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El Sitp azul y el Sitp provisional contaminan de modo importante el aire de la capital Son buses viejos que no pueden cumplir con la norma de emisión de gases vehiculares en Bogotá.

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#CISLA happily introduce @markhamade , partner at Vivaris Capital as a confirmed speaker this April 09-10 in Los Angeles at the convention center Join us!.

The Economist is overreacting (perhaps deliberately so), but it is nice to see capital and rightwingers all in their soup about a left wing resurgence in the public sphere (hopefully followed by the numbers)..

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@shevalite jette un peu une oreille sur Bushido - Für euch alle feat. Samra & Capital Bra.

#madridnuevonorte convertirá la capital en un referente a nivel mundial. Este gran proyecto pionero cuenta con un modelo de #urbanismo sostenible que tiene como fin mejorar la calidad de las personas. Puedes leer más aquí:.

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Boa semana! Trânsito bastante intenso na chegada à Capital pela Castello Branco nessa… (EPTC_POA).

Good article by @Moneyweb with respect to investing and learning lessons on capital allocation, among other things. #Goodreads.

Mozambique’s next breed of boxers are training in the capital’s old bullfighting arena.

A lot of people do option writing in index because there is no unlimited risk in index but in any stock there is unlimited risk. No one can stop any stock price to become zero if its FnO. In YesBank option writer may have faced risk upto 10000% of their capital..

Major DS Dondial Who Martyred in same encounter which killed Pulwama culprits Kamran and Rashid Gazi. Second Major Martyred In last 48 hours both are from Capital of Devbhoomi Dehradun. 1 day ago we lost Major Chitresh Singh.

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But I thought international infrastructure was such an easy slam dunk investment that they were so skilled in? | Lighthouse Capital now 81% exposed to direct property via @BDliveSA.

The lovelies @CNBCJou and Eunice @onlyyoontv in #CapitalConnection this morning - -.

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They are mostly the latter thing you mentioned here in the capital area Loose sex, alcoholism, race mixing, no plans of family etc, just muh travel, hedonistic pleasures, career.

#Capital Lol y’a 200 points à vérifier pour notre voiture au contrôle technique mais par contre ce qu’on bouffe nada.

#VIDEO Imágenes de terror en la capital. Así se vivió la balacera en Los Reyes Culhuacán, en Iztapalapa.

@VoltaireFreedom We can limit billionaire migration by capital controls - essentially it would cost them even more to move. Ultimately I favour an international tax treaty guaranteeing a minimum base marginal rate so they have no place to migrate TO.

La correlación entre el stock de capital en infraestructuras, generado por las inversiones, y el PIB per capita es.

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Tô numa festa que tá todo mundo tão bêbado que tá tocando capital inicial versão forró.

@IsraelArabic And you truely beleive that do hah. Again I am a sunni muslim and I am not pro iran but certainly the israeli genocides in palestine do not exactly point to a friendly regime the Holy land and claiming it the capital of israel is not either..

NY Capital Region folks: Presidents Day Action Monday, February 18, 5:00 - 6:00 pm, BNP Vigil: Oppose Trump’s Fake Crisis and Racist Deportation of Immigrants , at the Four Corners, intersection of Kenwood and Delaware Aves. in Delmar, NY.

Tous ceux qui critique @YukaFood, Continuez à bouffer de la merde mais sans nous ! Merci #Capital.

Las responsabilidades en fin de semana deberían ser consideradas pecado capital con pena de muerte..

Return on capital is measured by the credit divided by the buying power reduction. So which kind of strangle has had the greatest return on capital over time? #research.

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How Minneapolis’ Somali Muslim community became the jihad terrorist recruitment capital of the US: Third World jihad savages embedded in America, and now, through stealth jihad, they are bringing their hatred and bigotry into the hallowed halls of….

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Ilhan Omar’s congressional district is known as the “terror recruitment capital” of the Western World.

El Sitp azul y el Sitp provisional contaminan de modo importante el aire de la capital Son buses viejos que no pueden cumplir con la norma de emisión de gases vehiculares en Bogotá.

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