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Starting in a few minutes: At 10 , the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Senate Rules committees will hold a joint hearing into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Watch here:

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José Anchundia C.
José Anchundia C. ()

@Tri_campeona Un tipo que pretende ser presidente y que felicite a una autoridad tan nefasta como lo ha sido la fiscal 10/20 merece total repudio. También vanagloriaba a la M. P. Romo por su gran labor y lo que sucedió hoy en las penitenciarias es una muestra de su miserable trabajo.

Luísa, Maria
Luísa, Maria ()

20 motivos, 20 iniciais 🥱 1- M 2- J 3- ... 4- V 5- M 6- I 7- P 8- A 9- B 10- R 11- M 12- A 13- A 14- M 15- M 16- ... 17- F 18- M 19- M 20- Não Fav q mando

Tyler Morse
Tyler Morse ()

I’m very tired of the “what are these people on this 10 year old sit com doing without masks” thing that my brain has had going on for most of the last year.

🐯미쿠🐰⁷🎗🍀🌸🧞‍♂️🏁🍡🏐🐼👻🍎🐒🙃🍅😽💙 ()

@ra__myoi #リプでやる やるぅ〜 みんなとは違うやつ🤣🤣 📛名前 :いっちい ☁️印象 :優しい 💖好感度(1~10) :10 ✉️LINE交換ありorなし :いいよー 📞電話できるか :出来ると思う 👨‍👩‍👧家族にするなら :お兄ちゃん! 🗣一言 : これからもよろしくねっ

10 M Photo,10 M twitter tendance - top tweets
Lu♡ ()

sobre você: 1- A,N 2- no 3- 4 4- J 5- come o meu cu 6- L,N,I,A 7- R,J 8- K,R,N,M,A 9- só quero sair de casa ultima vez que: 10- n lembro 11- ontem 12- setembro 13- hoje 14- hoje off: 15- no 16- fofinho fav que eu te mando

Dlangla ()

@SwiftHitter Lindy effect is the only reason it’s still alive. Agree w 10 years. Cali will be first major circuit to go in nxt few years. I’m still not convinced sales $s are real. Something’s weird behind the scenes for the major players. Soros etc arent involved for the love of the game

Jay💥 ()

As the stereotypical burnt out former gifted kid it’s making me physically sick that I’m gonna fail my calc test tomorrow Bc it’s closed notes and I literally remember nothing. I can’t even answer 10 hw questions with notes and I’ve been here for hours. I’m down bad

Vendaval ()

Cuando tenía 3 años tuve un vecino que se llamaba Francisco y me enamoré de él. Después vino Sarita. Ahora mis vecinos me regalan café y si toco su puerta a las 10:30 me ayudan a sacar los bichos que entran por la ventana. ¿Qué sería de nuestra vida sin ellos?

Lizzie ()

i have to give a presentation at tomorrow morning and i have no idea what i’m gonna talk about

CrossCountryRAP ()

Sign up now and get 10 free iAstraCoins No Credit Card Needed mobile users go to for advertising free viewing #PeopleMagazine

Nxrth. ()

@GorgoNaR6S I get called bad 24/7 Cus of a mistake I made that I’m not proud of but now I just gotta prove them wrong and that’s what I tell myself every time and 8/10 times I slap them in ranked right after they call me bad🤡 and still got much more to come👀


I know these are annoying but I’m gonna do an unfollow spree since I have a lot of people and barely interact with like 10 so comment if you wanna keep the mutual ‼️

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Dave George
Dave George ()

Sole trader insurance. Do they know I’m renovating because of my combo painters light & Bluetooth speaker? Great targeting. Or is it? Would a tradie that can’t afford $10 a month for Spotify Premium pay for insurance? /7

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City of Corpus Christi
City of Corpus Christi ()

Our Engineering Services Department and the Parks & Recreation Department will be hosting the Cole Park Pier Project Kick-Off on Wednesday, February 24 at 10 This event is not open to the public. HOW TO WATCH: 👍 ▶️

10 M Photo,10 M twitter tendance - top tweets
Weerstation Bolsward
Weerstation Bolsward ()

Davis 1h | Actueel weer Wind: m/s ZW Windvlaag: m/s Temperatuur: °C Rel. vochtigheid: 89 % Luchtdruk: mbar Regen: mm Zon-instraling: 0 W/m² UV index: 0 #Weathercloud

andy ❄️
Andy ❄️ ()

i cant believe that like 10 years later i’m going through the same shit again i know 13 yo me would be embarrassed as fuck 😭

☆ multilisting.su ☆
☆ multilisting.su ☆ ()

Продам 4-комнатную вторичку м² этаж 5/10 3000000 руб г Воронеж р-н Левобережный ул Димитрова...

☆ multilisting.su ☆
☆ multilisting.su ☆ ()

Сдаю 2-комнатную квартиру м² этаж 10/17 38000 руб г Москва метро Южная Чертаново Северное ш ...

ポンポン🐼 ()


˚✧₊⁎✜⁎⁺˳✧༚ ᴱᴺ⁻sab⁷ ˢᵘⁿᵒᵒᵎ
˚✧₊⁎✜⁎⁺˳✧༚ ᴱᴺ⁻sab⁷ ˢᵘⁿᵒᵒᵎ ()

Aight I’m going to sleep and I’ll wake up at am which is 10 mins before the performance SJSKNSKSNS

미세먼지수치_봇 ()

09:00 현재 미세먼지(pm10) 농도: 광주 45/21, 전북 45/20, 전남 33/16, 대구 49/21, 부산 29/17, 울산 32/15, 경북 39/20, 경남 29/14, 제주 38/14 (단위: ㎍/㎥; 출처: 한국환경공단 국가대기오염정보 OpenAPI)

미세먼지수치_봇 ()

09:00 현재 미세먼지(pm10) 농도: 서울 52/21, 인천 47/19, 경기 59/22, 강원 41/17, 대전 54/22, 충북 53/26, 충남 59/26 (단위: ㎍/㎥; 출처: 한국환경공단 국가대기오염정보 OpenAPI)

cami ☆
Cami ☆ ()

@sakuya_mom A mi no m gusta porque pierdo el flequillo que tengo (q es un mechón al costado de mi cara lmao) y se me ven 10 hectáreas dd frente HAJSHKABSKA pero es fresquito 👍

アリアリアリーヴェデルチ ()

おいしい!のは添加物の味 21年間コンビニで販売している食品を欠かさずに調べ続けて選んだ、最も危険な食品添加物10選①

10 M Photo,10 M twitter tendance - top tweets
♥️ここなっつ➁♥️ ()

REQUEST #KingandPrince @MTV #FridayLivestream ♡┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈♡   「 I’m crazy about      King & Prince 」 ♡┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈♡ シンデレラガール / Memorial / 君を待ってる / koi-wazurai / Mazy Night / I promise 10

ディズニー アナウンス
ディズニー アナウンス ()

A hi every one. Welcome to Tokyo disney sea. For your enjoyment, Tokyo disney sea will be open until 10 p,m.

조선희 ()

최신 인싸게임 드래곤타이거 빠르고 쉽게 진행합니다 미니게임 , 토큰게임 3+1 10+4 50+9 100+19 58 st a. co m 23

Yamiche Alcindor
Yamiche Alcindor ()

Starting in a few minutes: At 10 , the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Senate Rules committees will hold a joint hearing into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Watch here:

☚ Benzema #AtalantaRealMadrid ☛
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