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That's the beauty of India you narrow-minded punjabi! We far far more languages and cultures than your Pakistan. https://t.co/WxPZEXqOD7

Jis level par aur proportion me #MeToo incidents baahar aa rahe hain, "men are trash" zyada bura nahi lag raha hai🤣

Sexual harassment in his perspective is love and affection https://t.co/WHJqsV8UoU

#MeToo is turning into #YouToo?😯 Alok Nath, Subhash Ghai, Sajid Khan...

I'm surprised people still ask @Javedakhtarjadu his secular credentials. It's like asking a school dropout his Master's degree.

Despite having no idea of the subject, Rahul Gandhi speaks, not because he courageous but because he's too dumb to realize how stupid he sounds.

One thing that's common in almost all the sexual harassment cases is the men involved were too drunk. Drink responsibly!

If you call Modi corrupt, it's you who will lose credibility not Modi.

Kids Adults Legends https://t.co/BM2SK0K2GC

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1. Respect towards other religions 2. Non-violence 3. Human Rights 4. World Peace 5. Ethical treatment of animals 6. Women Empowerment 7. Keeping humanity above religion https://t.co/lTyLkDmx6W

We burn Ravana every year, but after reading this even he would seem a respectable character. https://t.co/UuGYw657cB

Liberals are terrorists without gun. https://t.co/HL0g3sp74b

Yet again proved India is not a safe place for muslims. https://t.co/QIEpO59sXt

Drunk tweet? https://t.co/MqBlDjCSRY

पहले तो जुल्मी ने पकड़ी कलाई फिर उसने चुपके से उंगली दबाई https://t.co/rnUTfLla29

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AIB ko 2 type ke log subscribe karte hain 1. Jinko AIB walon ke baare me nahi pata hai. 2. Jinko comedy ke baare me nahi pata hai.

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