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The #Panthers are expected to sign former #Bengals TE and first-round pick Hayden Hurst, source said. Another weapon for their new QB (whoever that is)..


Breaking: The Falcons are giving former Bengals S Jessie Bates a four-year, $ million deal that includes $36 million in the first two years of the deal, a source tells @adamschefter..

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I don’t think Joe is meaning to be overly negative here. FA is about IMPROVING and adding players to your team. Bengals haven’t done that. Still tons of ways to improve at positions they need though (TE, S, RB, OT)..

The deal structure for Orlando Brown (fully GRTD amounts beyond yr-1) portends well for a Tee Higgins extension this offseason Bengals have now shown a willingness to break mold for elite players at premium positions I was optimistic of Higgins extension, & am even more so now..

Still gobsmacked that the Bengals went out and literally signed the best free agent offensive lineman availble and got him at a goddamn discount.

I think the slay move indicated they might be going heavy to CJG tbh. Also, CJG money likely takes away a comp pick. Like it or not, bengals won’t like to do that..

Our Man, Dax Hill with his Beautiful Fiancée!!! @daxhill5 @Bengals #Bengals #RuleTheJungle WHO DEY!🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Bengals next move should be signing Eli Apple to a modest deal (~$5M AAV for up to 3 years, less than $5M guaranteed).

Bengals Re-Signing RB Trayveon Williams.

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Bengals and Eagles losing good players so far. The pill you have to swallow when you’re getting ready to pay a QB serious cheese..

Here are my top 5 landing spots for Zeek 1. Bengals (assuming Mixon is cut) 2. Denver (Javonte injury insurance) 3. Eagles (Is Howie petty enough) 4. Buffalo (Go get that ring) 5. Chicago (Montgomery role) Unfortunately with the rookie class this year, it may be awhile.

A first look and definitely not my last swap of @ZEUS__57 #whodey #bengals.

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Former Texas A&M star RB Trayveon Williams has re-signed with the Cincinnati Bengals and is expected to see an elevated role in the offense moving forward. FREE:.

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“WHAT ARE THE #Bengals DOING?!” Go check who is available for extension and what the 2024 Cap Space is. You’re welcome.

@bozobaity @ochocinco Using Spotify on an iPhone is like wearing a bills jersey to bengals home games 🤨.

@Bengals_Doge @karnsies817 I dont get it… nick is one of my fav follows (who i disagree with alot) but he is firmly a baker hater… and while not the best qb by any means … he did a lot for cleveland and ill never understand the hate that a lot of browns fans have for him.

Too often what the Bengals do gets fansplained when the discussion is not about HOW they operate but SHOULD that be how it’s done..

Civic volunteers will take primary classes (subject - English, Math).... Then BLAd, DLAd, Monteswari training are all history now at Bengal!! ENJOY #Bengals.

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@adrianbb89 Seien wir ehrlich: es ist primär ein Verhandlungsergebnis katastrophalen Ausmaßes, das Brown und sein Agent hingelegt haben. Gratulation zu dieser einmaligen Fehleinschätzung des Markts. Hat Brown nur mindestens 15 Mio, vielleicht 20 Mio gekostet. Gut, dass die Bengals es nutzen..

@TomOtton_FF bengals fans do have a sense of humor. i will give you that. haha. hard to say with lance. no woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios for me. it was fun the way it happened. most memorable season since harbaugh days for me. cant win them all..

@elcucuy405 @DerGermanTiger You’re* you know nothing of the below average tackle play of the Bengals clearly.

🚨🐯Protect Joe Burrow🐯🚨Hemos firmado por 4 años al 4 veces probowler y campeón de la superbowl @ZEUS__57 . Grande, ágil, polivalente, experimentado pero joven, conoce la AFC y en concreto la North ¿Qué os parece jungleros?💥 #Bengals #RuleTheJungle.

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Per WLW, Bengals are expected to sign Trayveon Williams. This is clear to me what path we’re taking..

@Bengals let another one of my favorite players go & ima let yal go 😒 how do you let HAYDEN HURST GO?!.

Bell, Bates, Hurst, Perine…. All gone. At some point, Duke is going to have to replace these guys. #Bengals.

With most of our FA walking, the Bengals 1000% better look to upgrade at each loss. Especially if this is the “Super Bowl window”.

@davebiddle I think they wanted to play their top pick from last year. Theyve made the right calls the last couple years and I think they’ll continue. Maybe they could have matched but ridiculous is a little harsh. Let’s see who the Bengals choose to replace these guys..

Okay first the reds piss me off and now the bengals want to fuck around too😭 I know we couldn’t afford all our free agents but but but but Hayden Hurst? 😭😭😭😭.

@Wrightreportt if #Bengals get Mike Gesicki, will you or @emcphil shotgun a beer on the show?.

I hope the @Bengals sign Jamaal Williams. The kid has a great pretense and works hard..

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