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Someone wrote a 233 character tweet to say she doesn't care about trolls.

Jiski sun ke ye story banayi usi ki suno, kyonki payment toh wahin se aani hai

  • For people who are ashamed of being Hindu.

    For the last few days liberals have been giving excuses to convince how not all rape cases deserve an outrage but Kathua. Explains how dangerous state of liberals in India is.

    दोस्त @meamabhishek, एक RTI करके ये भी पता करवा लो कि तुम्हारी शक्ल दिग्विजय सिंह से कुछ ज़्यादा ही क्यों मिलती है

    she's trying to say "my insult to hinduism is better than their insult to hinduism"

    How on earth can someone justify the gruesome gang rape of Nirbhaya.

    victim muslim, perpetrators hindu: it's hate crime victim hindu, perpetrators muslim/hindu: it's love crime

    Donald Duck top tweets

    Unlike ISIS, LeT or other jihadis, even the most extremists Hindus never claim they're guided by any religious obligation. So you're wrong in both the points.

    Thank God you realized that getting retweets is not an accomplishment.

    So Rajdeep's outrage over a rape is conditional.

    Those who're using the rape case to gain political mileage (or even social mileage) are as evil as the ones who came out to defend the rapists.

    Few years ago: "wow, toh tum journalist ho, kaun se akhbar me likhte ho?" These days: "wow, toh tum journalist ho, kaun si party ke liye kaam karte ho?"

    'your' innocent Kashmiris, not 'our'

    Social work to Ram Rahim bhi karta tha chutiye. Aur uska last name Khan nahi tha.

    Endangered species are species that are very likely to get extinct, like Dodo birds are extinct. If you kill them, you're actually wiping out a species from our world forever. So Blackbucks were not just hirans.

    संत न छोड़ें संतई, कोटिक मिलें असंत🙏

    Dear thewire_pk, he's no laughing Buddha. He's Hanuman who when Ravana tried to burn his tail set the whole Lanka on fire.

    Donald Duck top tweets
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