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Pues si el vampiro se convierte en Bruce Wayne, Batman! Les gusta esta elección para que sea Batman?.

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Bruce Wayne could kick the living ass out of Tony Stark. But. There ain’t no way in pink hell Batman can outdo Iron Man. I won’t be taking any questions..

eu acho que o pattinson pode fazer um bom batman, principalmente como bruce wayne.

Nicholas Hoult is a much better choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman. He seethes, not broods. These qualities need to seem innate to build the character from the inside out. Or it just won’t work..

Olha pra mim e fala que esse filho da puta nao parece o Bruce Wayne.

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senta e chora macho geek, se reclamar eles fazem o Bruce Wayne mulher.

Pues si el vampiro se convierte en Bruce Wayne, Batman! Les gusta esta elección para que sea Batman?.

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Már Affleck is necces volt számomra,de ez a Patiszon gyerek ... Egyébként Bruce Wayne megformálására egy arisztokratikusabb kinézetű férfi kellene. Az eddigiek többé-kevésbé hozták ezt a karaktert..

@_TinaD I’m with you on this. He’s got enough range as an actor and should be able to play Bruce Wayne well. We’ll have to see if he can do Batman as well. I’ll watch it when it comes to dvd or Netflix, but I think he deserves the chance..

It been a crazy 48 hours for the Bat. 1. New animated film in @BatmanHush ; 2. a new @TheCWBatgirl and we have a new Batman. Looks like Rob Pattinson has nabbed the role!.

@IRISHNIGHTMARE9 I think he’d make an okay Bruce Wayne but not sure about Batman.

“Batman is a billionaire cop” “Bruce Wayne should be a weirdo” guys, guys, you’re BOTH played out takes!.

Y no tengo nada en contra del actor que conste. De hecho es un buen actor. Pero físicamente, y no me refiero a los músculos, no me impone respeto ni autoridad ni mucho menos “miedo” como Batman ni el carisma o presencia de un Bruce Wayne. Habrá que verlo en pantalla 😔.

@Psyko_Seb @DarkSal0cin Perso, je trouve ça pas con comme casting pour le prochain Bruce Wayne / Batman.

@3_nipple I just can’t see this dude Edward as an actual good Bruce Wayne cause that’s what it really comes down to, anyone can play a good Batman it’s all about the way they express the Batman voice and the way they stand, but playing a good Bruce Wayne is what solidifies a great Batman.

The Bruce Wayne stuff could serve as a Bond audition. Then again, Batman films might take him out of contention for Bond..

Yo aquí veo mucho potencial para Bruce Wayne, que queréis que os diga..

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I feel like DC purposefully picks the worst people to play Bruce Wayne just to take us for a poes.

@svtlovemail chi, your new bruce wayne. probably? or nick hoult. with joaquin phoenix as the next joker, apparently. why do i want this so bad?.

Será que o novo filme do batman vai ser reboot mesmo? Ou eles vão fazer tipo o batman beyond onde tem um outro batman e o Bruce Wayne sendo o mentor dele?.

@ColliderVideo This is great casting! Pattinson is a darn good actor and I look forward to his take on Bruce Wayne and Batman..

E que fique claro: apoio muito a escolha. É um baita ator, o queixo é compatível, e todo o charme exigido por Bruce Wayne está lá. Quanto ao físico, não há treinamento intenso que não resolva..

Bakalan kaget si didot pas tau bruce wayne di peranin sama vampire idola wanita tahun 2013 apa dua ribu brp ya hahahahahahaha.

@rozweston To be honest, he is a good actor, could easily pull off the ‘playboy’ billionaire Bruce Wayne aspect, and has the size (with additional training) for Batman. Ultimately it’ll all depend on the script & Reeve’s directing. I’ll reserve judgment for now. 🖖.

.....he will make a decent Bruce Not so sure about Batman..

@Eternauta_1982 Sólo sería aceptable en versión gods and monsters. Y ese Batman no es Bruce Wayne.

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