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If it's just about Africans & Muslims, why didn't an African or a Muslim country won the cup? And an African Muslim country should be a guaranteed world champion. https://t.co/0q5oQMJb7v

Met a Kejriwal fan who doesn't want Rahul Gandhi to be the next PM of India. And then I woke up from my dream.

सेल्फ ट्रोलिंग https://t.co/O0O7E7eOSl

Informative Whatsapp forwards are more hilarious than jokes. https://t.co/zL0EUjU7lF

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Let's hope someone becomes the PM of India before challenging Modi instead of running paid news. https://t.co/nLfTYXVuqP

Dear liberals aping the firangs and mindlessly disgracing Modi to sound cool, they have far better alternatives to Trump than your Pappo, Lalu, Mamta, Kejri.

There are high chances of Rahul Gandhi winning the 2019 elections if Pakistanis are also allowed to vote.

God created plenty of people at your work place, in your school/college, in traffic, at public places, in your relations so that wherever you are there is always someone to screw your life.

Liberals unhappy over Tharoor anticipating India becomes a Hindu Pakistan. For them it's welcome development if India becomes Pakistan but why Hindu, it should be Muslim Pakistan.

सुरसा https://t.co/p4tBm2Fpf9

Javed Akhtar when someone asks about Osama Bin Laden, "He was a dreaded terrorist, a blot on humanity. Osama is as condemnable as Chhota Rajan."

Javed Akhtar never criticizes extremism in his religion without writing some negative Hindu stuff. https://t.co/J44L6T8mCK

Sagarika didn't have you, mutual love for Pakistan did. https://t.co/TiyyCR1Fxb

If hypocrisy had a face https://t.co/ekfdL4k6yh

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Missionary of Charity ke scandal me bhi Tirupati temple ko ghaseet laye. Apki hindu-phobia ko salam 🙇😂 https://t.co/5muPX0GajY

Replace 'secularism' with 'Islam' and 'democracy' with 'Islamism' and read again to understand this. https://t.co/OKEbVjbI2g

भाई तब दलाली का कॉन्ट्रैक्ट नहीं मिला रहा होगा https://t.co/iJrwEjf05S

भाई काकभुशुण्डि, वैसे तो तू समझता ही है, "ये दुनिया.. ये एमफ़िल.. तेरे काम की नहीं.." https://t.co/jD8OFi13Qt

Q. How to win an argument against celebrity libbies? A. Don't mention your employer in your bio.

Astaghfirullah! https://t.co/Vq3jui3a0K

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