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Sweden has been in limbo since last September’s general election in which no single party secured a clear majority https://t.co/LIgYuxFsXg

Fed says student debt has prevented 400,000 young Americans from buying homes and may help explain why many college graduates have moved out of rural areas https://t.co/ecTunHIky3

Senate fails to block Trump administration from lifting sanctions on three companies controlled by a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin https://t.co/kLJPasKuKt

"I’m going to walk right up to them and say, ‘When is your birthday?’ ” How to manage after quitting Facebook and losing its birthday notifications https://t.co/vHe1RbrQlf

Some White House officials are advising President Trump to find a way to end the shutdown. "There's going to have to be a reality-check moment." https://t.co/FHmDpAFmoW

Bank of America's fourth-quarter revenue beat analyst expectations https://t.co/tk6x9v58Ks

Prosecutors allege that New York Knicks center Enes Kanter belongs to a movement headed by a cleric that Turkey regards as a terrorist https://t.co/XXqZD0GXr1

Goldman Sachs Group’s fourth-quarter profit beat Wall Street expectations https://t.co/tPcJDFIFm7

Rahaf Mohammed said she wants to live a normal life in Canada, but she will need security guards after receiving threats on social media https://t.co/Z1YsodbLT5

Attorney-general nominee William Barr said he would refuse a hypothetical order by President Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller without cause https://t.co/IV8i0afQbR

Inside one couple’s Scandinavia-influenced modernization of a 1920s Rome apartment https://t.co/nxTHgqBkFz

Opinion: Russian rap music has helped spur an antiestablishment moment that could loosen Putin’s grip on the culture, writes @k_dobrinin https://t.co/xuuE0JJnZZ

The French government kicked off months of public debates intended to channel protesters’ anger and shield Emmanuel Macron’s pro-business agenda https://t.co/fB2dpxABkW

Inside the "Exfiltration Machine": How a hacker and a group of traders feasted for six months on secret financial filings stored at the SEC https://t.co/LlC01HR8iX

Opinion: There’s no evidence to doubt the Treasury’s negotiation with Rusal, Mr. Schumer. https://t.co/prroGpZAkH

At his confirmation hearing, Trump’s attorney general pick sought to ease Democrats’ concerns about the Russia investigation https://t.co/EuS8VygWbL

Why were takeout burgers served at the White House? Because Trump sought to highlight the shutdown’s effect on the executive mansion's staff https://t.co/mWtSP6rzh2

The U.S. hunted down bankers, a defense contractor and a Mozambique politician in a bribery crackdown as investment banks play growing role in emerging-markets corruption https://t.co/SXMZcPBM0o

Santander said Andrea Orcel, who was named the bank's next CEO, is no longer in line for the post after it concluded he was too expensive https://t.co/SBsqRl4yId

The TSA said 99.1% of passengers Monday waited less than 30 minutes to get through security lines, compared with 99.9% a week earlier, and 94.3% waited less than 15 minutes, up from 92.9% https://t.co/YlGxOoGB1G

Like other gadgets that got their start in Japan—like the Walkman—the resulting devices may go global over the next few years https://t.co/N2tLJUhS23

The White House said President Trump personally paid for the catering https://t.co/e1A1Bohg4l

Apple rattled markets with warning about China. Who’s next? https://t.co/ScUpORJdXR https://t.co/QTilgOHaOU

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Ivanka Trump will help Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney select the nominee for World Bank president https://t.co/yh6GwpCUgB

Opinion: Chinese investment in Israel is damaging the Jewish State’s strategic relationship with the U.S., writes @ilanberman https://t.co/RuhF2HiYga

Alibaba's president expressed optimism in the country’s consumer market despite recent data showing a deepening economic slowdown https://t.co/I6eL3opBYF

The financial-advisory sector had its busiest deal-making year in 2018, and the pace isn’t showing signs of slowing down https://t.co/31jOH4Gm2e

Heard on the Street: Has a slow commute ever made you want to buy a $100 million jet? https://t.co/CI3EPaQJ6E

Opinion: Let’s compare who does more public social good with their money, Bill de Blasio https://t.co/UzecqAorhd

New Jersey's attorney general said his office will investigate whether any laws were broken during the state’s distribution of corporate tax incentives https://t.co/7MJPW4Acn1

PG&E faces the specter of bankruptcy, the possibility state regulators will break it into pieces, and potential state criminal charges https://t.co/mBp0SL3ppm

Crumpling exports would sap a key source of growth and employment for a weakening Chinese economy https://t.co/tKvkq0RgLJ

A new car is the first thing scrubbed from the shopping list in uncertain times, said analyst Benjamin Lo—and China’s economy is in a deeper-than-expected downturn https://t.co/BWEbNvL1NR

Canadian national sentenced to death in China over drug smuggling charges, further straining ties between the two countries https://t.co/PXd1RGyBom

Lukewarm global economic reports have investors closely focused on corporate guidance https://t.co/CNiEsEbPBJ

Viacom is considering a stake sale of its China operations as large U.S. corporations face difficulties growing their businesses in the world's second-largest economy https://t.co/9CvYgZKXFm

As the Australian Open begins Monday, it’s clear that something is changing. It has to, because one of them is about to exit. https://t.co/GQa471qo9B

Opinion: Democrats could strike a deal with Trump on immigration reform, but they would rather posture for political advantage, writes @KarlRove https://t.co/qkfSV2mVCV

Digital First, a hedge-fund-backed media group known for buying up struggling local papers and cutting costs, is planning to make an offer for USA Today publisher Gannett https://t.co/hD05gmGmaP

Clemson's freshman quarterback isn't eligible for the NFL draft until 2021, but there's a business case for him to end his college football career now https://t.co/BUWgys1ydN

MTA chief Fernando Ferrer will hire an independent consultant to check the safety of the revised L-train tunnel repair plan https://t.co/Q4YW4cbciS

A look at some key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who William Barr will face during his confirmation hearing for attorney general this week https://t.co/tNcY1rCfZE

As younger Americans shun golf, homeowners who splurged on houses by the fairway are facing the consequences https://t.co/8gpTVpdXDR

It's 🕒 to add some 😀🤔😣 to your 🏢 email https://t.co/Wy9WmFlIIk https://t.co/hodg0MbPIN

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The head of Venezuela’s legislature was briefly detained Sunday by the country’s secret police, as international pressure mounts on authoritarian leader Nicolás Maduro https://t.co/x8mnsdmVlN

Nissan’s investigation into its former chairman Carlos Ghosn showed he received an extra $8 million in pay from a joint entity with Mitsubishi https://t.co/DH8OP2WmNS

Put those coffee pods down. Stumptown's coffee educator shows you in this video how to make a better cup of coffee at the office https://t.co/EYpHT5MrC5

The combination of two Appalachian shale drillers was supposed to create efficiencies, not the weakened performance and acrimony that has followed https://t.co/aJXzaZU9K9

Some House Democrats have grown concerned by what they see as the absence of a clear strategy from party leaders over how to end the shutdown https://t.co/ViQKm1GihG

Viacom is in talks to sell a majority share in its channel brands, including MTV and Nickelodeon, in China https://t.co/Q2ZSR65W4v

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