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FreedomWorks supports Ohio lawmaker Jim Jordan, who has weighed entering the race to succeed Speaker Paul Ryan

It’s not the Fed’s place to take a position on guns, a Fed official told GOP lawmakers pressing him for an answer

  • Amy Schumer knows how to sell a comic notion, and commits to selling the one in 'I Feel Pretty.' But the premise doesn't work

    The yield curve is flattening. Does that mean a recession is near?

    For the first time in 59 years, Cuba is officially ruled by a man not named Castro.

    The EU is drawing up a peace offer it hopes will end trade hostilities with the White House and avoid steel and aluminum tariffs on the bloc. (Corrects link)

    Procter & Gamble posts profit of $2.51 billion, or 95 cents a share, compared with $2.52 billion, or 93 cents a share, a year before

    Takeda said rival Shire rejected its $60 billion takeover bid, but talks are ongoing. A deal would create a global drugs giant.

    Do you pay for expedited shipping or buy online without checking a return policy? Those moves could get you flagged as a fraudster

    Time Warner's CEO called the U.S. antitrust case ridiculous. Today AT&T's boss takes the stand to defend the deal.

    The cash-strapped company’s stocks shed 17% in after-hours trading on the stock sale

    'Pasta for Nightingales' is a charming 17th-century Italian handbook on bird-care and folklore, now presented in English for the first time — Book review via @WSJOpinion

    Chip maker Qualcomm, which pledged in January to cut costs by $1 billion, is laying off an unspecified number of employees

    Comcast offered 16% more for Fox’s entertainment assets, but the offer was rejected on antitrust worries

    A bond-market rally is giving Beijing some respite as it tries to ward off a potential economic slowdown

    Here are answers to some important legal questions in the Michael Cohen case

    Former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal reached an agreement with American Media that releases her from a contract she said was meant to muzzle her

    New York Fed chief William Dudley said he has 'nothing against us negotiating hard' to protect U.S. interests, but cautioned against letting the situation devolve into rounds of retaliatory trade actions

    The manufacturers of metal panels with combustible cores back height limits for their use on buildings in the U.S.

    Opinion: The Comey coverup: Let’s roll back the tape, writes @HolmanJenkins

    Companies that use past salaries to benchmark future pay can perpetuate unfairly high or low wages that workers carry from job to job

    U.N. security group is attacked with small-arms fire while examining the site of an alleged chemical-weapons attack in Syria

    $600-a-night hotel rooms and 'man-camps' for oil workers: Why a hot spot of the U.S. shale boom may be a victim of its own success

    Gov. Cuomo says he will use executive powers to give all parolees in New York the right to vote

    The world’s largest internet companies are betting big on India, a nation of 1.3 billion where the challenges are as sizable as the opportunities

    Trump tweets that the meeting between CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong Un went 'very smoothly and a good relationship was formed'

    South Korea could push for a more permanent peace agreement on the Korean Peninsula

    First Toys 'R' Us, now Bon-Ton: Another struggling retail chain is set to close up shop

    Bare-bones—or indemnity—health policies are popular and cheap but could leave buyers with big bills after major medical expenses

    Bill Gates and Masayoshi Son are teaming up with Airbus with plans to launch a constellation of 500 satellites to provide continuous global coverage

    Cherry blossoms are blooming in Asia—and so is the Chinese economy, at least on the surface

    Facebook users in Europe will be able to decide whether they want to see targeted ads based on details in their profiles

    In Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Alsace, they have mastered the art of schnaps. Here's what you should be sipping this spring:

    ‘It appears we are going down!’ wrote one Southwest Airlines passenger who broadcast a video on Facebook Live

    China’s central bank gives green light to banks to dig into reserves to lend more, signaling worries about slowing momentum for economic growth

    IBM's results were plumped by sales of new hardware that analysts expect to eventually peter out

    Former first lady and political matriarch Barbara Bush dies at age 92:

    New York City mounts new front in war on rats in public housing

    Global trade has been robust and many countries and industries have been largely unaffected despite the worries

    John Lewis Gaddis's masterful survey of statesmanship looks at the triumphs and failures of Xerxes, Augustus, Napoleon and more — Book review via @WSJOpinion

    If a war breaks out between Iceland and New Zealand, it might be over the merits of Hawaiian pizza

    In an era often belittled by jazz fans, guitarist Grant Green spearheaded a movement that expanded hits in innovative ways

    As a candidate, Donald Trump criticized the Fed. But as president, his picks to lead the central bank show support for the status quo

    Look out, smartphones! Cheap phones are making a comeback

    Opinion: How bad is the government’s science? ask Peter Wood and David Randall

    China is to phase out rules requiring foreign auto makers to share their factory ownership and profits

    Cedar Realty Trust chief Bruce Schanzer faces sexual-harassment allegations

    Colleges set tuition like retailers price a sweater: Expect discounts.

    The number of Americans who feel their taxes are too high has reached a historic low

    South Korean police investigate sister of 'nut rage' executive for an alleged violent incident

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