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Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong says he’s renouncing citizenship and moving to the UK over the repeal of Roe V Wade. Someone should probably tell him Europe has much stricter abortion limits than the does. Actually, on second thought ….

Watch Billie perform Oxytocin live at @Glastonbury 2022..

Billie Eilish protests against US abortion ruling at Glastonbury.


Sem palavras para a beleza de Billie Eilish nessas fotos pro The Times UK ✨.

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O álbum “Happier Than Ever”, de Billie Eilish, ultrapassou 3 BILHÕES de streams no Spotify 🤍.

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Billie Eilish brilhando intensamente como a headliner mais jovem da HISTÓRIA do Glastonbury, o segundo maior festival a céu aberto do mundo! 🌟.


i think my twitter is slowly turning to a billie eilish fan account 🫠😭😍.

Billie Eilish disse que prefere morrer a não ter filhos. Ela diz que está muito ansiosa para quando acontecer e que já planeja as conversas que terá com seus filhos..

Julia Roberts & George Clooney playing contentious exes forced together at their daughter’s tropical wedding that they try to sabotage in a film written/directed by Ol Parker (Mamma Mia 2) costarring Billie Lourd?!? HOW COULD I POSSIBLY RESIST.


Em entrevista ao Apple Music, Billie Eilish revela que focará nos trabalhos do seu terceiro álbum de estúdio após a Happier Than Ever Tour. O que a Oscar winner prepara para nossa sofrência dessa vez?.

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Rarement entendu Bercy hurler comme ç final de Billie Eilish avec Happier than ever ce soir @Accor_Arena #BillieEilish.

Tennis player and activist Billie Jean King on Russian and Belarusian players being banned from Wimbledon, abortion rights and transgender athletes.

Ao ser questionada sobre possíveis convidados para o seu show no Glastonbury, Billie Eilish disse: “Eu não sei, não posso responder isso.” 👀 O festival acontecerá nesta sexta-feira, 24 de Junho..

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Billie Eilish เตรียมแสดงคอนเสิร์ตแรกในไทยที่อิมแพ็ค อารีน่า 24 สิงหาคมนี้! อ่านต่อ #BillieEilish #TheStandardPop.

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Billie Eilish e Finneas fotografados com a banda “The Dø”..

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Came out in the living room and my husband was playing one of my college band live shows for the seven year old, the one with songs about Billie Holiday and Sylvia Plath, so now I have to kill him, sorry to him.

#HTEParis: Billie performing at the ‘bad guy’ @Accor_Arena tonight in Paris, France. 📸: ramiboukhatem_.

#HTEParis: Billie getting on the crane at the @Accor_Arena tonight in Paris, France. 📸: emiliee_eb.

BILLIE na! Fan club presale tickets now available!.

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大橋さん、高木さん、皆さま、本日もありがとうございました‼️ Sleaford Modsのライブに一度は行ってみたい!アーティストが続々と来日決まりましたね✨驚きは8月来日予定のBillie Eilishでしょうか。誰か行く方いるのかな?私は無理でした…💸 #mind_o_nation.

BBC officially confirming that Louis was spotted in the crowd for Billie, that’s it. If Harry pops on stage, it’s an official event attending for the both of them.

they made an announcement saying billie would be 30 mins late?? not sure tho it was french that’s just what this girl told me but she’s also been rude so idk.

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Billie getting a big tick from a different set of judges. Definitely not a fluke first time around! #MasterChefAU.

#AlbumCoverObjects Day 22 | Bed Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go.

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Looks like Billie will be staying. Absolutely no shade on Aldo though, he made a brilliant dish with a shit ingredient. #MasterChefAU.

Billie performing “Happier Than Ever” at the @MBArenaBerlin in Berlin, Germany tonight (📸: ) #HTEBerlin.

“It’s not just about sports … it’s not just about education, Title IX is about who we are as a nation.” — First Lady Jill Biden and tennis legend Billie Jean King ahead of the 50th anniversary of Title IX on Thursday.

Billie Eilish jogando na sua cara que você é um desempregado, mandando procurar um trabalho/emprego e harmonizando/vocalizando go get a job durante Lost Cause..

cologne you were ass and i can’t wait to give billie the love and energy she deserves today. stop throwing shit at her you fuckin weirdos.

Sympre di tayo papakabog. MUPH 2020 4th RU Billie Hackenson BBP International 2021 Hannah Arnold.

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