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Susan Collins did not vote for the coronavirus relief bill, putting monetary matters over human lives. Shame on you, Senator Collins. Shame, shame, shame.

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Florida still tops the nation in the most reported cases of COVID-19 variants, ahead of what could be a busy spring break season, reports @RebeccaTurcoTV 

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SURREAL! Prefeita de Nova Granada - SP, Dra. Tânia Yugar, decreta o uso obrigatório de pulseiras de identificação para cidadãos com suspeita de Covid e positivo p/ coronavírus. Com multa de R$ 300 para quem desobedecer ou tirar. O que falta agora? COLEIRA DE ELETROCHOQUE?


🗣️ ¡𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐀 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐀𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐎́𝐍!✍️🇻🇪 Es importante tener en cuenta las medidas de prevención del coronavirus. No podemos bajar la guardia, recuerda que es por tu salud y la de los tuyos. #CuidémonosMás

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Máscaras? No Brasil, não. Em Israel, sim. Sem máscaras na decolagem, a comitiva brasileira que viajou para a Israel em busca de acordos para vacinas e medicamentos contra coronavírus passou a usar o equipamento de proteção ao desembarcar.

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Tate is 1 of the million people around the world to have died after contracting the coronavirus. The virus has robbed millions more of the chance to properly grieve, with funerals banned or limited to small numbers of socially distanced mourners 04

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新型コロナウイルス感染症の最新状況まとめ - LINE NEWS

Atila Iamarino
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“Lockdown gera variantes” Sim, coronavírus não é um vírus respiratório que circula em aglomerações. Ele surge espontaneamente das dobras do sofá e infecta quem tá em casa. Manaus, inclusive, fez tanto lockdown em 2020 que a surgiu de uma rede. Por isso é uma variante.

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Susan Collins did not vote for the coronavirus relief bill, putting monetary matters over human lives. Shame on you, Senator Collins. Shame, shame, shame.

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Após passar 2020 entre os estados de melhor desempenho contra o coronavírus, Rio Grande do Sul deixa lista dos dez estados com menor mortalidade pela doença. Está agora em 11º lugar

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Now Ron Johnson plans to make the Senate read the entire coronavirus relief package verbiage out loud, delaying relief to Americans in need. There is seriously something off with this man.

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@DennisCricket_ Thanks to AIFF for successfully conducting ISL 7 with 11 teams playing 20 games each when coronavirus is peak in India.

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A total of 2,290 military healthcare workers have been vaccinated with the Coronavirus Vaccine as of Thursday, March 4. Read more: (Photos from JTF-NCR, HPA, & EastMinCom) #AFPyoucanTRUST #WeHealAsOne

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NEW: President Biden calls Texas and Mississippi decisions to end mask mandates “a big mistake and criticizes what he views as “Neanderthal thinking” after CDC warned against complacency in the face of emerging coronavirus variants on Monday.

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JUST IN: President Biden said every adult in the will be able to get a coronavirus vaccination by the end of May because of increases in production, moving up the timeline from the end of July.

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BREAKING: Texas is lifting its mask mandate, making it the largest state to end an order intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Gov. Greg Abbott has faced sharp criticism from his party over the mandate, imposed eight months ago.

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Black vax hesitancy makes headlines, but the most reluctant group by far is white Republicans--a much larger group.

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Esta semana es de flexibilización económica y segura, por lo que es muy importante seguir reforzando las medidas de bioseguridad, de protección individual y colectiva. Tengamos presente que la Pandemia del Coronavirus circula libremente por las calles. ¡Cuidémonos Siempre!

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If you feel it necessary to wear a mask when you are completely and totally alone…you have much bigger problems than coronavirus… Seek help.

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Coronavirus Cases Update: देश में फिर से टेंशन देने लगा है कोरोना, लगातार चौथे दिन आए 16 हजार से अधिक नए केस #CoronaVirusUpdates

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Todo Santo ☑ Cientificamente, relação do impacto, colapso sistema de saúde sob big erro = Plano Cloroquina + Variante Novo #coronavirus * Falhas no cronograma de imunização Fase 1 em TODO país; ☑ Atingir 10% população vacinada contra #COVID19 início 2º trimestre 2021;

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South Korea said that 18,489 people received their first doses of AstraZeneca PLC’s vaccine by midnight on Friday (Feb. 26) as it launched an ambitious COVID-19 inoculation campaign, and will begin using Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines on Feb. 27.

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¡Juntos Y Unidos, VS Esta Pandemia Del Coronavirus #Covid19 Hasta, El Final! 😉👍 ⚽⭐

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Coronavirus. ¿Qué pasa con las vacunas Sputnik V que “sobran” en CDMX?

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NPO Kansai Health and Medical Academic Liaison Committee Free Online Symposium Kansai Health and Medical Creation Conference 3rd Online Symposium “From Coronavirus Infection (COVID 19) Defense to Reversal Offensive Phase” March 19 ( Fri) 13:00 he

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Com UTIs lotadas em 17 capitais, Fiocruz diz que SUS vive pior momento da pandemia

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Coronavirus: Study reveals 3 early signs of COVID-19 affecting your eyes - Times of India Coronavirus: Study reveals 3 early signs of COVID-19 affecting your eyes Times of India

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@nikoCSFB Biden isn’t calling the coronavirus a hoax, which-hunt, or that it will disappear like a miracle. He’s being optimistic but also aggressive with distribution of vaccines. He’s still a pos but saying that they’re the same is just insane. Trump is openly racist.

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India Records 16,488 New COVID-19 Cases, 113 Deaths, Says Health Ministry A total of 16,488 novel coronavirus cases were reported in a day, showed data updated at 8 am todayNew Delhi: India registered a single-day spike of o

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Tokyo coronavirus case count for today is 337. Previous two Saturdays: 327, 369 7-day average Serious cases -2 to 68.

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Vaccilotte R 💉 #BLM 🎯 🏳️‍🌈 #paniektrutclub
Vaccilotte R 💉 #BLM 🎯 🏳️‍🌈 #paniektrutclub ()

Het debat over het coronavirus is omgeslagen: het kabinet zit klem tussen roep om verruiming en via @trouw

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