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Updated: November 27th, 2021 07:37 PM IST

Competitor. Closer. Champion. Congratulations on your retirement, Wader.

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My mom: “Universities should be completely defunded.” Also my mom: “Why couldn’t you get a job in Missouri closer to us??”

SALAMAT PO BESTIE! Go move closer na nga po sila @akosiKenChan haha RITKEN JourneyHosts #TheClashIsaLabanSaLahat

Story is completely ready. First hype them to bring them closer. Then create rift between them. Lastly by end of season bring them close again. This is Makers ka plan. AAWAM KI SHAAN KARAN

Unizen Tournament of Alts Starts Today 🔥 ✅ Qtr Final - Round 1 - $NEAR vs $HBAR Twitter Community Vote here 👉 The strongest community moves forward to the next round and a step closer to the Grand #TOA prize 👑 $ZCX #ZenX

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if u see the polls about voting for monsta x, please vote and spread it around. any vote is getting us a tiny step closer to securing a win.

Next week: Aaron makes a discovery, Priya faces her fears and Lydia wants some answers from Liv. Take a closer look 👇 #Emmerdale @ITV @WeAreSTV

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Asked to assess his own game of late, Donovan notes that he’s been shooting 3s from too far out and needs to move in closer, and that his pace has not been what he’s wanted it to be.

each day i’m closer to realizing i have low functioning adhd i’m not “quirky” anymore i just cant do simple tasks

the drums of time thunder rhythmically. every beat brings me closer to McCafe Mocha Hazelnut Shot

Everyday people like Matt Gaetz are free to celebrate people like Kyle Rittenhouse getting away with murder Is another day closer to another American Civil War.

Inching closer and closer to our Australian cousins. These police officers should ask themselves whether the “I was just following orders” defence is going to cut it when this shambles ends. I stand with @cinemacoswansea against discrimination and medical apartheid. 👊🏼

@scraggy_enjoyer Looking at it closer I think this was a screenshot taken from the trailer and not the official poster

binned due to a cost of £208 billion, it moved a step closer to remaining a complete fantasy

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@GoziconC He even stupid pass you, guess how he ended?.. you getting closer.

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It took 2 more years for the men closest to Netanyahu, including ex Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, to publically admit it was all a 𝐛𝐢𝐠 𝐥𝐢𝐞. Iran was closer to nuclear military capability when Trump left office than it was when he entered the White House.


This pic is like 3 years old and he somehow found it then cropped it like 15x closer, and his best insult is you look like you took steroids. Love my fans!

The slippery slope is getting closer There will be no going back if we don’t stop the insanity now

@jacob2ndre3 @whatsyouryat Check the latest update - we are getting closer

@jadedlove71 Shock makes people do crazy things. Also can understand not wanting to get closer to the lunatic with the shotgun.

@philr755 @stillgray It’s a lot higher than 36%. I think the rate of Blacks committing murder and robbery is something closer to 50%.

Wtf was that logic? Penalty on the XP puts the ball a yard and a half closer to the goal line. Okay go for 2 now. So run a play where the ball carrier gets the ball at the 10 yard line?

@kanaliab I would love to be closer friends with u lia !!! Its so much fun talking to you 🥺💕 im just terribly shy LSKJDFGLSK


Why are you going to go for it bc you got 1 yard closer, but run a play that forms 5 yards behind the LOS lmao

@baileyurkoski bai bae!!! i have no words but that i love u so much and i’m so glad that we are basically the same and have similar issues with college and majors and it’s just crazy how similar we are. i’m so grateful to have become closer with u. u deserve the absolute best 🤍

It’s impressive how bad the user experience has gotten on Uber and Lyft. I know personally I use it a lot less - prices way up, wait times way up. Seems at least bird eye view closer to the end of the rideshare epoch.

Understanding languages and other cultures builds bridges. It is the fastest way to bring the world closer together and to Truth. Through understanding, people will be able to see their similarities before differences. #Culture #World

Associates of Media Matters, a political operative group for Democrats, are concerned the violent history of the #Waukesha massacre suspect will be used to harm bail reform. Many leftists believe one way to get closer to equity is to release criminals & undermine justice system.

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Competitor. Closer. Champion. Congratulations on your retirement, Wader.

Closer Photo,Closer Twitter Tendance : Top Tweets

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Closer Photo,Closer Twitter Tendance : Top Tweets
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