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Updated: September 14th, 2021 08:36 PM IST

Adidas twitter tendance - top tweets | France

Every journey has its own beginning. #UCL stars are born everywhere. The official match ball for 2021-21 is available now on ! @adidasfootball

Adidas Twitter

Εφοσον υπαρχει η μαλακια του ΟΠΑΠ δεν επρεπε καν να μπει το τριφυλλι. Σκετη με τη ριγα της Adidas στα πλάγια θα ηταν αξιοπρεπης. Γνωμη μου ε. #paobc

Βρε ταγάρια εκεί στον @paobcgr κάνετε διαγωνισμό ΚΑΙ για το ποιος θα έχει την πιο τραγική φανελα; Τι πράγμα είναι αυτό; Ποιος στον πέουλο διάλεξε αυτό το σχέδιο; WTF Cc: @adidasHoops #adidas #paobc

@YoshihisaTakano 靴は履き心地優先でこうなってます。ADIDASジャージはまあしゃーないっすわ。。。でも丈夫さは買いです

@MennaSheta9 انت مامتك بتنافس adidas وكل الماركات العالمية 💋❤️

Meu Arthur já é, gasta meu perfume todo, toda semana quer cortar cabelo, horas na frente do espelho se penteando e agora deu pra escolher marca de roupa, quer tudo da Nike, Lacoste, Adidas e a criatura só tem 6 anos🥵

E eu que tava simulando uma compra no site da Adidas coloquei meus dados e tudo e sem querer COMPREI Como faz pra cancelar pelo amor de Deus 😭😭😭😭😭 ps: vai chegar o boleto daqui há 2 dias 🤡

@ucf_problems What are the Top 3 Adidas CFB Jerseys out right now? I need to confirm they can be create and innovative.

An enigmatic man from Revelstoke BC (population 7500) has created Adidas’ “largest individual, elevated fashion endeavor to date.” congrats @Stefanopierre we love you

Buy One Get One on #adidas US. BOGO 50% off full price styles. Use code HOTDEAL in cart. SHOP #ad

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mit diesen leuten echt kein reichen-bbq zu machen. die fressen selbst ihren nachbarn vor neid weil der zwei paar adidas vor der platten bau-presspahn-tür stehen hat.

I’m an Adidas boy, always have been. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar. Imagine liking that lame swoosh, couldn’t be me.

Guys don’t freak out, I collect ugly vintage stuff. Adidas had plenty of normal stuff that looked fine lol

At the end of the day we as a fanbase need to stop freaking out over this uni stuff. Yes, we’d all rather have Nike, but if Adidas is offering a lot of money we’d be foolish not to take it. UCF’s Athletic Department is elite at branding, they will MAKE SURE our new Unis are 🔥

Vietnam Factory Closures Hit Footwear Chains and Nike Stock Drops – Footwear News

Diferénciate del resto con esta edición limitada. @adidasfootball Adizero Prime X ➡️ -- #adidasfootball #Futbolemotion

Adidas Photo,Adidas twitter tendance - top tweets

Ainda vem um doente que mora num barraco de madeira me falar que eu não posso usar Nike com Adidas, pq estou agredindo a moda 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@kyancria Foda-se a Adidas, não me manda os kits, eu msm compro se quiser usar nos clipes nada mais, eu vou montar a minha própria grife, nunca mais vou dar dinheiro para esses caras

@Thibaulttcc @ludopeper La rivalité Adidas Nike nous a apporté de beaux souvenirs 😌

Inspirados en el arte mexicano, sin duda estos tenis son de los mejores lanzamientos de este año.

@sen_sen_aro_aro 仮にadidasクレートとか出たとしても通常クレートよりお高いだろうなーと予想🧐💸


日プ交換  譲 後藤 缶バッジ   shadow ファイル   佐野 前半   佐野 アクキー   佐野ネーム 求 佐野 adidas トレカ リプ見えないことあるのでDMお願い致します🙏 #日プ交換 #INI交換

日プ2 交換 HMV museum 心斎橋 ▽譲 全て木村 前半ポスカ 後半ポスカ 第3弾ポスカ museum生写真 アルバム生写真(上段) ※同種交換のみ ▽求 アルバム生写真(下段) 木村 adidasトレカ 木村 > 佐野 アクキー 後藤 > 髙塚 松田 (木村佐野田島西藤牧も求) お気軽にお声掛けください🙇🏼‍♀️


adidasのベビーシューズが安くなってたから買ってしまった!!! シンバ!ライオンキング!!ライオンだけど豹柄!!笑 なかなかないデザインだしラス1だから即買った🥳12cmでまだ履けないけど😂でもかわいい❤️

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@CaminoTV Franchement ? Non. La qualité chez adidas est de plus en plus infame, entre les traces de colles, les coutures etcc, Nike on encore beaucoup de temps devant eux ! C’est dommage parceque j’adore Adidas…


@UTDRian Adidas literally has the biggest team in Germany, the biggest team in Italy, the biggest team in Spain, the biggest team in England And Arsenal too

comprei as duas camisas que eu mais queria 😍😍😍 obrigado adidas por existir 😍

PROMOÇÃO IMPERDÍVEL! 🚨 *(APENAS TAMANHO P! DEVEM TER POUCAS UNIDADES!!)* 🤩 Camisa São Paulo III 20/21 s/n Torcedor Adidas Masculina 😵De: 249 🤑Por: R$159,99 🎟USAR CUPOM: GANHOU20 🛒Acesse:

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@TerryMohajirAD I am begging you do not switch to adidas. It will ruin the brand we’ve built. Jesus man I can’t believe this is being considered.

Every journey has its own beginning. #UCL stars are born everywhere. The official match ball for 2021-21 is available now on ! @adidasfootball

Adidas Photo,Adidas twitter tendance - top tweets

【 #メットガラ 速報】 ヤラ・シャヒディ(DIOR)、キム・ペトラス(COLLINA STRADA)、エラ・エムホフ(ADIDAS BY STELLA McCARTNEY)! #MetGala

Adidas Photo,Adidas twitter tendance - top tweets
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