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After Florence, North Carolina grapples with floods, outages and endless water https://t.co/nHcKF8MfKP

Ted Cruz said his opponent will ban Texas barbecue, and people can’t tell if he’s joking https://t.co/HZ4EuvsS9j

Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault wants FBI to investigate incident before testifying to Senate https://t.co/aFDZJ7rli1

Analysis: A former sex-crimes prosecutor analyzed Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh. Here’s her take. https://t.co/aJbErA4eW0

Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s handling of abuse claims in Pennsylvania imperils his legacy as a reformer https://t.co/tn8jcBDc4C

Trump’s tariffs won’t bite Apple, illustrating Tim Cook’s political sway https://t.co/7zo75oSH4G

Opinion: The coming Kavanaugh hearing will be dramatic. But will it change anything? https://t.co/3f4zOkevF7

Pope Francis’s popularity is plummeting in the U.S. after sexual abuse scandals https://t.co/eGYoXwYII8

Ted Cruz said his opponent will ban Texas barbecue, and people can’t tell if he’s joking https://t.co/VjTdklnide

At this year’s Emmys, fashion trumped activism on the red carpet https://t.co/1N1ykhCaaM

Analysis: What happens to Brett Kavanaugh now? Here are 3 scenarios. https://t.co/CMOynD6Xqh

Perspective: It’s a great day for restricting access to America, and a horrible day for the future of America https://t.co/3VSP5FAgzI

Opinion: Want to defend democracy? Start with your public library. https://t.co/CkLej8aGFm

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s" Amy Sherman-Palladino won big at the Emmys. "Gilmore Girls" fans won, too. https://t.co/3DaR4TEbm2

Analysis: Trump may prefer a trade war to a deal with China https://t.co/ITES2DsFro writes @ishaantharoor

Analysis | How conservative media reacted to the Christine Ford accusation against Brett Kavanaugh https://t.co/eMFmp9znka

Opinion: We fed Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Why couldn’t President Trump? https://t.co/rAMDNfVeQW

Opinion: The Pentagon must modernize before it’s too late https://t.co/Ym4xsuM31Q

Low-dose aspirin offers no overall benefit for healthy older people, research says https://t.co/U0nDX0EEPZ

Brazil just seized $15 million worth of luxury watches from this African leader. For him, it isn’t a big deal. https://t.co/2V6z1is8ES

Border Patrol agent who police say confessed to four killings tried to commit "suicide by cop," authorities say https://t.co/xAIl84pOIN

The Emmys have begun. Follow our live coverage of winners, speeches and more. https://t.co/swHYwNCQ0R

Drone footage shot after Florence shows a massive river in North Carolina. It used to be a highway. https://t.co/Z9NWTMWQVm

Opinion: Is #MeToo changing China? https://t.co/F0LZTjhYFI

Jeff Daniels thanked the horse he rode in "Godless" after he won an Emmy: "Three times he threw me off" https://t.co/WdfVoBzRCW

This "BoJack Horseman" episode is unlike any other the show has pulled off before https://t.co/rAejGQxQLq

Ready to kick the plastic straw habit? We tested 8 reusable options to determine which is the best. https://t.co/QEUIXyJ5o3

The Post has a new destination for satire videos. Subscribe to our latest YouTube channel for a humorous take on the news: https://t.co/u5GPXWHlAi

FEMA administrator Brock Long’s remarkable defenses of Trump’s Puerto Rico death toll conspiracy theory, annotated https://t.co/t79oWAVJq4

Analysis: The other big reason Paul Manafort could change everything https://t.co/KDqzV75zp7

Analysis: The NFL belongs to Patrick Mahomes now https://t.co/nCEgVYwfij

Florence dumps torrential rain, raises floodwaters across the Carolinas https://t.co/1I7VAaB8AC

"Our democracy is in crisis": Hillary Clinton takes aim at Trump in scathing new essay https://t.co/skWwR3jvV1

Perspective: Birth certificates have always been a weapon for white supremacists https://t.co/uJK78POf4x

Perspective: Why parents should try to be happy, even when their child isn’t https://t.co/cn8hnLoxcE

Perspective: Trump’s false claims about Puerto Rico are insulting. But they reveal a deeper truth. https://t.co/2YLjEgPZ8a

Perspective: American churches are apologizing for a centuries-old injustice that still reverberates today https://t.co/BBo5Y0wmKX

Perspective: I’m a free-range parent. My toddler’s concussion changed everything. https://t.co/Iy8nWbxkOu

Perspective: After lawsuit against New York City Ballet, audiences and funders should demand answers https://t.co/jpVxFtf3RO

Analysis: Whoa, Florida State and Nebraska? Woe, Florida State and Nebraska. https://t.co/3AhGviQNbP

"You can’t mistreat us": Park Service volunteers push back, saying conditions are hostile and unsafe https://t.co/YpKbIqPd37

Florence has made Wilmington, N.C., an island cut off from the rest of the world https://t.co/jBNYYDfyfj

Time Magazine sold to tech billionaire Marc Benioff, the owner of https://t.co/rr5FSUPgnY https://t.co/B5fVoqara8

A president’s secret letters to another woman that he never wanted public https://t.co/esoQNy4oCR

Eat, pray, barter like hell: how a restaurant owner survives Venezuela’s crisis https://t.co/D6HCnzOOEn

Perspective: How the United Farm Workers can regain their influence https://t.co/SWFU62t8ad

Perspective: A school garden might encourage your kids to eat vegetables. Here’s how to start one. https://t.co/xk92UY9uOD

Analysis: Why Toronto Film Festival breakouts like "A Star Is Born" make the popular Oscar moot https://t.co/1VS0uDoFNc

Perspective: Five myths about anger https://t.co/pn4iBw0GiB

Opinion: Please, students, take that "impractical" humanities course. We will all benefit. https://t.co/RFejeprlnQ

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