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🚨 Dana White annonce le retour probable de Khamzat Chimaev pour octobre !.

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Cédric Doumbé s’exprime après l’UFC 286 d’hier soir 👀 Edwards, Usman, Chimaev… Tout le monde en prend pour son grade 🥶.

Covington, Belal Muhammad, Edwards, Chimaev, Usman sont gardiens de but ?.

@DamonMartin LMAO what a joke, In what world does Colby or anyone for that matter deserve it over Chimaev?.

@SeanKingston718 I’m not khamzat chimaev without a beard. 🧔‍♀️ funny pic tho.

@ddd_luz Think Chimaev is gonna give him problems because he won’t be able to take him down and neither are great strikers.

The real person who needs to fight for the welterweight belt is my man @GilbertDurinho beat wonderboy, Magny, and out chimaev on skates.

@ColbyCovMMA @Leon_edwardsmma You should fight chimaev For Cheater You owe me 30 Push-ups Lazy Opportunist.

this would be what everyone thought diaz vs chimaev was gonna be.

@Halvani7 Shavkat ok. Chimaev is going up to middleweight and everyone knows it. We already saw Leon beat Belals ass before the eye poke in the middle of his “win streak”.

@MMAFighting crazy how colby comes out of now talking shit after around a year of silence now that it has been confirmed that chimaev is moving up to middleweight.

So Burns is next if he beats Masvidal right? Make Colby fight as Khamzat or Chimaev. Stop giving him these title fights.

@laleopaulance Leon edwards, kamaru usman, chimaev, Burns ou encore Shavkat (c’est un petit mais il commence à ce faire bien connaître).

@jalil_bhl Tu parles de la lutte de chimaev comme si usman n’en avait pas j’ai jure vous sucez trop chimaev c trop.

@ZiouiA Je vois plus un Convington Chimaev et le gagnant affronte Edwards pour la ceinture.

@DanielBarez @Rothbardianism Pereira da miedo pero yo creo que el suelo de Hill es bastante mejor, Pereira en cuanto toque el suelo yo veo imposible que se defienda de Chimaev..

@toumai971 @MMArena_ On est d’accord sur ce point Usman a clairement manqué d’agressivité. Malheureusement ça ne se fera mais je paierai cher pour voir chimaev tenter sa chance, niveau agressivité on sera servi.

@StraightUpDee @RockyMafia1 Chimaev is a harder matchup for Edwards, his grappling skills is on another level compared to Usman and his high pace for the first rounds Will be really hard to deal with for anyone, especially a striker.

@AllenClanton8 @DamonMartin Chimaev missed weight by 10 pounds against old man diaz. Hes not getting a main event any time soon.

Colby Covington has nothing for Leon. He’s a worse version of usman. And he’s lost twice to him. He’s not even deserving of a shot. Give it to belal burns or maybe even Chimaev if we’re being fair.

@Tiagopamplona Sinceramente, acho que o UFC não vai correr o risco de ver um ex-campeão ajudando a valorizar o passe de um cara que vai lutar na concorrência depois. Acho que o Chimaev/Du Plessis tem mais chance de encarar o Borracha do que o Usman..


Credit to Leon Edwards. I think a draw is the correct score, but he retains the belt regardless. Usman’s options at 170 are brutal, need 2-3 wins against guys he already beat or take on killers like Chimaev/Shavkat. A run at 185 would be mildly interesting if Izzy loses #UFC286.

@JJStyles92 @mma_orbit Chimaev is moving up no one wants to watch belal hes irrelevant and shavkat gotta beat 1 or 2 more guys.

@MMAmelotto Podiam jogar o Chimaev, esse cara não aguentar mais cortar peso nessa divisão.

@rechargg That’s a great matchup for Chimaev. Hard to envision a scenario where Usman isn’t fighting for the belt though but not a lot of options for him currently.

LMAO what a joke, In what world does Colby or anyone for that matter deserve a title shot over Chimaev?.

@JJStyles92 @mma_orbit Chimaev is moving up but realistically no one gonna watch Leon vs Belal..

Pour moi avant il doit avoir le combat Colby-chimaev et le vainqueur prend edwards.

I was a bigger Usman fan but we’ve literally witnessed Leon Edwards confidence get boosted to such a dangerous level after the last fight…where he’s at mentally and with his skill, he’s gon be a problem for whoever…better be ready for Chimaev though.

@Inquisitore666 Si peor hablamos de burns campeón mundial de BJJ, Pereira para contrarrestar la lucha de chimaev tendría que pasar 15 años entrenando creo yo..

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