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When a subway isn't just a subway: The Orange Line in Pakistan represents China's global ambitions https://t.co/WVfnQpgXEX

There's a storm coming, so go to the water first to avoid it, survivor of duck-boat tragedy recalls crew being told https://t.co/iXegYFg7Wx

Francesco Molinari wins the British Open, his first major title. Tiger Woods led in the final round but finished tied for sixth https://t.co/ftu0lsk3hQ

Google parent Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon are among the most high-profile names in the S&P 500 set to report quarterly results this week https://t.co/bnGWOagHjh

Government goes after children's lemonade stands. Grown-ups pour themselves into action. https://t.co/wXhCGMhyNT

Traders are pulling back from bond markets they view as increasingly unruly and expensive https://t.co/8qwSLpH9uH

Will Trump impose new sanctions on Russia that Congress has empowered him to do? https://t.co/OdWQdRKaCb

“Nobody wins in a trade war.” But the biggest losers could be smaller countries https://t.co/ufIZooDMlq

Papa John’s board is planning to discuss whether to adopt a ‘poison pill’ to prevent its controversial founder from gaining control of the pizza chain https://t.co/Kq7CU4mb2n

Two hedge funds joined forces to take on Argentina. Now, they are on opposing sides of another battle. https://t.co/zlEk1EFGnD

Jonathan Gold, who became the first restaurant critic to win the Pulitzer Prize for criticism, has died at age 57 https://t.co/Q0q9UeIySY

A smoking crackdown is happening in one of the world's easiest places to light up https://t.co/a2Y2kHhCvI

Who's watching the watchmen? Some big U.S. companies are partly audited by Chinese firms that U.S. regulators can't inspect, new data shows. https://t.co/ZbO4v5B1xP

In Pakistan, the military’s intelligence arm is carrying out a campaign of persuasion, intimidation and threats, politicians who have experienced it said https://t.co/4z6y3OadhQ

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stressed that the Trump administration's goal is to achieve a "more balanced" trade relationship with China https://t.co/RZ96hSkNW2

Vikram Pandit says the strategy he put in place at Citigroup before leaving is working https://t.co/8h1xDnRrB6

Duck Boat survivor Tia Coleman lived in home ‘filled with sound of little feet and laughter;’ now her husband and three children are gone https://t.co/TfVOpejCsD

A top U.S. markets regulator and the Catholic Church are debating if one can be a good Catholic and trade credit-default swaps https://t.co/hQbwujeHUP

"I go to bed thinking about it. I wake up thinking about it." Welcome to the world of obsessive mowing https://t.co/w9MBsrhg45

Opinion: Obama’s CIA director acknowledges egging on the FBI’s probe of Trump and Russia, writes @KimStrassel https://t.co/6TdBUzWO6M

They’re all here: Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld, Carol Burnett are among the funny people at the National Comedy Center https://t.co/H7PV3R6r7L

Fiat Chrysler appointed the head of its Jeep brand as its new chief executive Saturday https://t.co/WhPU9mTqrU

Opinion: High-tax states sue to protect their richest taxpayers: https://t.co/HIRk091B0g

Opinion: The ObamaCare tax on ‘Cadillac’ plans is worth keeping, writes James C. Capretta https://t.co/mkg3IJTv8R

Meet the doctors treating Tour de France riders at speeds of up to 25mph https://t.co/7PVeigYafO

The U.S​ ​and China are ​threaten​ing​ tariffs on products they don’t​ actually​ trade​, from accordions to Alaska pollock​ https://t.co/rU1wfVjbF7

Private prison companies are facing lawsuits over work programs at detention centers that pay migrants just $1 a day https://t.co/6xDI7BCVKu

No one really needs to go falconing in Mongolia or ride a nurse shark in Alaska. But we do need to take care of our kids, parents and friends https://t.co/osv2b6NaqC

Protests have rippled through Iraq’s oil-rich south as demonstrators rail against the government’s failure to provide electricity, health care and clean water https://t.co/2euRGPYq1y

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, at a meeting of the G-20, echoes President Trump’s comments on trade with China, downplays the president’s remarks on the Fed https://t.co/gF1QPrd7Ld

The young and the furless: one reason behind a shift away from animal products at fashion labels https://t.co/eAPRhqHh77

Amid concerns of gambling addiction, Japan’s new law legalizing casinos requires Japanese to pay to enter and limits entry to 10 times every 4 weeks https://t.co/IBcJvU1tJO

'It was never really about sex; it was about controlling someone and asserting power' https://t.co/Zwjd7PNt7l

This is the first time that WhatsApp has put restrictions on forwarding on its platform in India and globally https://t.co/mWb0LUkAGQ

12 Thai boys and their soccer coach talked publicly for the first time about their ordeal of being trapped inside a cave https://t.co/TbOfnXoOLy

A hectic week that began with the controversial Putin summit ends with Trump’s new tariff threats and pressure on Fed https://t.co/Xg30As8WKI

James Gunn says he understands the decision, and that his comments ‘don’t reflect the person I am today’ https://t.co/SHMKy8iGJa

Accusations by a former Lions Gate employee set off a series of negotiations, resulting in two settlements and a $2.5 million payment from Lions Gate https://t.co/TO0CAgLO0Y

Opinion: Trump won’t go along with efforts to deny the legitimacy of his election. Can you blame him? writes Michael Anton https://t.co/g39Q1gWBmk

A hundred places to see before you die, 50 restaurants to eat in, 329 Great Bucket List Ideas, 15,378 Top-Quality Bucket List suggestions—something that started out as a joke has become a clinical disorder https://t.co/2cQFDQIvwS

Carnoustie has reigned in the aggressiveness of many players, but Rory McIlroy wants to use length to his advantage: https://t.co/sTFW7rhxrm

Event-planning company Eventbrite plans to go public later this year, as the market for nonheath-care, venture-backed tech firms heats up https://t.co/H69pbyVPGC

Bayer says it will stop selling its Essure birth-control device in the U.S. after this year due to declining sales, a decision that follows a move in April by the FDA to tighten restrictions on its sale and distribution https://t.co/gCzqPMomAa

Chinese and U.A.E businesses sign a flurry of agreements https://t.co/kmoD4pMskZ

Michael Cohen taped a conversation with Donald Trump about buying the rights to a former Playboy model's affair story from the National Enquirer's owner https://t.co/t8bMJiPUJg

Legal challenges to Sessions’ crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ practices have left Sessions’ policy in an uneven state, with both sides claiming victory https://t.co/zsLDFYZkx6

Some officials in Moscow remain taken aback by the firestorm that has surrounded the meeting between the two leaders earlier this week https://t.co/yMWpT8V1g1

Japan hopes to lure tourists, especially from China and other parts of Asia, who currently go to casinos in Singapore, Macau and elsewhere https://t.co/O3j3GNBdwQ

Chinese internet lenders are closing, stranding investors as the economy slows and regulators tighten controls https://t.co/hM0oQPQPsa

Lake swimming, canoeing—and therapy: Summer sleepaway camps add social workers to help address teen mental health https://t.co/hzQai8Ppqu

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