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Updated: October 22nd, 2021 07:36 AM IST

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Australia: Due to overwhelming demand, Billie has added 3rd shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Pre-sale for the new shows starts at 4pm local time today. If you signed up for the mailing list, tickets can be purchased with the code sent earlier today.

Australia Twitter

@sbrownehr Hello Steve - waves across a different pond from Australia 🇦🇺 #hrhour

For Australia 🇦🇺 and New Zealand 🇳🇿, you can now STREAM here (#1):

Yesterday, I spoke to Vishal Jood, the man who defended the pride of India against Khalistanis in Australia and was jailed for it. In the 1 hour-long conversation with him and his lawyer, the case, his return and the issue of whether he was deported were discussed Video up soon!

”The leak reveals Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are among countries asking the UN to play down the need to move rapidly away from fossil fuels.”

Australia 🇦🇺 Protestors shot with rubber bullets / quarantine camps / no jab, no job. Canada 🇨🇦 Arresting pastors for having churches open. Italy 🇮🇹 No jab, no job. California 🇺🇸 No jab, no school. And still the vast majority of the media turn a blind eye to all of this.

More evidence for my theory that New Zeland was founded by all the guys who got turned out so hard in Australia that the British granted them protective custody

@JutsuNoRoss @br00t4lism Also that is a beer from New Jersey not Australia, I’ve never even seen it for sale in Australia

This #VishalJood was arrested & then deported by Australian authorities to India for his hate attacks against Sikhs in Sydney. Australia’s Immigration Minister says Jood was undermining Australia’ social cohesion. But, he gets a hero’s welcome in India!

India gives a hero’s welcome to a Hindutva terrorist who was deported by the Australian government to India on Sunday, after serving 12 months in prison for carrying out attacks against Australia’s Sikh and Muslim communities.

It’s no longer a “conspiracy theory” that Big Pharma paid lobbyists to tell politicians to push the vaccines. We know this now because one Australian politician told the truth. Do you think Australia is the only nation where Big Pharma was doing this?

The team at the Gumtree of Liberty podcast are standing by to do a live stream on the nation-wide Saturday protests in Australia (Friday night US time). Make sure to keep an eye on @AusLibNetwork for an announcement that we will be live streaming to cover the protests

@GinandPolitics @pinstripedline Serves them right for moving Australia 500 miles on the briefing maps…

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals and MicroSafe Group Announce that Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitizer Has Been Approved by the Australia TGA with a 15 Second $SNOA

@sarashni Yeah its highly likely nukes are gonna be used the brits and chinese are increasing their nuclear arsenals America and russia are modernizing theirs and the aukus nuclear submarine deal might see Australia get nukes there also seems to be fighting in the eu with the french on

@MichaelVaughan England will remember this series defeat forever, Australia will whitewash England with huge margin

Queensland were knocked over for 152 and it was Daniel Worrall who did the majority of the damage #SheffieldShield

Meanwhile, a design masterminded by a major anonymous donor simply read: “Dear world… yeah, look… sorry about our government bulls—ing about our emissions targets. Kind regards, people of Australia.”

Did you know that we have a dedicated @SuicideGirls Australia profile? 🦘 You can find interviews, updates and lots more! 🐨

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NSW will be at 90% double dosed by end of month, it makes total sense to not have to quarantine if returning to Australia with 2 doses and a negative test. Policies that were in place to try and achieve Covid zero need to be adapted.

T20 World Cup - final four (semi-finalists) prediction: India 🇮🇳 New Zealand 🇳🇿 West Indies 🌴 Australia 🇦🇺 #T20WorldCup2021 @joseph_reenel @CricCrazyJohns

Could 2021 be France’s “Annus Horribilis” in the Indo-Pacific?

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@BHKAscended @LivingScribe Wait, how many times did this happend? Brazil, US, i think that Australia, lmao.

she’s literally spending september in australia and new zealand omg 😭

Watch: Man finds nearly 50-year-old message between two walls of his home

Labor accuses Coalition of playing politics with ‘women and children’s lives’ in pushing visa cancellation bill

Australia is no longer a free country. In the Northern territories workers who interact with the public will be BANNED from working based on their medical status. Workers could also be fined $5000 if they refuse to comply with the mandate. This is tyranny.

@CubaMINREX Además si en un futuro se quieren anexar a Australia. Lo decidió el pueblo. No se metan más en las desiciones de la mayoría. Carajo !


Virat Kohli’s brilliant 82* against Australia from the 2016 #T20WorldCup has been crowned as our @postpeapp Greatest Moments winner 🏆 More ➡️

Australia Photo,Australia twitter tendance - top tweets

Australia: Due to overwhelming demand, Billie has added 3rd shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Pre-sale for the new shows starts at 4pm local time today. If you signed up for the mailing list, tickets can be purchased with the code sent earlier today.

Australia Photo,Australia twitter tendance - top tweets

Police in Australia are warning that unvaccinated or single dose vaccinated will receive a $1000 fine if they try to enjoy the same freedoms as double vaccinated. So medical apartheid has arrived.

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