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Find someone who looks at you the way David Alaba looks at Alphonso Davies ❤️

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FPL Shaman ()

Good morning. I believe it is Wednesday. Cummings has been flogged. Alphonso Davies is still an alright Andy Robertson. And Baby Spice found a vaccine after all. Fair play Emma. ♥️🙏🏻🕉️

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Grant🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

You’ve watched Alphonso Davies 3 times and come to the conclusion he’s better than Maldini because he’s got “sauce” God the expectations are so low for a footballer nowadays ffs

King 👑 ()

Watching Alphonso Davies live was tough cause you blinked and he’d already gone past you

Livfooty ()

Alphonso Davies has reminded me about someone when watching #BVBFCB 😉

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Michael McCubbin ()

I reckon Alphonso Davies could play left back, left wing and make tik toks all at the same time

Fisman ()

Watching Alphonso Davies is cool. Tall guy buzzing up and down the field. Reminds me of the younger David Alaba. ()

De snelheid van Alphonso Davies is werkelijk ongelofelijk (VIDEO)

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Giacomo Brunetti ()

Il #BayernMonaco ha completato Alphonso #Davies trasformandolo da ‘giocatore di Fifa’ a ‘abbiamo una certezza per i prossimi anni’ 🌟

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Jack Springer ()

My top 5 LB’s in top 5 leagues 1. Alphonso Davies 2. Andy Robertson 3. Theo Hernandez 4. Sergio Reguilon 5. Jordi Alba

Billy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🔴 ()

@lfcbrayden Made a lot like Bellingham, Almada and Alphonso Davies by using instalments so now I’m pretty much broke

Gaetano 🇿🇦🇮🇹 ()

Only someone with zero knowledge about FOOTBALL would disrespect Nesta, one of the best ever, by putting him in the same sentence as Alphonso Davies. For shame.

Young kingpin ()

Which of these has been your best Fullback Duo this season? ➡️ Trent A. Arnold and Robertson ➡️ Acraf Hakimi & Guerreiro ➡️ Alphonso Davies & Pavard ➡️ Alex Sandro & Cuadrado

George ()

Alphonso Davies is a Gareth Bale regen- playing fullback when he is definitely a winger

AnOKobserver ()

@GiveItGiggsehhh Not even the worst take of the day, saw a real account not jokingly say Messi would much rather face Maldini 1v1 than Alphonso Davies because 1v1 defending isn’t a but yeah this is retched

Global Update 24 ()

Alphonso Davies helps Bayern Munich survive scare in Bundesliga

Rasmus Lykke ()

Jeg skal i øvrigt bede om meget gode argumenter for dem, der mener, at Robertson er bedre end Alphonso Davies 🤷‍♂️

CityNews Montreal ()

Canada’s Alphonso Davies rose to the occasion on Saturday as the sports world remained focused on the German Bundesliga.

~ ()

Ask Messi if he’d rather dribble against Nesta or Alphonso Davies and there’ll only be one answer. Timing, positioning, and reading of the game are important for all defenders, but straight 1v1 defending is basically entirely dependent on your physical skill set.

#Seefinish Insights, Nigeria ()

Nigeria trends 🇳🇬 follow @seefinish for insight (Bottom 10) Roasted Boiled Jeff tivdo Odunlade Alphonso Davies Tallulah Diddy Magu Felvin View Google searches trend insight 👇

Mitron-bot ()

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FI Empire🐲 ()

If someone fancies selling me some Alphonso Davies for £ before midnight that would be great! Cheers in advance👍🏼 #footballindex

Synne ()

Alphonso Davies is a better 1v1 defender than Nesta is by far the worst take I have ever seen on this platform

The Munich Times ()

Man of the match: Alphonso Davies: 1 goal 1 assist 97 touches 69 passes pass accuracy 2 key passes 2 crosses 2 dribbles 3 tackles 1 interception 1 clearance rating [WS]

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George ()

Alphonso Davies just conceded 2 goals at home to Frankfurt. Yet I’m supposed to believe he’s better than Robertson because “Robertson can’t defend”


Find someone who looks at you the way David Alaba looks at Alphonso Davies ❤️

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TSN Soccer ()

POLL QUESTION: Has Alphonso Davies already become the greatest Canadian soccer player ever?

Juan Da ()

Ha jugado una maravilla el canadiense Alphonso Davies, por esa banda izquierda se está afianzando & además se está ganando con goles/asistencias, su titularidad, por encima del fichaje más caro en toda la historia de la Bundesliga, Lucas Hernández; promesa que se hace realidad.

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Bob Williams ()

[email protected] paid $ for Alphonso Davies in a deal which could go up to $22m in bonuses. How much is he worth now? Also of note @WhitecapsFC secured a sell-on fee if he ever leaves Bayern.

Pakillo Mariscal ()

Pues en el Bayern quizás no se tenga un gran recuerdo en el futuro del Kovac entrenador, pero Alphonso Davies no va a olvidar en la vida el hombre que lo colocó como lateral.

AayushKataria ()

Alphonso Davies has to be right up there amongst the best young talents in world football rn His pace catches the eye but such a complete player Can whip a good ball, attack the box, and more important has the physicality and technical ability to supplement pace to beat players

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