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Updated: July 30th, 2021 06:36 PM IST

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Over 10 million people in South Australia are in lockdown again over 2 new cases of COVID. 2 cases.

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Hello 🤗 The next Simply CON-TOUR stop is Australia ✈️ Make sure to join us with your favorite K-Pop stars by filling out the form linked below! 💕Thank you💕

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Now, Australia announced it would return 14 artworks to India. Some of them date back to as early as the 10th century, and include sculptures like: 1. The child-saint Sambandar from Chola dynasty. 2. Lakshmi-Vishnu. 3. Durga Mahisasuramardini. 4. Arch for a Jain shrine.

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I wish people had same anger about refugees being lockdown for 8 years for seeking our protection as they do about lockdowns. This is what people seeking asylum experience everyday in Oz. There’s a whole Australia of poor, marginalised people that live this for years not weeks

Another day, another spin line from #ScottyFromMarketing. “Go for gold” ! Good grief. How exactly do you “go for gold” when you’ve left Australia 38th out of 38 in the global league table of developed economies in the percentage of population vaccinated.

TODAY— all profits from @Ecosia searches will go to the Wildfire Projects of Brazil, Australia, & the US. 🌱 Mobile: 📌 Desktop: 📌 BLINKS! Set it up as your default search engine and browse! #ClimateActionInYourArea @BLACKPINK

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West Indies won the toss and decided to bat first in the series decider against Australia - Hetmyer returns into the playing X1. #WIvAUS

West Indies have won the toss and elected to bat first against Australia in the 3rd and Final ODI match. #WIvAUS

Quade Cooper has represented 🇦🇺 80+ times since 2005 But, the Morrison Govt has rejected Quade’s application for citizenship 4 times This decision should be reviewed I’ve reached out to Quade to let him know that Labor supports his efforts to officially call Australia home

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partidas do basquete masculino que já aconteceram: 🇮🇷 Irã 78x84 Rep. Tcheca 🇨🇿 🇩🇪 Alemanha 82x92 Itália 🇮🇹 🇭🇲 Austrália 84x67 Nigéria 🇳🇬 🇫🇷 França 83x76 EUA 🇺🇲

The protests in Europe and Australia are going to look like pajama parties compared to the protests in the US if they try vaxxports or mandates here. Also, people are done with the mask charades. Don’t try them again and don’t do it to our kids.

🚨⚽️ | NEW: 18 year old Pedri will play his 68th game of this season after being selected to play against Australia in the Olympics for Spain

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Nigeria 23 Australia 23 We got a good one.

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Dynamite ha sido certificado 2x Platino en Australia (ARIA), convirtiéndose en la primera certificación doble platino de @BTS_twt en el país por vender unidades! 💿💿🇦🇺

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Police are breaking ranks with the police force in NSW, Australia. They stand with the People against a globalist dictatorship.

More utter insanity from Australia. Balconies & fresh air banned.

Saya nggak faham dgn yang mengolok-olok negara yg lockdown, seperti Singapura, Australia. Seolah mereka gagal kalau sampai musti lockdown. Lha lockdown itu kan untuk menyelamatkan nyawa, menyetop penularan. Kok malah bangga banyak yang meninggal asalkan nggak lockdown?

Priorities for vaccination in Australia must be > NSW- reduce growing reservoir of infection > workers in quarantine chain, their household + social contacts- stop IMPENDING leaks For others, can vaccination/dose intervals esp since this COULD INCREASE efficacy????

TOSS Australia wins it again and will BAT first in the second ODI. 📺 WATCH: #WIvAUS 📝 BLOG: 📱 MATCH CENTRE:

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Meanwhile in Adelaide 200 people are being rounded up and put in medi-hotel quarantine for their own good because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Are we still pretending this is normal, Australia?

PAY IT FORWARD! From anywhere in Australia, 7 days a week you can now order a Pay it Forward Meal from @ASRC1 Catering that will create ongoing work for refugees during lockdown while buying a meal for an Aussie family in need. A delicious curry with rice

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Remembering @BindiIrwin’s first birthday @AustraliaZoo. It’s incredible how fast time goes by! Saturday the 24th, Bindi will be celebrating her first birthday as a mum when she turns 23. We hope you can celebrate with us here at Australia Zoo!

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Australia is now living under total tyranny. You are NOT to speak to anyone even if you are wearing a mask! No conversations! This can’t be happening ..... but it How much longer will they put up with this?

#SB19 is Trending in these Countries ✔US ✔UK ✔Australia ✔Canada ✔Mexico ✔Saudi Arabia PAGS1BOL EP @SB19Official #SB19PabloDiaryPage

Over 10 million people in South Australia are in lockdown again over 2 new cases of COVID. 2 cases.

In Australia, a man in his 80s passed away from an illness. And so every store must close, all construction must cease, and 900,000 people are under house arrest.

Canada: Churches burning, statues thrown down, pastors arrested. Lockdowns. France: Mandatory vaccination. Churches burning. Lockdowns. Massive protests. UK: Lockdowns. Vaccine passports. Australia: More lockdowns. The West is falling into tyranny.

Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins was deported from Australia on Monday after she boasted on social media that she planned to breach the country’s quarantine rules.

O primeiro evento das Olimpíadas é uma partida de softbol entre Austrália x Japão, na terça-feira ou seja AMANHÃ TEM OLIMPÍADAS

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Vive experiencias entretenidas: Caminemos por Sídney, Australia Escuchemos al coro virtual más grande del mundo Ve la Torre Eiffel de noche Súbete al “Ojo de Londres”

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.@ScottMorrisonMP is the worst abuser of Cabinet secrecy since Australia’s national #FOI law was enacted nearly four decades ago. Everything politically embarrassing gets Cabinet secrecy dust sprinkled on it. Denial and obstruction are the norm. #auspol

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