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🔙 Anderson and Broad return 🆕 Brook and Potts receive maiden call-ups England have named their squad for the first two Tests against New Zealand 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ENGvNZ.

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That name in the squad Harry Brook excites player and might well be the long term answer for England in that vital middle order spot..

this summer we’re going back to being kids at heart, playful, outside, spontaneous & lots of laughing.

Newsweek reporting that half of Biden’s Twitter followers are fake is AMAZING in that Newsweek failed to mention their own reporting from 2020 which said the same thing..

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the group of ladies & fellas that stay hyping me up make my day & deserve an extended amount of hugs!! gang 🥰.

Please be aware that there will be an increased law enforcement presence at Bear Brook State Park from May 18-19, 20222 due to training..

Bitter Cold, Chapel Street Sowerby Bridge 1959 Peter Brook.

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WEBINAR STARTING IN AN HOUR: South Korea’s role in the Indo-Pacific: Opportunities and challenges under the Yoon administration, with @ZackCooper, Kuyoun Chung, Kei Koga, Sarah Teo, & @AndrewIYeo, today at 9am EDT. Register: #ROKIndoPac.

じどり #cluster ドロシーちゃんかわわ アバター¦レプリカドロシー ワールド¦清流の夏 in a summer brook.

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Today, for Historic Preservation Month, we recognize Municipal Monkey Park. The Monkey Village, which housed 8 spider monkeys, and Rocky Brook Rocket train replica lived at Monkey Park and provided entertainment to park visitors for almost 25 years. #SavingPlaces.

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PS I know Brook was inexperienced nd all at that time nd it did not make sense to include him then.

With great sadness, ISQua wishes to announce the death of Professor Chris Brook of Melbourne, Australia, who served as an ISQua Board Member from 1993 to 2001 and as President of the Society from 1997 to 1999..

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NLR: the 6:51 AM departure from Branch Brook Park to Newark Penn Station is cancelled due to an earlier mechanical issue..

@Margarita890 Used to live in an oak forest in Stony things! Stained my white car..

A full upper body workout in a single package. Check out our new Nautilus machines at the Mountain Brook YMCA..

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Memesi küçük ünlüler -Emma stone -Jennifer Lawrence -bella Hadid -kendall jenner -beren saat -Natalie Portman Memesi büyük ünlüler -Kelly brook -Seda Sayan -Rihanna -Beyonce -Nicki Minaj -Sibel Can.

@cricket_badger So Brook is going to be carting the drinks round, let him play for Yorkhire please!!!!.


good morning, I think it’s a beautiful day to keep pushing and exposing bhs for everything they’ve let slide over the years🤍.

Urging autocrats to do the right thing for their countries—or for democracy—is nearly always guaranteed to fail..

From strengthening tech oversight to incorporating anti-racist principles into algorithmic design, it is possible to upend existing AI biases..

@EriccTony @Gurenzt The “Foreeshadowing” amounts to some vague silhouette from Skypiea 😭 I guess Brook was foreshadowed to be Nika as well 😱‼️‼️.

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Current progress on my Custom PS4 controller. It will use MX keyboard switches as its buttons. Here is the basic layout for the breakout board that the Brook board will attach to. Next steps are the layout measurements and key-spacing, then route tracing..

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@RedBox731_yami あんがちょーw 結局のところタニタのツインスティックが超絶に異端児なのねw センターに〇△□×ボタン配置してるから 左スティック:上下左右 右スティック:〇△□× の配置が使えないのよね アナログスティックの二極値化をしないといけないからBrookやPicoPI使えないのでPS4乗っ取りのみなのね….

@GShinobiz Brook - Sla, ele fez algo? Chopper - Tapa no Queen Nami - Dizendo que o Luffy vai ser rei dos piratas Usopp - Discurso sobre fazer de tudo pra continuar vivendo.

@myburneraccou11 @GiannisMuse They could trade Jrue or Brook for pick(s), they ain’t just stuck with that lmao.

Texas Church Evicted After Pastor Criticized #LGBTQ Mural In City Council Meeting. The Left will brook no criticism..

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@Shomiell OOHHHH LABOON VIENS LA TU M’AS MANQUÉ YOYOYOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH t’sais le mec qui se prend pour Brook t’sais le mec qui refait la blague sur son nouveau compte.


Hacked drones and busted logistics are the cyber future of warfare via @BrookingsInst.

@Ro_santoryu Mas pô Rô,seguindo a logica que o brook não tem ele seria imortal por coonta da fruta dele,então mesmo one piece acabando com uma festa os outros iriam morrer com o tempo e o brook iria ficar vivo.

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