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5 BTS clips to get to know me: Hide and Seek: Black Swan performance: Flinch: BTS Recaps Grammys: Carpool Karaoke: FEB 25

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Bi ti ex ⁷ ()

@vntte70s ysi pero no se, con ego y black swan también estuvo suave y me da miedo que la próxima semana cuando salga el video oficial no nos vaya tan bien

Ama #⃝⁷ ()

top 11 bc i fucked up the bottom bit 😭 black swan should be between on n persona aswell

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357数秘カード★珊瑚なな ()

@sedum88 【357数秘カードからのヒント】 22:White/Black swan★ 合わないな~って思っても、 少しずつ、少しずつ息が合っていくこともあるもんだよ。 時間をかけよう、そう思ってみてもいいかもしれない。

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ɾιƚα⁷ is ON ()

My ranking for now ON Ugh Louder than b0mbs Black swan Shadow Filter My time Moon Ego Eternal Respect Inner child Friends 0:00

Alex Heldt ()

u either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. what inspired this quote was me listening to Black Swan by BTS multiple times today

Thalles ()

@Luan_ted20 Pensei que nada podia ter ficado pior que black swan daí vem on 👏🏻👏🏻👁👄👁

Ems :( ♊ 🌌 💜 ()

Mano tá tudo muito perfeito Ainda vou ouvir o álbum todo Mas já digo que é incrível o equilíbrio entre Black Swan pra On. Black Swan foi tão suave E aí chega on Metendo porrada em todo mundo Coreografia difícil pra caralho Mil formações Simplesmente perfeito

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Fui Inspirada aprender black swan fiquei presa uns 40 minutos nos 26 primeiros segundos, deitei no chão e comecei a chorar pq não sirvo p isso k

Jade 🤪 IZONE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!! ()

i listened to the album and rly like black swan, my time, inner child, friends, moon, we are bulletproof: eternal and ego

357数秘カード★珊瑚なな ()

@nnnnnnoooooo9 【357数秘カードからのヒント】 22:White/Black swan★ 気持ちはいつも表裏一体だね。 白と黒。好きと嫌い。真実と嘘。 どれも2つでひとつ。 見えているものだけが全てじゃないよ。 見えない部分にも気づいていこう。

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Nat⁷ ⁰⁰ ()

@hoseokieOwO i swear i liked filer a lot idk why it’s so low 😭😭black swan is okay but not my fav

#BartomeuOut ()

@NetflixFR Les films de daren Aronofsky : requiem, black swan et surtout the fountain


mon classement final : 1- innerchild 2- filter 3- my time 4- black swan 5- 00:00 6- we are bulletproof: the eternal 7- ON 8- louder than bombs 9- moon 10- shadow 11- ugh! 12- ego 13- respect 14- friends

Totora ()


Amanda⁷ ☁️ ()

filter > shadow > my time > ego > louder than bombs > black swan > ugh! > on > we are bulletproof: the eternal > respect > moon > 00:00 > friends > inner child

수리⁷⁺⁴⁴⁵ ()

aight just got her earlier now watch me play misbehave, ON, black swan, and she’s the one on this bitxh soon or later 🤩👌🏻

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ⓛⓨⓓⓘⓐ⁷ ()

Holding strong on UK iTunes. Considering they only just got their first iTunes single number 1 here with Black Swan this kind of longevity is really exciting

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E ()

how about we ignore hope*egacy’s annoying ass and stream olympic black swan instead

Katie Shearer ()

@billethayley I think this is especially important when keeping in mind the Black Swan theory that Kozinets described in the readings! Having diversity is bound to have unique perspectives.

( X _ O )⁷ ()

Pues la verdad el álbum está precioso pero en donde quedó la otra versión de Black Swan? ㅠㅠ

MaRi🌞 💜 ⁷ 🦢 ()

My favourite tracks: Dionysus Interlude: Shadow Black Swan Friends We are bulletproof: the Eternal

Prod. jimin ⁷ 💋 ()

not 100% sure of this ranking because black swan should be lower than filter but other than thar

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ᴹʸᴴᵒᵖᵉ ••••••Chimchim ⁷ ()

@spanish_btss @BTS_twt See yo entre a la lista Pop up (desde mi cel) porque alli esta On y Black Swan pero en eso que la puse me tiraba solo las otras canciones (por el coso aleatorio) ocupe mis 6 saltos y nada, así que mas tarde probaré 😁

The Late Late Show with James Corden ()

5 BTS clips to get to know me: Hide and Seek: Black Swan performance: Flinch: BTS Recaps Grammys: Carpool Karaoke: FEB 25

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