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i changed my mind too. I think he and Beal both shoulda made it over kyrie, butler, james and paul. The fact that all nba is by positions is a joke

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Bullets Forever
Bullets Forever ()

That was a great game…now back to allNBA talk. Beal is deserving and made it. Now Washington has to get pen to paper on an extension. Considering he can’t sign an extension until October, he will see everything the FO has done this summer before making a decision.

Tyrese’s Publicist
Tyrese’s Publicist ()

It’s weird. Beal missed when he could’ve broke Agent 0’s scoring record

Vanucci ()

@gurgelsouza_ @espn Pse nem o tatum ou o donovan mas os cara querem mamar a bola do beal 🤡

Juice🐢 ()

@FreeTown30 Tbh I though Russ Was more impactful than Beal but I never watched any wizard games to care n I swear kyrie and Lebron played almost the same amount of games as harden

J 🐳
J 🐳 ()

i changed my mind too. I think he and Beal both shoulda made it over kyrie, butler, james and paul. The fact that all nba is by positions is a joke

El Donovan con depresion intensa
El Donovan con depresion intensa ()

@westbricksismo Es evidente que se lo merecia mas que Beal pero ni en pedo mas que Booker y Donovan

Elijah Stewart
Elijah Stewart ()

@Runnin4Jesus24 @CWilliamson44 We just agree to disagree (though my bigger beef is Beal). Kyrie was incredible but his numbers don’t come in a vacuum. He sees way more single coverage and gets better looks playing with two other stars. He also had the luxury to taketime off. He didn’t look like this last year

Joshtradamus ()

@JynxTweetss A KD fan is acting like Harden is the problem? If kd could carry his own load Harden wouldn’t even be playing right now. KD is a gravity leech, he’s less impactful than Brad Beal of hes getting the most defensive attention

drew hunter
Drew hunter ()

Yes-ahead of Beal, also some beef for Tatum, Trae, Mitchell, Booker. Luckily 3 of those 4 eyeing up the title still.

Kip B Womack
Kip B Womack ()

@_kmkeaton @HeadcACE1906 I guarantee if those guys made it they’d be talking bout Jimmy or Kyrie or beal or whoever didn’t make it as a result

OVO Lowry
OVO Lowry ()

@DTUrw2 If any Wizard was going to make it, it should have been Russ because he was the reason they made that late season push for the 8th seed. There’s no reason Beal should have made it

Valley CP3 ☀️
Valley CP3 ☀️ ()

@DekuSimpGod @MOC_Dude It’s def close but at this point in their careers’ I’d lean towards Beal

DC Football Gold Pants
DC Football Gold Pants ()

Bradley Beal is an all-NBA selection for the first time - @PostSports

Beal Photo,Beal twitter tendance - top tweets
Parker Quigley
Parker Quigley ()

@LosPollosTV I’m not sure about kawaii, Beal, gobert, or randle being where they are at…

not so shy Glizzy
Not so shy Glizzy ()

@Feddy_Webby The third team is where it would be kyrie on a 50/40/90 but only played 54 then head to head w Beal who almost had the scoring title. Records go out the door and only focus on %s and # He prolly wouldn’t but he in the discussion

Free Russ , Free Tatum
Free Russ , Free Tatum ()

Putting up crazy #’s and % and carried that bum ass team with Beal to the playoffs. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️


@AshleyBaker_21 He has done it multiple but it could be the multiple early playoff exits that is keeping him Washington don’t deserve two spots on that list and Tatum and D Mitchell not on any. Ijs objectively speaking respectfully. Him or Beal & Russ my guy.

Deku ()

@MOC_Dude Bradley Beal making it in was a mistake by the NBA. maybe the same for Kyrie as well…

Almight  Juwop
Almight Juwop ()

@BP_TheCoach Yeaaa I know bro I knows but Beal was 2nd to him in scoring nd bro made 3rd team lol

bats are bugs 🦇🏀🗽
Bats are bugs 🦇🏀🗽 ()

@ScalabrineStan @J_Pickup6 Yeah I disagree. His blend of scoring and playmaking while also being a positive on defense in league-leading minutes provided a ton of value. Btw I think your guy Tatum should have made it, but over Beal (with Jimmy or PG being moved to guard).

Bullets Forever
Bullets Forever ()

*correction, this isn’t exactly a supermax, but really close as @FredKatz noted. Still, should the Wizards try to do it? And would Beal want to do it?

Canyon ✭
Canyon ✭ ()

@TonTNKfire He shouldn’t make it over CP3 or dame , Not over brad beal Only argument is kyrie for 3rd team but I’d have chosen kyrie over Mitchell Kyrie 50/40/90 club and played more games while averaging more points rebounds and assists than Mitchell Mitchell didn’t deserve it

Joe Catalano
Joe Catalano ()

@NBCSWizards @ChaseHughesNBCS I think most of us Wizards fans can agree that Russ deserved that spot over Beal. However, kudos to Beal

🎲 ()

Y’all in my mentions talking about the Celtics and Knicks record but Beal got it over mitchell aight man lmao

In Devonta I Trust
In Devonta I Trust ()

@fiumiagrads1 @Anthony_Chiang Donovan is a guard, Jimmy is a forward…..Irving and Beal are the ones who made it “over” Mitchell for All NBA Third team

Sim, eu sou Bealzete
Sim, eu sou Bealzete ()

@WestbrookBR Wizards com menos de 2% de offs ele e Beal fazendo milagre a cada jogo, fora o recorde que o Russ quebrou pra um ficar no 3team e o outro nem ir KKKKKKKKKK piada boa essa

Nbaofficialstrash69 ()

@TheHoopCentral Julius Randle, Jimmy Butler and Beal over Tatum, Book and Mitchell? Give me a damn break lmfao

RIP Earl Simmons 🙏🏾
RIP Earl Simmons 🙏🏾 ()

Energy y’all giving to Beal and Bron need to be directed at CP3 and Butler about these All-NBA teams but 🤷🏾‍♂️

Shop Heirlooms 🏄‍♂️ & #LeftHandLayups ⛹🏿‍♂️
Shop Heirlooms 🏄‍♂️ & #LeftHandLayups ⛹🏿‍♂️ ()

This really is a good ass debate. There’s only two guards on each team, so who are you taking off? Beal or Byrie? And I would’ve had Tatum over PG13. Zion no good, they ain’t make the playoffs. Donavan was #1 in the west, he should’ve made 3rd at least just because. Damn 😵‍💫

Damien ()

@DaquanTDS @LosPollosTV tatum could be over jimmy or randle book could be above PG but who is mitchell replacing? not luka curry dame cp3 bradley beal or kyrie only case you can make for spida is maybe bradley beal but that’s a big maybe

☚ Blanchard #ATLvsMIL ☛
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