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The immigration fight is focused on higher priorities for immigration hawks than the wall, such as limiting legal immigration and easing deportations--issues that also matter more to Democrats

With the U.S. expected to surpass Saudi Arabia in 2018 oil production, investors want U.S. frackers to show restraint

Canadian and Mexican officials say they want to make enough progress in this week's Nafta talks to stop Donald Trump from pulling the plug on the pact.

At a luncheon, Jordan’s King Abdullah II told Vice President Pence that Jerusalem’s status “is key to peace in the region” and is as important to “Muslims and Christians as it is to Jews.”

A major developmer is going ahead with a $65 million plan to turn the American Stock Exchange building into a retail space and hotel

Broker price opinions 'are a creature of financial institutions that want deals to close fast, and so they don’t have to use an appraiser'

Pressure builds on Republicans, Democrats ahead of Monday work week, when federal workers face possible furloughs

With the first and only three-star restaurant in Abruzzo, chef Niko Romito has elevated the region’s cuisine. Now he’s planning outposts in eight new cities

Instead of minimizing children’s screen time, @mims asks: What if we gave them unlimited access to devices?

As the Trump administration aims to curb immigration, one of Latin America’s richest and safest countries has opened its doors

Amazon's cashierless convenience store is set to open to the public, as online retailer tries to reinvent how we shop

This week, both the ECB and the Bank of Japan have policy meetings that will likely provide hints on interest-rate policy that will move their currencies

North Korean pop star leads team to South Korea to scout venues for concert ahead of Pyeongchang Games

Opinion: Iran’s regime won’t die quietly, writes Ray Takeyh of @CFR_org

The labor market and growth have recovered during short-lived shutdowns in the past

Merkel’s efforts to form her fourth coalition cleared a crucial hurdle after the center-left SDP voted in favor of entering formal talks

As the U.S. slows down immigration, one Latin American country—Chile—embraces it

Opinion: America needs more gentlemen, writes @PeggyNoonannyc

King Abdullah II tells vice president that U.S. recognition of Jerusalem should be part of peace agreement

As India’s economy hums, Davos forum offers Modi a stage to push his assertive vision

'Jumanji' leads Sony Pictures out of the jungle and into an unfamiliar potion: first place

In NYC, Women's March organizers encouraged participants to get involved in political movements and stationed voter registration booths along the route

Why the political dynamics that produced the shutdown create problems for both parties, by @GeraldFSeib

Opinion: The overhaul of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is poignant because it strikes at the center of the Obama regulatory machine, writes @KimStrassel

Grigor Dimitrov is rounding into top form as he seeks to reach his first career Grand Slam final.

'There are both sticks and carrots in the tax bill, some of which could result in higher tax charges for U.S. subsidiaries of international companies'

As U.S. scientists face multiple regulatory hurdles before Crispr human trials, Chinese scientists forge ahead

Executing fourth downs, and defending against them, has already helped take the Eagles, Jaguars and the Patriots to their conference championship games

Stat-obsessed fans are crashing the clubby world that determines who gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Opinion: The U.S. can do far more to help Iranians defeat the regime’s internet firewall

Saudi Arabia’s top oil official—the de facto leader of OPEC—gave the most explicit call for the 14-nation cartel and 10 nonmember allies to keep supporting the oil market into 2019

“I think [the wall] is a monumental waste of money and monumental stupidity, but...if I have to put bricks in to save lives, I’m buying bricks," said Rep. Luis Guttierez (D.,Ill.)

Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and other major institutions act privately to handle misconduct allegations

Oil companies, listening to investors, promise modest drilling as oil prices rise, but skeptics remain

Crispr-Cas9 has captured global attention for its potential to treat incurable diseases; China is first in human trials

Edgar Martinez has a lifetime batting average above 300. Ryan Spaeder has launched a campaign to make sure everyone knows it

New York school districts have filed legal cases to fire hundreds of teachers for alleged misconduct or incompetence, but most end up back in classrooms

New York attractions try to entice visitors with ‘must-see week’ promotions

Opinion: What’s the matter with Norway? writes @ordefk

'When it comes to the more unconventional U.S. proposals, we have been doing some creative thinking,' Canadian Foreign Minister Crystia Freeland said about this week's Montreal Nafta talks.

A U.S. Crispr trial spends nearly 2 years seeking clearance; a Chinese doctor gets OK in an afternoon

The process is being driven not by those in the broad center but by those in the more narrow and partisan ideological bases of the two parties, writes @GeraldFSeib

After years of surviving controversy, Jacob Zuma’s days as South African president look numbered

In his speech, Pope Francis referred to Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, saying the scandal was just the tip of a much larger problem in the region

Saudis push for OPEC oil efforts into 2019

Opinion: At least 143 union leaders have admitted to crimes since 2016

Billionaire investors Carl Icahn, Darwin Deason push for Xerox to explore sale

The Tashkent conference would be the second round of the “Kabul Process,” an effort to restart long-stalled peace talks launched by the Afghan government last year

One complaint, involving a New York Access-a-Ride customer who got injured, took 95 days to reach customer-relations agents and the driver was pulled from service, the audit said

As the Senate debated how to reopen the government, the halls of Congress were a cornucopia of curious fashion choices for one of the last workplaces in America that holds firm against business casual

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