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Not only did @ZachLaVine drop 42 points against the Cavs, he also delivered this reverse two-handed slam. @DunkinChicago’s Dunk of the Week:.

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After State fouls Clark to keep #UVa from getting a 3 up, Daniels is at the line now and makes the first. Timeout Hoos, seconds left. Pack in front 53-51..

Man that Delonte West video and just his life in general makes me sad af. I use to love him with the Cavs.

This mf was playing 34 minutes a game for the Cavs and some of y’all really blame Bron for leaving those bumasses for Miami. Damn shame..

Bryce fouls Clark, who goes to the line and makes both. Timeout, NC State with seconds left. 52-49..

Cavs Fans: Someone made the point that we, as a fan base, literally made Come Home LeBron BILLBOARDS. There has to be something we can do to help Delonte West. Even as simple as a.

After going more than 10 minutes without scoring, State scores seven in a row and has a 52-47 lead with seconds left to play. #UVa calls timeout. Two left..

Knicks 106, Cavs 86: Scenes from the stoppable force beating the movable object.

YAO is blasting threw the speakers while I drive home from The Cavs game reflecting on how it’s been a whole ass year since fest & tomorrow being 8123 day and I keep returning to one thought💭 Kennedy singing on The Mirror Tour🧡I’ll probably never get over it.

I love my clients and take it personally when they lose So bc of how bad the lock of the day lost tonight (Cavs ML ❌) not only will you get the Lock of The Day for free tomorrow but you will get tomorrows daily card on the house as well @PicksCity #CLEPicks #GamblingTwitter.

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@UnequalGenie KKKKKKKK eu tbm to achando que a gente pode esquecer entendeu só vamos voltar se o filho do lebron vim pro cavs pra carregar o time nas costas 🙏🏻.

@UnequalGenie queria fazer isso mas acho que o cavs não vai chegar nos playoffs to perdendo as esperanças.

Obviously the Cavs are still growing this year, but they have another pick and cap space this summer. Young guys will be a year older. Next year, year 3 of the rebuild, should be where you are seeing progress in the win column. If you don’t expect that than what are we doing?.

Recap. 1/20/2020. 1-1 🏀NBA Cavs ML 👎 Teaser 💰 Heat ML 💰 76ers + 💰.

I really gotta stop going heavy on trash can teams like @Cavs To think I had faith with them against the Knicks 😡😡😡😡😡.

Cavs getting whooped after failing to expand their 17 poiny lead against Chicago 2 days ago and lost when Chicago made a major comeback #NYKvsCLE.

Cavs fans shouldn’t be beating on Darius Garland and Collin Sexton they are still young guys who gotta figure this shit out.

Can Beilein & this @cavs team just join the Big 10?? 20 point home loss to the @nyknicks is truly unacceptable #NOTMYCAVS.

@StealYourGirl2k @DAZN_DE Ja hab ich jetzt auch realisiert.😅 Hätte gerne was vom Spiel gesehen, auch wenn die Cavs gerade nicht wirklich gut 🙄.

@AmbusVHunter I need to just go ahead and hop on the laker bandwagon. Me and the Cavs are not working 😂.

@Mamyildirim54 @cavs Alsınlar benim 7 yaşındaki kuzenimi, hem daha genç. İnanılmaz ya 32 de 8 atan 2 guard nasıl olabilir anlayamıyorum, ayıp be diğer basketbolculara. 3 kaçırdın, 5 kaçırdın bırak artık dimi deneme.

Cavs may be a bad team, but the Knicks to a man have played well. On the way to a good team win.

@BullsHype_NBA @cbefred Meanwhile, LaVine is on the bench. Extremely frustrating considering the Bulls came back against Cavs by playing Zach all 12 minutes. Why not do it again?.

@bugrasarikayaa @cavs I stopped watching awhile ago 😂😂 Imma just move to LA and watch winning basketball all the time instead of waiting for nationally televised games.

Cavs should be embarrassed by their performance against the Knicks tonight. One of the worst I’ve ever seen..

Not only did @ZachLaVine drop 42 points against the Cavs, he also delivered this reverse two-handed slam. @DunkinChicago’s Dunk of the Week:.

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