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Bradley Beal and John Wall dapped up before the Wizards-Rockets game 💯

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Back 2 Back 🇵🇹🇧🇷
Back 2 Back 🇵🇹🇧🇷 ()

Beal acordando sabendo que ele vai perder mesmo anotando mais de 30 pontos no jogo.

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Hawley Bronson
Hawley Bronson ()

I’m a Wizards fan but I almost want to see Bradley Beal out of Washington and on a good team than continually having his talent wasted by this awful front office.

🦧 ()

these niggas think they could get beal im fucking weak this cant be real life

Oz ()

@DCStones1978 With all due respect, I’d really appreciate not wasting time arguing your position that there’s no market for Beal. I mean really, present a single fact to back that up or please don’t waste either of our time.

NumbersLie ()

Beal like “man just send me to south beach. Tired of both of these niggaz”

Bama2timez 🦅
Bama2timez 🦅 ()

@kemryn_shawn24 If you have beal you don’t need KCP . Beal bring wayyyyyyyyy more to the table. Shooting , creating own shot, getting to the basket , defense .. KCP only shoot and play a lol Defense

vicco #UFFÉ
Vicco #UFFÉ ()

ta tudo planejado luka beal roupeiro willian john collins porzings sexto homem: massagista jeferson

Ian McLoud
Ian McLoud ()

@DavidRoark I don’t know. Beal is great but KP is a good fit next to Luka. I’d probably do it.

Ant ()

I say we see how things play out with us at full strength, and if it’s still bad we trade anyone except Jimmy bam and Drob to get Beal

Ninja ()

@Dr_Blick him on Miami would be 🔥🔥🔥 they already missed out on Harden, Beal is their best hope

Glocc Keezy🦧♿️
Glocc Keezy🦧♿️ ()

Im starting to think it wasn’t wall it’s Beal trash ass😂💯

Brandon ()

@FmrTankCommandr @OrlandoMagic I can agree with that. Like I said if it came down to it I would trade him for Beal. It’s good that Beal still has a few years left on his contract


Look at this?? Now you know Beal just another snake like kd and harden.

Beal Photo,Beal twitter tendance - top tweets
Kurogane ()

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk a cara do BEAL: MDS é mt animal, essa arca ta pesada demais

Brandon Ingram Stan ♿️
Brandon Ingram Stan ♿️ ()

I honestly think the Sixers would be the best fit for Beal, I would want them to keep Simmons if they could

Bogg ()

@ColinCowherd would be best for both sides too. They arent winning with beal anyway. Why not trade him in his prime and get a boatload of players/picks in return.

Jay ()

@areyouustupid Beal is not a good defender, even by advanced stats, he’s not pathetic but he’s not good either

nick tobin
Nick tobin ()

If the rockets fail me on a FREE $50 bet ima be a FREE Beal Stan for 5 years

Beal Photo,Beal twitter tendance - top tweets
Smurk ()

That return for John Wall should’ve been wayyyyy more thinking about it I don’t trust the wizards to make the right trade for Bradley Beal lmao

Russell Eastbrook
Russell Eastbrook ()

7 straight points in the 4th for Russ. Ok let’s win this game please. Let Russ run the break and playmake. All iso possessions go to Bradley Beal please

Iso Jo
Iso Jo ()

@Tweet_X_deeze Oh yeah that’s coming. That’s why I didn’t mind trading wall either tho. Beal was getting trading regardless

K3vin_420 ()

I feel bad for bradley Beal 😔, he could have been a rockets player this season just saying lol I would have trade it harden for him #rockets

Buddy ()

Westbrook jus give the ball to brad beal you bum wtf you doing do you not want beal to drop 40

🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BLM
🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BLM ()

I’m still mad about the fact that Beal only got 60 because Russell Westbrook and Scott Brooks are obtuse


Vamo Bradly Beal, tu joga pra caralho Mas tu tem que entrar no clutch time e ganhar esse jogo aí porra Some dnv não carai, pega a bola e decide

Stephen ()

Man it’s just depressing realizing how horrible the offense runs with Westbrook in. Like, obviously he doesn’t have a lot of weapons in lineups without Beal, but it’s worse than you expect.

Stevie Wonder1369
Stevie Wonder1369 ()

Brad Beal is leading the league in scoring right now and doing it efficiently on an about to be 3-12 team EFG TS 36% from 3 on attempts

The Brown Bomber
The Brown Bomber ()

Nesmith a knockdown shooter. We will reluctantly trade him for beal

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Bradley Beal and John Wall dapped up before the Wizards-Rockets game 💯

Complex Sports
Complex Sports ()

- Derrick Rose - PJ Tucker - Bradley Beal The next NBA players who could get moved before the deadline. ⬇️

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