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आज आशुतोष खुद को ही काट लेगा क्योंकि झूठ बोले कौवा काटे।

The problem with AAP leaders, who abruptly became politicians, is they believe as a politician they have to speak only lies all the time.

Gender casteism

Wow! Finally found a word that describes me best

Nice good morning note to self

..also made the religious conversion job easy for Sufis and Missionaries

SMS wali language likhna band kar do. Kirpa aani shuru ho jayegi ✋

Update: Sectors with Pakistani FDI in India 1. Terrorism 2. Stand-up comedy

The job Rahul Gandhi couldn't do completely, Jignesh Mewani would definitely do is Congress Mukt Bharat.

Lakh try kar le, tu Mewani aur Umar Khalid level ka gaddar nahi ban sakta😀

If you want to seek severe attention among nationalist majority, indulge in anti-national activities.

Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan fans are the new Salman Khan and SRK fans #BB11

Kudos to Kareena Kapoor for having courage to spill the beans.

Read the morning newspaper daily. 9 out of 10 caught robbers are muslims.

Hence proved, not just terrorism, crime also has no religion.

...and ask some savarna to do a chara ghotala and thus get convicted to balance out.

After reservation in jobs, they want reservation in jails also but for so called Savarnas.

Know your panauti

Reasons why it flopped among libbies 1. It doesn't say anything good about Pakistan 2. You're not as beautiful as Gurmehar Kaur.

Sir I'm with you. Delhi deaths are due to US electing Trump for the president.

Kabhi kuchh Congress governments se bhi wish kiya kya?

I see a solution for every problem: Optimist I see a problem with every solution: Pessimist I see a scapegoat for every problem: Kejriwal

Likes of Mewani want Adani, Ambani, Tata and all the industrialists to become beggars and then want lots of employment as well. Mand-buddhis, it's these industrialists (includes IT as well) who provide lots of employment opportunities.

Must be a small time thief, big thieves get bunglow lutyens.

Best old age homes along with free food and lodging provide stipend, variety of study materials and teacher for help, like JNU.

Fourth pillar of Indian democracy has already rotten. Third pillar has just begun..

The truth is, falling sick is the only scenario where you can take complete rest without feeling any guilt.

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