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Sears is expected to close at least 150 stores immediately, according to people familiar with the matter https://t.co/onMlgZxEpW

The defeat of some Kremlin-backed candidates for governor and a slump in Putin’s poll ratings are signs of the public mood in Russia https://t.co/bFgW6D69ay

Jellyfish and strong currents didn’t stop this lawyer from swimming across the English Channel https://t.co/SsBLgiIjkC

Sharp swings in trading volumes of Chinese bonds could present a risk to the country’s financial stability https://t.co/bTAxAXCKbq

Princess Diana is often remembered for her evening gowns, but her princess-off-duty style is easier to emulate https://t.co/gwOxwrfhOu

Saudi Arabia’s dream of becoming an investment hub is unraveling as accusations over dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi threaten to stall deals and spook businesses https://t.co/5OpwZgMGqA

Police are seeking three men who scuffled after the leader of a far-right group spoke at a political club in Manhattan https://t.co/gvNc0tvNTD

JPMorgan CEO James Dimon is the latest executive to drop out of the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh, which draws business leaders from around the world https://t.co/buNEPrYNPs

In Long Island City, at least a third of all new condos sold since 2017 have been purchased by investors, according to a new study of sales there https://t.co/DV6hzclqbC

Brewers star Christian Yelich transformed into a leading MVP candidate by making subtle tweaks to add power without losing his identity as a ground-ball hitter https://t.co/Z4GGsxgJiu

Harvard's admissions process has long been a black box—until now https://t.co/vsC1OiMhBa

Angela Merkel’s conservative allies have worst showing since 1950 in Bavarian state elections https://t.co/1Pe0fGOpSK

If you can't say it, slay it; food scientists begrudgingly seek alternatives to unpronounceable ingredients https://t.co/X6NmlejI3H

A sexual assault allegation shades the New Jersey Governor's office, but reveals a national struggle over how to handle assault allegations https://t.co/QnPRcvfdBz

The message to Chinese citizens is clear: No matter who you are, the party can get you. https://t.co/Q2ozpC5vHJ

Is the housing market still slumping? Investors are getting a look this week at fresh data on housing starts, existing-home sales and building permits https://t.co/9jGWEuyOdW

Opinion: The Democrats have shifted the attention from President Trump's behavior onto their own, writes @danhenninger. https://t.co/vPxnWXp7MB

Edward Lampert’s secret plan for Sears? It’s time to consider the possibility he didn’t have one https://t.co/q34mHah7aS

Companies that moved production back to the U.S. say Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports are hurting them https://t.co/WiLK4kW0xm

Officials gathering in Bali took some comfort from progress resolving many trade disputes even as a standoff between the U.S. and China has escalated https://t.co/Vg5gPxdNG5

The plight of the Southern 401(k): a glut of pine has hammered plans for retirement, college costs and rainy days https://t.co/HdMDDdvGzX

One of Britain's most distinctive artists prepares to debut seven large-scale works and over a dozen smaller ones https://t.co/pHJjy8Xid3

A championship volleyball team’s secret to success: dance parties and Ultimate Frisbee https://t.co/huHszoYZyG

The long-time “Tonight Show” host says he can’t go back to late-night comedy because it’s gotten meaner https://t.co/b6LLjpDAYp

New York City's 333 sidewalk newsstands now function primarily as snack stands: You can buy Red Bull, Cheetos and Skittles, but good luck finding your favorite newspaper or magazine https://t.co/W8W1r1sZvh

Hot tip! The best values in Burgundy come from here. https://t.co/LbtzYZvuOe

President Trump says the fear of being separated from children deters some immigrants https://t.co/53dsNPCsvR

Pat Cipollone, a veteran Washington lawyer, is likely to be named the next White House counsel https://t.co/tMwoKGO9a3

Holiday entertaining? No problem. Here's the one (incredibly easy) dish you need https://t.co/eLVUc43Coh

Vulture investors are circling the beleaguered New York City taxi-cab industry https://t.co/i3u0TKxqXY

Tiny East Timor is gambling more oil and gas will secure its future. But the former colony risks ending up at the mercy of foreign powers again. https://t.co/7kvBZWqsmq

When a retailer goes bust, people in the business immediately ask who will swoop in to claim market share. Investors are starting to ask about Sears https://t.co/fXLw3gYHTQ

Buying Merrill Lynch was supposed to make Bank of America a top global investment bank. Ten years later, it's struggling to fulfill that promise. https://t.co/rsRedHI03c

Pastor Brunson, joined by his children, thanks the Trump administration, Pompeo, Pence and members of Congress https://t.co/NBmrNqbfr4

New virtual tablets let you digitize handwriting in real time, (mostly) eliminating the need for paper pads https://t.co/dJ44pqDCKX

Bank of America is struggling to capture the benefits of Wall Street’s deal-making boom https://t.co/XGxAXaRSou

Opinion: The FBI’s general counsel met with a Clinton lawyer in September 2016, writes @KimStrassel https://t.co/T8ElOejgXZ

Migration from Guatemala is surging, prompting U.S. officials to seek answers on why so many migrant families from the country are heading north https://t.co/Stxdkw5iNc

The U.S. economy still leads the world, say Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge, but growth will continue to stall without key reforms in federal entitlements and banking rules. https://t.co/Z4TdN8zR4p

Life after Michael: Heading out to survey the damage with two pistols and a machete https://t.co/cPxyiqq4M2

U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad met Taliban representatives in Qatar, as the Trump administration seeks a way to end the war in Afghanistan https://t.co/BIFIkcnRWr

Heard on the Street: China’s exporters are showing surprising resilience in a tough climate https://t.co/dFvcml5Gw5

In China, no one is too big to disappear https://t.co/xKBUtxFsrE

Mnuchin says no final decision has been made to hold a Trump-Xi summit to try to fix trade U.S.-China tensions https://t.co/O731VApvch

As employers struggle to find staff, Japan plans to let some blue-collar workers stay without limit https://t.co/kUyMjwT4Dy

Government officials opened the Tornillo shelter, just north of the Mexican border, to reporters as part of an effort to combat criticisms of conditions inside the facility https://t.co/FBfaa6u38m

Teflon loans: The $1.2 trillion leveraged-loan market is proving resistant to Fed-induced selloffs shaking the markets https://t.co/MY4ilww79x

A Stockholm-based nonprofit stepped in to honor a writer this year after the Swedish Academy postponed the Nobel Prize in literature https://t.co/HFuUO8iNl4

Heard on the Street: With cable operators entering the cellular business, Sprint and T-Mobile hope to persuade regulators their merger deal won’t curb competition https://t.co/MZcZRG6CiQ

“The floor is there, but nothing else.” Residents of Florida Panhandle survey damage. https://t.co/5WA3BHJzEF

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