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🚨 Thomas Tuchel is expected to be appointed as new Bayern coach before the game against Borussia Dortmund. Everything is in place. Only the signature is still pending [@georg_holzner, @kicker].

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Tahun 2008, Thomas Tuchel adalah academy manager FC Augsburg. Saat itu ia jadi bosnya Julian Nagelsmann yg baru terjun ke dunia sepakbola sebagai scout 15 tahun kemudian, Tuchel jadi pelatih kepala Bayern meneruskan tim peninggalan Nagelsmann 🫡.

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Acordei hoje com o Mané sendo criticado pela torcida do Bayern. É impressionante a zica que tem os jogadores que saem do Liverpool na era Klopp, nenhum deu certo no novo clube até agora..

@iMiaSanMia @kerry_hau Bayern bosses wanted Nagelsmann to win the treble with 17 year olds Arijon and Paul?.


Nagelsmann estava numas curtas férias na Áustria quando foi surpreendido com a decisão do Bayern o despedir 😬.

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Acabó la etapa de Julian Nagelsmann en el Bayern Munich. ¿Cuál crees que será el siguiente equipo de Nagelsmann? Mi opinion y análisis en el video de HOY: 🔗….

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Klabu ya Bayern Munich, rasmi imetangaza kocha Thomas Tuchel atasaini mkataba wa kutumikia timu hiyo hadi Juni 2025 na Jumatatu Machi 27 atasimamia mazoezi ya timu hiyo. Bayern imeachana na kocha wao Nagelsmann ambaye inadaiwa kwasasa anawindwa na Tottenham ya England.

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Leedsのジャージかっこいいな... Bayernのやつも好き....

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He’s been awful for Bayern, why on earth would you want him back?.

OFFICIAL: Bayern Munich have parted ways with Julian Nagelsmann and replaced him with Thomas Tuchel on a contract until 2025. Tuchel’s first opponents with Bayern will be against former club Dortmund on April 1st. 🌶️.

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Moments when Thomas Tuchel wins the champions league with Bayern Munich..

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WBC日本優勝!🏆🇯🇵⚾️ 大谷はグローブ投げても許される笑笑 WBCで優勝したいって思ってたしめちゃくちゃ嬉しいんだろうな! 日本おめでとう!.



shut up man why are you so arrogant, need to beat Bayern first then talk this guy ffs.

Reflecting Bayern play incredible football and it’s worth applauding our girls for the shift they put in last night. We did give Bayern trouble and let’s settle this on home soil. With goal line technology. Even if that’s Beth belting through a megaphone..

que vilda haya ido antes al partido del bayern-arsenal donde no jugaba ninguna española que al barça-roma es pura comedia está cagado con las jugadoras del barça.


@lucky_fcb_ @drecksuser Ja ja sowieso lohnt sich das aber er kommt aus nrw und zahlt 27€ ich zahl sogar noch 2€ mehr weil ich muss einzel ticket kaufen bayern Ticket zählt nur wenn du am gleichen tag zurück fährst und die letzte bahn schaff ich nich mehr wenn spiel erst 21 Uhr beginnt.

Pendant que Galtier va terminer la saison au PSG, le Bayern va virer un coach qui a fait 8/8 en LDC à 1 pts du premier en Bundesliga. L’ultra exigence d’un club de haut niveau..

@JoaoMoreiraMaia That‘s when Bayern should consider liquidating the club and personally i‘ll stop watching football.

@BundesInsider se assuma ???? não sabia que o b de lgbt era de Bayern Munchen não.

Bayern have graciously let go of one extremely talented young coach for another extremely talented coach. You should be thanking your stars that this opportunity has presented itself for you to right your wrong by seizing the chance to immediately appoint Naglesmann @todd_boehly.

@ManCityHelp I was in the queue to buy my Bayern ticket at 10. I went on at 10 on the dot and it reloaded and now says a hour long queue, this probably means i wont be able to get my ticket. Can you help?.

@FabrizioRomano Makes sense. Bayern are always top & dominant in this league. Gotta keep the standards up!.

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Thomas Tuchel soll in die Mannschaft wieder Führung und Struktur bringen und weniger experimentieren. [Bayern-Insider, @cfbayern, @altobelli13].

@60minutesdefoot Radio Foot International a répondu à votre interrogation sur le congédiement du coach du Bayern 😁 Sombre histoire de journaliste, de taupe et de joueurs piliers du.

@SportsDigitale @yagosabuncuoglu Nagelsmann şöyle iyi böyle iyi gibi masallar anlatanları piste davet ediyoruz. Adam sezonu tamamlayamadı. Büyük takım çaylak teknik direktörle çalışamaz. Hiçbir büyük takım kadrosunu tecrübesiz birine deney tahtası yaptırmaz. Bayern geç de olsa hatasından döndü..

@beritan_sisamci @danieltiluk I knew that frm start. Bayern and Real Madrid r not project clubs..

こんにちは。 生憎の天気ですが、今日は上岡敏之指揮新日フィルの特別演奏会に行きます。.

@BoseAlby @CourageFCB Then it comes down to the medical team and the training to keep the players at that level Bayern, Liverpool and many other teams play high intensity football throughout the season, not just Barça.

@DrJBhattacharya Ja Jay. Many are fearful, weak and anxious. Protecting their own income and social status. At the core its reductionism as a survival strategy, a brutal political/business instrument of endless destruction and tyranny. Much love to you here from sunrise in Bayern..

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