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  • Did HRC mishandle such information by placing such information on the server of a mom and pop shop, stored in a bathroom closet? How many foreign intelligence agencies do you believe hacked HRC said server? What countries? Did Russia China, Iran, North Korea hack into HRC server?

  • Iran must allow Maryam Mombeini to leave the country and travel to Canada to be with her family - and the regime must provide answers in the death of her husband, Kavous Seyed-Emami, in Evin prison..

  • First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2017 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW - The line that novichoks can only be produced by Russia is now proven to be a complete lie. As I previously proved by referencing their publications, in 2013

  • اینم #هفت_سین من یادم رفت شمعارو روشن کنم 😏 #نوروز #Nowruz #Iran

    Iran twitter.
  • Dozens dead as diphtheria outbreak in Yemen infects more than 1,300 people

  • Russians cast ballots in 2018 presidential election #Russia #RussiaElections2018

  • ساعت ١٠ صبح.

  • @newsvandal Yes but It’s not a War that’s easily won if at all though is it? It would be tactical nuke time, no? The price one pays for Sovereignty. Could draw in Russia and China? Iran seems most frightening of many terrible possibilities..

  • Potensi Terbentuknya Aliansi Saudi-Israel-AS Melawan Iran

    Iran twitter.
  • Potensi Terbentuknya Aliansi Saudi-Israel-AS Melawan Iran

    Iran twitter.
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  • عکس: بازداشت اسفندیار رحیم‌مشایی #Iran #ایران.

  • @NiftyForLiving R we looking at another rise of $2/3 !!! Iran issue.

  • This meeting was suppose to be SECRET!!! Just like the billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ sent to Iran from ODUMMER!! They really did not want Americans to know about either!! If you don’t call that CROOKED you are STUPID!!!

  • @syednoor169 @realDonaldTrump How come it didn’t bother you when obama gave billions to our enemies in Iran? That ended up in terrorists hands? Causing the death of American soldiers!! Read this!!

  • #Iranian #WhiteWednesdays protests against mandatory #hejab now going beyond #Iran borders, direct contravention of government’s goal of exporting the revolution...

  • Arabia Saudita dice que si Irán desarrolla armas nucleares hará lo mismo lo más pronto posible ´´.

  • Iran fires mortar shells into Pakistan’s Balochistan

    Iran twitter.
  • اعتقلت السلطات الإيرانية أكثر من 300 عضو من أقلية درويش في أواخر فبراير 2018 ، ولم يتم توجيه اتهامات للعديد منهم بجريمة يمكن التعرف عليها.

  • #CARTOON #Iran #Iraq #IMIS #Terrorism @IranArabSpring @peymaneh123 @TonyDuheaume @EllieAzadi @MSadidoost @HeshmatAlavi

    Iran twitter.
  • بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ.

  • Y viviendo cada día pensando que quizás las cosas algún día irán cambiando Aveces es tanta tristeza la que cargo pero solo escribo para no descargarla llorando.

  • @mahHhsSsa @Shahgrap اصلا یک و نیم برابرِمساحتِ ایران زمین داشته.واسه تون رو نکرده بود. آخه جوجو!توکه ریاضی بلد نیستی چرا میای خزعبلات پرانی میکنی؟یک ونیم میلیون هکتار؟آخه یکجوری جعلِ تاریخ کنیدکه حکایتتون مثلِ جعلِ حدیث مجلسیِ ملعون نشه. واسه تون مگه کلاس جنگ روانی نمیذارن؟یادبگیرید درستون رو خب!.

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  • #iran #iphone #AppStore دانلود جدیدترین بازی راش شمپانزه ما را از

  • Iran SZOGPC gas output stands at 58 bcm

  • @KarenBeChirico @skry8790 @scottytaco @susandean1280 @dtavener @drw1018 @GiddyHeyde @JohnBrennan OBAMA deported over 3 millions illegals and armed Iran with nuclear weapons. In Europe Obama is considered a bluff and one of the worst US PRESIDENT. Indeed he is a terrific SHOWMAN, crooner and dancer..

  • IRAN time is: 10 AM #Iran #Tehran.

  • Has our Foreign Sec managed to secure the release of that lady in Iran yet?.

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  • EXCLUSIVE: The secret yacht summit that realigned the #MiddleEast #Politics Arab leaders from #UAE,#SaudiArabia,#Bahrain,#Jordan plotted to counter #Turkey and #Iran,and replace the #GCC & #ArabLeague #Israel #GeorgeNader #Trump #ErikPrince #ElliottBroidy.

  • @ivandeleonpaz Ah mira que interesante no sabía. Lo mejor que pudo pasarle a Israel es que Trump se convirtiera en presidente . Lo que hizo Obama con el tratado de Irán fue sentenciar a muerte a Israel. Pero gracias a Dios que ahora es diferente.

  • Happy #Nowruz this ancient Zoroastrian festival honoring the new year is celebrated in Persiantate world from Iran & Afghanistan to Tajikistan. Tables are decorated w/ haft-seen. Here’s 1 from the Persian Center at UCI #firstdayofspring #twitterstorians

    Iran twitter.
  • @AzadehKhorasan @IRAN_MARD #حامی_شاهزاده_رضا_پهلوی_هستم #پادشاهی_پارلمانی #رضا_پهلوی شهريار ايران درود بر شما بانو كارت عالي بود در جهت اگاهي جامعه و دانستن ديدگاه ها و برنامه هاي شاهزاده ي عزيزمون.

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