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Analysis: Trump’s effort to hold his base close for the midterms seems to be working — so far https://t.co/3p0LGMSDnY

The trauma of separation lingers long after children are reunited with parents https://t.co/fnvphpPrqw

The sudden political life of a 550-million-year-old, immobile sea creature https://t.co/nub9sd2z4D

Analysis | Trump torn: Is it better to get good press or bad? https://t.co/UsO3UCdfUz

For the first time since 1980, Iranian women allowed to watch World Cup in same stadium as men https://t.co/r3tmGqq80P

Female reporter groped during a live World Cup broadcast: "We do not deserve this" https://t.co/LbplBhjzaO

Opinion: The big 2020 issue Democrats are ignoring https://t.co/LNdALge5c1

As Border Patrol searches its buses, Greyhound is pulled into immigration uproar https://t.co/EviY2TJNr3

Thirteen bald eagles were found dead in a field. This is what killed them. https://t.co/u9jWYBqZsZ

A giant wave of plastic garbage could flood the U.S., a study says https://t.co/SkIYgfuNoS

Giuliani says he would be crazy to let Trump be interviewed by Mueller’s team https://t.co/BBipfoEpUE

Opinion: In Trump’s world, morality is for losers https://t.co/y6Fwz9ttxj

Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories https://t.co/YAox97tLzF

Major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb halts trading after more than $31 million hack https://t.co/nFMu8f1z7t

The State Department held a Q&A on traveling overseas with children. The responses were brutal. https://t.co/F2GRlraHuM

Tim Pawlenty’s Trump problem: How closely to embrace? https://t.co/kkgL9gLwqU

Perspective: The black pioneers who ended slavery https://t.co/Ku0Qu0gGiN

Perspective: The struggle to make sense of XXXTentacion’s horrific life and death https://t.co/Agw0tjrK5s

Opinion: Move over, Emmanuel Macron. Australia has the true Trump whisperer. https://t.co/fpLgsOHdmB

This photographer spent a decade at the Mexico border. Here is what he saw. https://t.co/EeWXnmPlx3

Cheesy French toast is a mashup we can all get behind https://t.co/33ivT4PlGz

President Trump seems to be saying more and more things that aren’t true https://t.co/75JFd54VTP

Andrew Sean Greer: 5 books that were important to me when I was coming out https://t.co/M6dwzsJ7qL

A forest ranger posed for a selfie with a python he had captured. It nearly strangled him. https://t.co/KbsMe4sAJ7

Perspective: You’d leave detailed instructions for a babysitter. Should you do the same for grandparents? https://t.co/PUe6K9x5wM

A West Point grad wrote "Communism will win" in his cap. The Army kicked him out. https://t.co/KSZvtsJoGr

Opinion: NYT, White House tangle over audiotape of immigration hard-liner Stephen Miller https://t.co/7HPOinkhlr

Verizon, AT&T will suspend sales of customer location data, after a prison phone company was caught misusing it https://t.co/fjK2eFThjd

Angered by family separations at the border, advocacy groups plan White House protest June 30 https://t.co/depV2hWBvP

Analysis | The most stunning part of Trump’s separating-families gambit: He seems to have no real plan https://t.co/8vlkgIGW0F

House lawmakers to press Justice Dept. inspector general on Clinton probe report https://t.co/ZHNdpm97HB

Nielsen becomes the public face of Trump’s family separation policy https://t.co/msrGhWcAcA

North Korea’s Kim is making another trip to China. That complicates things for Trump. https://t.co/zZmUEf51IY

From pulpits across America, sermons condemn separation of immigrant families https://t.co/09Pk86Xbps

Nicaraguan city chooses to govern itself as crisis intensifies https://t.co/Cb6zSkF3qE

What separation from parents does to children: "The effect is catastrophic" https://t.co/5GuaML4ARZ

Opinion: Trump’s "zero-tolerance" border policy is immoral, un-American — and ineffective https://t.co/vVGgCRJEwL

Today’s WorldView: The quest to defeat Erdogan https://t.co/LoH8SJlZJ2

Opinion: Harvard can’t have it all https://t.co/XZWzZ2xGvP

Opinion: Sessions invokes God’s wrath. He would do better to fear it. https://t.co/1WfpYUKGMB

French executives to stand trial for "moral harassment" a decade after employee suicides https://t.co/gaFNQEvhSW

Trump remains defiant as outcry grows over separation of families at the border https://t.co/7SP3wc3OBL

Inside a right-wing group’s safe space for young, Trump-supporting women https://t.co/2R3eGpsv3W

"I wanted to stop her crying": The image of a migrant child that broke a photographer’s heart https://t.co/chc2Tj58fe

Artificial trans fats, widely linked to heart disease, are officially banned https://t.co/1rsnoCD79x

Analysis: How images of separated children are shaping the immigration debate https://t.co/vaN1rPXyws

Analysis: What’s happening on immigration in Congress this week? A day-by-day guide. https://t.co/UZcyodr01F

Analysis: The Supreme Court just gave Republicans a big break on gerrymandering https://t.co/CGT130OmI1

Barry Trotz resigns as coach of Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals https://t.co/APdov9FAgc

Gazans challenge Israel’s high-tech defenses with flaming kites https://t.co/lmnwMSbulv

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