Russia puzzle. https://t.co/UA9ixzeLTY

Comey defends the FBI and himself in closed-door interview with House lawmakers https://t.co/JQJMXIsELK

Mueller flashes some cards in Russia probe, but hides his hand https://t.co/UZc6nimdTk

Analysis: Here’s why you shouldn’t worry that job growth just slowed down https://t.co/T0Ue2EhO3h

Some NFL owners want to revisit how the league conducts investigations https://t.co/oiVsCF0nEv

The FBI says the Proud Boys are not an extremist group after all https://t.co/77eo1k5QpF

For first time, Pearl Harbor remembrance takes place without a single USS Arizona survivor present https://t.co/JwP3INaR8t

"Now What?" is a short documentary examining what life is like for someone who has been the subject of a viral police confrontation. Desmond Marrow is trying to move on, but his encounter has shaped who he has become and what he stands for. https://t.co/p1VePitBsp

Heismans and hula, that’s what Tua Tagovailoa’s high school does https://t.co/iBtyEW2STt

Japan passes controversial new immigration bill to attract foreign workers https://t.co/KqriK9qpw1

Opinion: Where complaining about sexual harassment will get you arrested as a terrorist https://t.co/z3JOIAnL56

Opinion: The right to vote belongs to the people https://t.co/4pbK2kLzKU

In letter to Roger Goodell, Sen. Blumenthal questions Redskins’ and NFL’s priorities https://t.co/IZidFnZbhl

What did you accomplish this week? https://t.co/Y71ik48YZp

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