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@alltoowellreads Oh my god I was in the metro and there was this guy that came in and stood next me and his hair was perfection the way it looked kinda messy but styled at the same time and his cologne– 🤭😮‍💨🫦then he had to get out and he said in like a raspy kinda voice sorry excuse me.

Axe body spray and rapper Lil Baby are teaming up on a cartoon digital series to bring the nostalgia of Axe to a new generation of youths..

@ycsm1n Yah… this is Jeremy Fragrance. His channel got weird. He used to only talk about cologne reviews now he walks around parking lots shirtless asking for strangers to record him.

Cologne Photo,Cologne Photo by TrainWithKenny🇿🇲🇳🇬,TrainWithKenny🇿🇲🇳🇬 on twitter tweets Cologne Photo

@floridaaboijay get me this cologne lol please brudder lol 😂 not broken though cuz you the cologne master.

As a single, AFAB non binary, should I be wearing the delicious men’s cologne to attract ladies? Is that what I’m missing? 😂.

Luft in Köln-Chorweiler ✅ Feinstaub PM10: 6 µg/m³ ⚠️ Ozon: 72 µg/m³ ✅ Stickstoffdioxid: 10 µg/m³ zusätzliche Messwerte aus der Umgebung: ✅ Feinstaub PM25: 4 µg/m³.

After a two years break, so good to see everyone back at the @dmexco in #Cologne last week! Such a great event with so many insightful sessions. We will definitely be back next year! #dmexco.

Cologne Photo,Cologne Photo by LARROCHE FRANCOIS-XAVIER,LARROCHE FRANCOIS-XAVIER on twitter tweets Cologne Photo

Ciara 80% By REVLON FOR WOMEN oz Eau De Cologne Spray [MEMNSBU].

When did “dryer sheet” and “fabric softener” become a must have for cologne/perfume? My head hurts standing with all these parents Jesus.

@LhrNathan @ogcnice Incroyable, tu te fait agresser chez toi par cette horde d’imbécillité et c’est nous qui mangeons ? Quelqu’un c’est les sanctions qu’ils ont pris Cologne svp ?.

@_AlexdeCastro_ Tu reçois dans ton stade t’es responsable. Après bien sur les supps de Cologne ont été honteux mais c pas la question. T’as choisi l’appât du gain pour remplir ton stade pour une fois, t’as mis en danger tes supps, tu payes. Par contre l’interdiction de déplacement est débile….

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