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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

@micsolana If this isn’t a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment, what is?.

A twice impeached former president who lost badly at the polls in 2020 has called for our Constitution & laws to be suspended 2 years later. I believer the proper term for this would be, a coup. Where is the outrage? The condemnation from the party he is still the leader of?.

Trump just called for the suspension of the Constitution and it is the final straw for zero republicans, especially the ones who call themselves “constitutional conservatives.”.

When someone tells you they want to abolish the constitution…and they’re a wanna be dictator, believe them. And when Republicans refuse to condemn it, believe what that means as well..

Deeply amused by Muh Constitution types who think @apple not spending money on a platform that is eagerly welcoming back the worst dregs of the anti-Semitic, anti-vaccine, conspiracy loon MAGA right violation of the 1st Amendment..

Adil Raja
Adil Raja

Dear COAS: The Nation is waiting to see action against all rogue elements of the #Bajwa Regime who worked against the law & constitution of 🇵🇰. @OfficialDGISPR should also be cleaned of controversial figures incl those named by #ArshadSharifShaheed. Let the respect and ⬇️.

it’s wild we have this idea of the Constitution as being some simple, obvious thing everyone can easily comprehend, when there’s an entire practice of law devoted to it and there’s literally nothing everyone agrees on in con law.

I need some people to follow if they reach 200 follows they they wil read a constitution of our choosing.

.@Lawrence: Donald Trump’s new confession: a written statement. No former President has ever advocated terminating the Constitution. If DT is indicted, Jack Smith will now be able to ask: Mr. Trump, have you ever advocated for the termination of the Constitution? @Lawrence 😂❤️.

@jeffhunt Here at the Centennial Institute you can discriminate all you want! It’s in the constitution. A beautiful document written by Jesus!.

The Constitution Acts of 1867,1930 & 1982 are not suggestions, they are law. They delineate certain jurisdictions to the federal govt & the provincial govts. #DanielleSmith is legislating to preserve those areas and reign in federal overreach. I’m all for it..

@beinlibertarian Now they know why the 2A and keeping large caliber weapons is important. Look at Australia for a sneak peak of the downward slide without a constitution.

@kestrel_can @CBCNews So reinforcement of our provincial constitution is not democratic? Must be a socialist.

C est plus borne la première ministre …. c’est le … le c’est une aberration de la démocratie donc de la constitution … elle représente l anti constitution .. le c est le retour de la dictature , tu en pense quoi Macron? A t on le droit de remettre en question?.

@GavinNewsom @CAPAction They are upholding the Constitution which they took an oath to protect. Congress has no authority to make marriage laws..

@kylamb8 @uscensusbureau All the Constitution requires is a head count. Why are you aggressively conducting an invasive demographic survey? Here’s the answer to all the questions in your hour-long, 40-page survey: “I don’t know”..

@Mike_Pence How? What legislative actions have you taken? What is your history of defending the Constitution? Nothing but political theater! Democrats actually get their agendas done and yall just point fingers and DO NOTHING!.

@kenyladyde He has and continues to flail against the Constitution with impunity. As a Naturalized Citizen, he is in violation of his Oath of Citizenship and therefore can be stripped of his citizenship and deported..

@EricJNielson @KristiNoem There was a petition out for signatures for a proposed amendment to the OH constitution for “Medical Right to Refuse” that may be on the May ballot, if enough signatures are gathered. Deadline to submit petition is today. This is one of the ways around the Gov..

@AleksandrKallus @MappingFL They are at an advanced stage of amending their constitution to allow it. Expropriation without (I would’ve preferred with) compensation in South Africa would make sense in a country where almost 89% of farmlands are owned by 9% of the population. That’s a legacy of apartheid..

@shoveitjack They hate the entire unless it is vonvienient for them and they need toilet paper!.

@usagi_matto The LDP had zero problems ignoring the constitution when the military is concerned..

@MrHoganELA @ChristieSmythe That’s what you sounds like to politically independent people like me who would prefer not to waste their time educating you both, but here we are. Please read our Constitution and browse thru some History, and we can pick this up and try to improve things..

@JoJoFromJerz lol I dunno why you guys think your gonna find anything on him IRS has had them for awhile now and Biden doesn’t follow the constitution they’ve been probably looking at them since Biden took office.

@JohnJamesMI Yes! Please be more like Massie and less like Crenshaw…stick to your principles and abide by the constitution. Don’t get suckered into a comprise that’s how we’ve gotten where we are. 🙏.

Alert DC
Alert DC

Washington Gas reports the utility repairs are complete and the 200 block of 9th Street, NE between C Street and Constitution Avenue has reopened to traffic..

@LindseyGrahamSC The Constitution protects religious institutions from laws that impede their free exercise. See Hobby Lobby. Your argument is not a reason to not endorse the bill. If you oppose gay marriage, say so..

@ShuForCongress You realize that your lord & savior Trump wants to suspend the Constitution so he can become our dictator, right?.

@namwella1961 @andy4democracy And yet, he called today for the termination of the constitution so he could be reinstated..

Lots of people will demand freedom to express their views & many of them will then a blind eye to censorship of speech they dislike Very few will stand for the principle that speech is free for everyone, even their ideological foes This is why the right is in the Constitution.

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