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These bars are half peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half summer fruit pie

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Aubrey Norris (オーブリ) ()

Lupine is blooming~! Plus more roses, snapdragons, and my Smoke Tree has been newly emancipated from its blackberry and misc nefarious weed prison.

Dare Obasanjo ()

Both personally and as a product team, the best way to have more impact is to do fewer things and the ensuing focus leads to better results. Zoom has fewer features than GoToMeeting or Webex. The original iPhone did less than the Blackberry. Focus wins.

Rock93X ()

#NowPlaying Blackberry Smoke - Freedom Song @blackberrysmoke :: Tune In:

Gabrieldlr17 ()

@Monicarivg_ Bueno por ahí tengo un blackberry guardado, tu me dices y te la mando para que tuitees desde el jajaja

Saitama ()

@Healswithgrace Love fruit! Watermelon 🍉 Mango 🥭 strawberries 🍓 Asian pear 🍐 Honeycrisp Apples 🍎 and a good raspberry or blackberry 👌

Mikaela Corridor ()

Today started with me blindly following google maps and nearly biking over the Ross Island (not on the sidewalk), forcing me to scramble over two lanes of traffic and through blackberry brambles up a median while carrying my bike to escape. Go me!

Pre | Wiggs ()

@iShouldBeSleep The other flavors are cherry and mango, they are okay but you will love the blackberry lime one and the regular lime one. Big trust factor here from your old duo💪🏼

Pre | Wiggs ()

@iShouldBeSleep The blackberry lime and lime flavors are the top 2 seltzer’s out of all of them. I have had all of the ones that matter.

𝕻𝖎𝖗𝖔 ᴰ⁻² ᴵˢ ᴼᵁᵀ ()

Seguían haciéndoles preguntas a mi mamá y ella le contestaba Yo dejé de llorar porque ya ni me miraban, pero en eso recordé el iPad, yo amaba ese iPad y ya estaba muy aguitada por no tener mi Blackberry con bolita 😔 así que le señalo a mi hermana el asiento

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Taunton Hotels ()

Jersey Plants Direct | A Bounty of Blackberries all Summer Enjoy bumper crops all summer long with this Blackberry Collection. The varieties have been especially chosen for their exceptionally high yields, sweet flavours and ease of growing.

⟭⟬ ⟬⟭ ˢᵘᵍᵃ ᴅ² georgia⁷s⁴⁴⁵ ²⁰¹³⋈ ✶ ˚* ❀ 𖧵 ☾ ∞ ()

oomfs interact height : 5’6” shoe size : 8 zodiac sign : 𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 tattoos : none piercings : 2 fav colour : 𝑙𝑎𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑟 and pink fav drink : raspberry and blackberry sour ale anyone who sees this tweet, quote it with ur own info :]

Martim 🌹💚🏳️‍🌈 🇧🇷 ()

@GeaseNL Que debate é esse? Me lembrou aquele vídeo que fizeram de um dueto da Marina com Bolsonaro kkkk

Jeffrey Letourneau ()

@micro_Yasha Whatever is just a mix of old SCOBYs from brews with strong flavors. The red color is coming from blackberry.

Prince K ()

je peux grave m’acheter un BlackBerry (Bold ou torch) en 2020

Luzbelito. ()

@congulmaIdito Un cadete de un estudio donde laburé me decía: esta piba me vuelve loco, me escribe cosas y cuando le respondo me ignora. Cuando me mostró qué le ponía eran los estados del pin de blackberry.

Gosto de café ()

BlackBerry existiu mesmo ou só vivemos um delírio coletivo ?

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Candy Glendening ()

Working on a tri-berry pie for my baby who is turning 23 today! Blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry with lots of overlapping crust as requested! @ Kingsbury Elementary

Ryk Comerford ()

Almost a year after switching from a @BlackBerry to an @Android , have decided I really hate virtual keyboards.

Ambon 96.8 FM ()

Basudara dong samua jgn lupa Download Aplikasi Ambon FM di BlackBerry World! *u18s

Farce the Music ()

Farce the Music: Saturday Night Music / Blackberry Smoke / Southern Child”

Mary Caddell ()

True. I got incredible joy this morning looking at my ripening blackberry bushes.

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Powerbank, Battre BB, Iphone, Samsung, BlackBerry BM/Ori/Replika. Info : 22D93ADF / 08192000566 Iklan24Jam

Lily Gomez ()

@wolf_blackberry @ValdesAzihra Ella YA decidió de que lado ESTÁ. No hay más nada que decir. Justificarle su CAMBIO al bando de los MALEANTES⁉️que va papá INACEPTABLE😠

Ana Anderson ()

Got my order of @hint water today! Can’t wait to try the blackberry. @karagoldin

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Tom ()

Drinking a Corona Hard Seltzer Blackberry Lime by @GrupoModelo_MX -

Euge ()

Cual fue su mayor bolucompra en su viaje a Disney a los 15? Tengo muchas pero la peor fue una funda de 20 dólares para el BlackBerry

Judith Kelly ()

Lockdown in the kitchen. On tonight’s menu was @BOSHTV #vegan healthy saag paneer, not healthy and not vegan raspberry and blackberry boozy trifle, finished off with a #negroni. I’m loving the weekends.

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The New York Times ()

These bars are half peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half summer fruit pie

Harian Metro ()

#KualaLumpur Sebelum ini, saksi ke-15 kes itu iaitu Pegawai Penyiasat JBPM Selangor, Abdul Halim Zulkefeli mengesahkan tiada kes membabitkan telefon bimbit model BlackBerry meletup, seperti mana yang dilaporkan sebelum itu berhubung kematian Nazrin.

Business Insider ()

Why the BlackBerry was all the rage, but now is almost nowhere to be seen To see the history of other companies, visit @PrimeVideo:

☚ Dimitri #ClintEastwood ☛
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