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Als Caroline van der Plas dus op 1 staat op de kandidatenlijst van BBB en jij op 2, is die 18 zetels in de peilingen van gisteren peanuts..

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We are all legal aid lawyers and in the last 10 years our income has effectively dropped by some 30%. Former Criminal Bar Association chair Caroline Goodwin QC explains to @C4Ciaran why criminal barristers have gone on strike over pay..

“It’s actually hard to convince people that Caroline Ouellette is a HHOFer” is like saying “You’re really going to have to talk me into Sidney Crosby’s case.” If you count their peers on two hands, we can all rest easy that they’re HHOFers..


Una adicción oculta, la pelea con Michael Landon y su renuncia: el calvario de la actriz que interpretó a Caroline Ingalls | Por Cindy Damestoy.

Kia ora, everyone at #HealthTechWeek! Be sure to catch Dana President Caroline Montojo on Neuroscience & Society at the Te Tītoki Mataora (TTM) MedTech Research Translator forum, TODAY at #NeuroscienceandSociety.

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Real House Wives of Dubai Star Caroline Stanbury and Family Robbed While on Holiday in Greece. Detailed Story #RHODubai.

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@Neopseudo I hate that ectopics are even called pregnancies. They aren’t viable at all. I do fkn hate this theocratic timeline..

grief is so weird lol - one minute you’re fine and celebrating someone you loved with a joyous version of “Sweet Caroline” and the next you’re laying on the floor feeling very alone and like someone knocked the wind out of you while you watch the ceiling fan spin for hours.

@kristen_zimmer I feel like this changes for me. I’ll go through phases with certain songs. Also they played Sweet Caroline at the wedding last night (it was in the mix of songs) and there were a couple New Englanders who got a couple Texans to sing and throw their hands up for it. 🤣.

@4ever_days Caroline Kennedy is our US 🇺🇸ambassador in 🇦🇺 Australia.💙👍.


@uncutgcms au where caroline lost kendall when he was 2 and he was found by a random woman who doesn’t hate children.

TV Guide
TV Guide

Candice King explains why it took so long for Caroline to arrive on #Legacies.

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#LukeBryan & Caroline sure look good in a sunset! 🌅🧡.

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#LukeBryan & Caroline sure look good in a sunset! 🌅🧡.

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@CarolainQuinto Igualmente para ti sweet Caroline, feliz inicio de semana y mucho éxito en todo lo que te propongas. 😉.

My first thought was Is this not Caroline from TVD? but my God, they took it to a far better place.

@FOXFOOTY Caroline Wilson also told us that Alastair Clarkson was going to coach Carlton. She has no idea..


muito bom dormir vc fica nesse limbo entre estar vivo e ausência de consciência muito bom.

@AlicatXIV recalling the time when caroline stalked my acct for a couple of months thru alts to antagonize me and even went so far as to send kofi donations with hatemail attached 😂😂😂.

@FM1061 Aww they are cute as can be together 🥰❤️😍♥️Luke and Caroline look great and perfect together.

Thank you, @AVENUEinsider, for this absolutely delightful review of The Lunar Housewife! I’d never thought of myself as a “literary hostess” before but now that’s at the top of my CV..

Horror or Hallmark?  ~ by Caroline Beuley Horror OR Hallmark: Character gets trapped somewhere they don’t want to be due to weather - a freak snow storm, for example A: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, he’s going to get you now…and make you his #funny.

I thought that girl behind them on the right was buck ass naked.

@mii_xo19 ヾ(゚∀゚)ノ ハイハイ! ヾ(゚∀゚)ノ ハイハイ! ヾ(゚∀゚)ノ ハイハイ!.

This lady requested sweet Caroline from Geoff and i said “absolutely not. That’s the whitest white person song and he’s not gonna play it. I hate it” The look on Karen’s face got me shook. 😂😂.

@CarolineLucas Just so you know what Caroline means when she melodramatically says ‘trash international law’ whilst pretending to faint, she’s not talking about Putin invading Ukraine or anything, she’s talking about reducing checks on sausage rolls entering Belfast..

@mariskajohanna1 Hij heeft gisteren geluncht met Caroline, ze hebben vast punten door genomen en daarom had Koos een eerlijk en helder verhaal.

@TotallyAnders Caroline moet vooral haar populistische mond houden. Iemand met één zetel in de Tweede Kamer moeten we niet belangrijker maken dan ze is en dat is vooral een hele slimme populistische stemmingmaker die zichzelf heel goed weet te verkopen. Wil je een gesprek, dan met betrokkenen.

Caroline Stanbury ROBBED in Mykonos: Real Housewives of Dubai star forced to hire extra security.

@Onair58 @lientje1967 Wees geen Caroline, Youp heeft gelijk, een eerlijk stuk geschreven.

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