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A pending settlement would eliminate $6 billion of Puerto Rico's debt and release half its future sales-tax revenue currently earmarked for bondholders https://t.co/ETHcMxNbsv

The Air Force and the rest of the armed forces aren’t affected by the current budget dispute, but military launches require civilian licenses and other government approvals that could be caught up in the current partial shutdown https://t.co/yEQBx2PWM0

Prosecutors allege that New York Knicks center Enes Kanter belongs to a movement headed by a cleric that Turkey regards as a terrorist https://t.co/nHAaVSG0av

U.S. rail-freight operators say greater automation will make their networks safer and more productive https://t.co/rOdcyvyPfJ

"The stigma is totally evaporating," says the CEO of a company that uses hemp in its products. "That’s going to be game-changing." https://t.co/EtedxlmaRn

France’s Emmanuel Macron called on yellow-vest protestors to debate rather than demonstrate this week, but they’ve taken to the streets again https://t.co/cIDHg83tCz

“It’s very bad for consumer safety when a company issues a recall and the CPSC isn’t there to help get the word out.” https://t.co/8y1IW7a9MM

Forget about chocolate strawberries and unlimited pina coladas. These newlyweds from Japan are honeymooning with 13 NBA games in 13 nights in 13 cities. https://t.co/Pofa1T5Qhn

A cardiologist and former pro tennis player gets the pickleball bug: “After one game, I was hooked” https://t.co/en1CBGFG4h

Though businesses consider climate change a leading global risk, they often shrink from remedies designed to address it, writes @greg_ip https://t.co/mzTf8xgCIf

Roasted sardines with freshly baked flatbread, creamy yogurt and a scattering of herbs and radishes: the easiest way to eat more fish https://t.co/edMfJhuF7N

Trump to support protections from deportation for some undocumented immigrants in the U.S. in exchange for $5.7 billion in border-wall funding https://t.co/t6J5pXQmno

Remember Motorola’s Razr? It’s back—this time as a $1,500 smartphone with a foldable screen https://t.co/kOTjPKJtDR

Opinion: John Clifton Bogle brought low-cost investing to the masses https://t.co/qhdOXtg1pU

A meal fit for a (burger) king: With much of the White House residence staff furloughed due to the shutdown, Trump treated Clemson football champions to a fast-food feast https://t.co/aSlfnJD1dT

Meng Wanzhou transformed herself from a secretary at her father's startup into the public face of the world's biggest telecom equipment company. Now, the potential Huawei heir sits at the center of a bitter battle unfolding across multiple continents. https://t.co/mKwFAdQ7eQ

Here's an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal's weekend edition https://t.co/SF1bjPHhQ8 https://t.co/Q4tweKPQj7

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Indonesia's president, campaigning for a second term and shoring up Muslim support, announces the early release of a radical Islamic cleric https://t.co/3eVw148lLE

How to avoid making a mistake when purchasing a big piece of furniture https://t.co/Bzw6hEFrvF

We recently tracked down the real John Peterman for a chat about buying Incan relics, bootcut jeans and yes, Seinfeld https://t.co/dZlqdiQ4jV

The U.S. government’s pension insurer is moving to assume responsibility for pension plans for employees and retirees at Sears and Kmart https://t.co/ZxTAWzDsVS

Genetically modified animal organs may soon make human donors unnecessary. A transplant surgeon looks at the trade-offs https://t.co/3dmH26yp4U

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke sentenced to nearly seven years for the 2014 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald https://t.co/S7Iqs6JXEy

A winter storm threatening a wide stretch of the country could keep travelers grounded over the long holiday weekend https://t.co/JOTkdpD6N9

Astronomers call it a total lunar eclipse, but everybody else is talking about the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" https://t.co/KHP9K8YLoC

"This is not how I thought my first weeks of Congress would be." The government shutdown has made for an unusual transition to Washington for new lawmakers https://t.co/jDhkU7qu6r

Labor secretary on Democrats’ minimum-wage proposal: “How many jobs are you willing to give up?” https://t.co/wRFWdK7mwe

While White House aides are pushing Trump to make a deal to end the shutdown, some political advisers are planning a foam-brick mailing campaign https://t.co/f6Xpl4PHrg

Airbnb has held talks to acquire booking site Hotel Tonight, as it seeks to make itself more attractive to investors ahead of an IPO https://t.co/8k1IcXk14L

Opinion: Marijuana should be legalized, but don’t pretend it’s therapeutic. It’s as much a medicine as Budweiser is, writes @peterbachmd https://t.co/Q66dLS6fI1

The next multibillion-dollar therapeutic area for drug companies may be fatty liver disease, but there are a few practical hurdles to overcome first https://t.co/Kvh0BI8T61

Walmart and CVS strike a new deal to keep Walmart in CVS Caremark’s networks https://t.co/mRYg600H8H

Elon Musk's Tesla, which has been chasing the dream of a $35,000 electric sedan since its early days, plans to cut jobs to lower the price of the Model 3 https://t.co/TP4AH81i3i

Jack Bogle played to win. Though sometimes he did it with a defibrillator handy. https://t.co/WRdmNjW97W

The Trump administration’s efforts to fill some regulatory posts have hit a snag: the government shutdown https://t.co/QMHZSfdWQi

Opinion: John Clifton Bogle brought low-cost investing to the masses https://t.co/9Bk3uglUZi

A new partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Apple aims to detect irregular heart rhythms of people with atrial fibrillation before life-threatening events can occur https://t.co/4ilAkDfTvX

Michael Cohen collected $50,000 from Trump’s company to pay for "tech services." The contractor says he got much less, stuffed in a Walmart bag. https://t.co/tHPyXYKmC4

Nissan said it would consider measures to recover the "improper" payments totaling $8.9 million from its former chairman Carlos Ghosn https://t.co/LbV0LOWtNl

The former hotel that shelters the homeless is one of a number of properties controlled by Stuart and Jay Podolsky, whose business practices are under investigation by federal prosecutors https://t.co/GRqyOGuWXs

Opinion: Brexit and the U.S. shutdown reflect a new political reality: We can stop what we don’t want but can’t enable what we need, writes @DanHenninger https://t.co/Jk2ZVYqj7f

JPMorgan CEO James Dimon's compensation tops the salary he made in 2017 when he was the highest-paid banking and finance executive in the S&P 500 https://t.co/vjd5mvHFXb

When it comes to workers procrastinating, beer may be the best motivator, our columnist writes https://t.co/n8gWJBTzL7

Wall Street wished for volatility. In the fourth quarter, traders got it. It wasn't pretty. https://t.co/XZW9Rww6J3

China's taste for chicken feet, along with dark meat and other products less popular among Western consumers, has made the loss of that market painful for U.S. chicken processors https://t.co/HD6uRZrf8v

Canadian crude prices have surged to trade at the smallest discount to U.S. oil in a decade https://t.co/gdtjYpphTK

Big donors fueled Cory Booker’s Senate campaigns. In 2020, that could be a liability. https://t.co/40nUoqC2s2

The best and worst U.S. airlines: Delta takes the top spot for the second year in a row https://t.co/7yaQzxm3dp

Facebook has removed pages and accounts linked to what it said were two Russia-based misinformation campaigns https://t.co/dcpx1jlvJw

Toyota now requires a handful of workers to wear exoskeletons, and it's not alone in experimenting with the technology https://t.co/Ezpnd9bOvc

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