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@ashleyn1cole I consistently have an existential crises whenever I remember that Bridget Jones only weighed 130lbs! 🤬🤬🤬.

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Think I have to watch all the Bridget Jones movies on my day off to make myself feel better about my life & bad decisions.

@TLC I feel like I’m watching Bridget Jones Oh except it’s not Mr Darcey. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️.

I love uk humor. This is suddenly making me want to watch bridget jones diary! #90dayfiance.

@ashleyn1cole I consistently have an existential crises whenever I remember that Bridget Jones only weighed 130lbs! 🤬🤬🤬.

Nos juntamos con mis amigas a hacer fideos con salsa blanca y mirar las 3 pelis de bridget jones, son lo q siempre quise.

you know if ellen pompeo had a british accent she’d sound exactly like bridget jones change my mind.

Y así es como estoy terminando el Domingo: planchando calzoncillos mientras veo bridget jones... La vida que siempre soñé #SiCTM.

@happyfreeconfuz literally my FIRST thought when i heard the song they need to make bridget jones 4 asap.

AS IF Mam was looking for the spider that went missing in my room and she found a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs the girls got me for my birthday a few years ago 🙃 why is my life like real life Bridget Jones.

I was about ready to hop on the Amazon Prime train but then Netflix got Norbit AND Bridget Jones and changed the game.

i really really love Bridget Jones,, she’s iconic 😂😂.

Jude in Bridget Jones Dairy is Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter and I *just* made that connection.

@EisReading I chose Colin. Based on the fight scene in Bridget Jones Diary as my primary reason. I stand firm on this choice..

Watching Bridget Jones and trying to work out if going to End of the Road on my own will be the best or worst decision I’ll have made this summer..

Every girl wants to be either Carrie Bradshaw #SATC or Bridget Jones..

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I love all Bridget Jones movies, therefore I refuse to watch it if it’s not Christmas season. I don’t want to ever get over them, so, I don’t overwatch 💁🏼‍♀️.

vendo bridget jones novamente daqui a pouco a netflix cancela a minha assinatura.

#ReneeZellweger tan hermosa que se veía en las primeras dos películas de Bridget Jones no sé qué pasó en la tercera 😭.

Bridget Jones is a belter film but can’t lie feel Bridget Jones’s baby is shite Hugh grant needs to be in it.

You know it’s time for bed when you shred a little happy tear and clap whilst watching Bridget Jones’s Baby and it’s Mark’s!!! I mean who wouldn’t want to marry Colin Firth? #HOT.

23:32 on a Sunday evening & Ive cried over Bridget Jones, eat a large box of malteasers to myself in bed (whilst crying like a little bitch again) read weird crazy shit on here which has left me fried & now Im like drained and feeling mehhhh! Ive never been so ready for Monday 🤦🏼‍♀️.

dunno why Bridget Jones is trending but i’m LIVING for it well done, you all have taste x.


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Just want a man who will cuddle me while I cry watch the Bridget Jones trilogy :(.

i just cried A LOT to bridget jones baby again i want a gf who loves it so we can cry together i am SOFT and i wish i was bridget jones so bad.

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