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The Dodo

Weatherman rescues a chicken caught in a blizzard — and she ends up doing something incredible for him 🧡.

Thanks Blizzard. Would love to participate in this wonderful pre-order open beta, but its hard to do when the client forcibly kicks me off every hour and then I have to sit through an hour-long queue. Cheers. #DiabloIV.

Tanto #Burpee requiere recarga de energía 🙃🤪🤤🤭 #blizzard.

Blizzard Photo,Blizzard Photo by Cris Lepe,Cris Lepe on twitter tweets Blizzard Photo

Entrenched by #blizzard conditions, the community of Nevada County have a long road to recovery ahead of them. For this storm, we need even more volunteers on the ground. Everyone can make a difference. Join Team Rubicon and serve communities in need:.

@ShatroGames I think you should when it comes to articles or videos about the game, because we all could not stop talking about it while the news were coming out and Blizzard had their worst reputation. Because to me it kinda signals that this shit is okay as long the games are good :/.

OHHHH MY DAYSSSSS. @iamblizzard this gave me goosebumps. 🔥🔥🔥🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊Sorry @iamcrowbeats I love you to bits. But you really don’t want a war with Blizzard. 😝😝😝😝🔥🔥🔥🧊🧊🧊🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🥳🥳🙏🏽💖.

@SammmyStern Find it hard to believe considering Blizzard doesnt nail anything besides their own employees without consent😬.

@Gorbash87 Las malas tradiciones de ABK en los lanzamientos de sus juegos de Blizzard.

@Pur1tas Ja hab bei der HL Debatte gemerkt, dass ich teile meiner Argumentation auch auf Blizzard spiele anwenden kann. Und gibt genug andere Spiele allein in der steam bib die für Jahre reichen.

📃| طلب ترجمة للعبة اوفرواتش 2 Statement regarding translating Overwatch 2 into Arabic. @Blizzard_Ent | @PlayOverwatch.

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@Blizzard_Ent so I buy your ultimate edition with access to the beta early and you hide behind a queue. This is the last time I spend money on you . Asshats.

@Fazendo_Nerdice Acho que falta empatia em você Elba. Blizzard é uma empresa indie, que está começando agora..

Había oído que los servidores de Blizzard eran una mierda en lanzamientos pero esto es de risa.

EU delays Activision Blizzard decision as Microsoft offers further remedies - GamerNewsMash.

@AnnaBazanni Aethas Fendessol ainda estar vivo E no KirinTor só mostra que a Blizzard deixa a Horda cometer o crime que quiser, que tá tudo bem. Eles literalmente traíram o KirinTor e roubaram o artefato pra dar pro Garrosh conquistar o mundo. Anduin que impediu - e quase morreu no processo..

the thin braids, falcon, and foxtail hairstyles are my favorites in the whole gameeeee they look so good 😭 blizzard could make these available for everyone regardless of gender or !! they could!!.

seen just now, blizzard kite skier at wide open throttle across frozen lake. 🤙🏻🤙🏻.

@Blizzard_Ent Only 20 active skills per class. Still using the trash skill format from Diablo 3 a pale comparison to the golden age of D2 rocking 30 active skills. Why downgrade when I can play the superior Diablo the more you know..

@PKF96515662 The blizzard of 1996 in Suburbs of NYC. That was a wicked one. It was so cold following as well..

@MuseChick You know if it’s any good? Was tempted but Blizzard are pretty scummy nowadays and it kinda puts me.

@Feh_Mr Padrão Blizzard Não duvido que esteja assim nas 48 horas iniciais depois que o jogo for de fato lançado..

@BlizzardCS Amazing! The game is awesome! Still, beta is still laggy as all get out. But still fantastic! Great job, Team Blizzard..

@Diablo @Blizzard_Ent if you’re selling access to the beta, THE VERY LEAST you could do as a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY is scale your servers. You have never once properly or adequately scaled your servers for any launch. It would be nice just once to not sit in hour long queue.


@MachadoIgor @meuplaystation Não é no preço atual mas nada impede de quanto sair o acordo com a ABK comece a aumentar pro dobro do preço ou um plano exclusivo com os jogos da Blizzard/activision mais caro igual a Sony fez na PSN com 3 planos. O mais difícil é convencer a pessoa a começar a gastar….

With all this situation of Activision Blizzard we found that the company that really has exclusives that sell a lot and are successful is Nintendo only..

@xBCrafted @Blizzard_Ent People are also having error messages forcing you to abandon your character or jump back in line..

@dantaeswow no te entiendo, tampoco entiendo bien como funciona lo de la ficha, pero por lo que decis a blizzard le conviene que la gente se pague el juego con oro? xq otras personas meten plata real por esa ficha?.

Yep, specifically the Frisco Fighters vs. Green Bay Blizzard and the Arizona Rattlers v. Quad City Steamwheelers. Here’s the link to the Indoor Football League channel:.

@Blizzard_Ent Not shelling 100 bucks for a game to only sit in que timers or not even be able to launch it in the first place. You guys are legit dogshit..

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