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We were able to find our man from last week! Now he has a couple jerseys of his own to choose from and I have a new friend named Brock..

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@thebigowo Takumi is the top in the couple kfkkfkeksb but theyre both equal, even tho samaël kinda bully him for being too outgoing sometimes lmao.

@withacupofmochi Oof kookmin’s definitely that mushy couple and jungkook always has a soft spot for jimin sighhh.

Sometimes my brain switches back to dmt mode n suddenly infinite duality everything kicks back in for a couple seconds and that shit be hitting differently. Here’s tht life and death simultaneously experienced thru infinite fractals u ordered 4 years ago..

@piersmorgan agreed, she will just cause trouble and maybe blow a couple of people up in the process, noooo.

nanglibak kog couple gaina sa mcdo ba pagsud namo sa cr nya wa ko kibaw na kauban diay to nila tong isa pa ka nag cr pakshet nadunggan talaga niya ang all hahahahahahahahahahahaha mao na panglibak pa.

@ReavisBaseball @ReavisAthletics Billy is my favorite Ram of all time but come Friday I won’t even like him for a couple of hours..

no khap it was only a couple of my niggas my age that was shooting ppl wen we was younger but it’s like ALL my young niggas now be shooting ppl . But it ain’t even coo , niggas losing they whole life at the age of 15-16 plus taking a kid life who the same age. Smh.

There was fr this guy i met in Vegas for my 21st that still tries talking to me every couple months and i just don’t reply bc you know my mans🥰 but damn dude leave me alone😂.

En tout cas, de toute façon à partir du moment où on est en couple, je suis ta meuf, ta copine et ta meilleure amie. Pourquoi aller chercher une copine ailleurs ??.

Omg yes!! Congratulations to you both you beautiful couple ❤️❤️❤️.

@JaggyMac Kingdom Korean period piece zombie series. I know it sounds meh, but very good. Couple of French series The Chalet, La Mante, and a very good US series about the history of serial killer investigation called Mindhunter..

Why is Feb 14 so important to some people?Is it for the flowers, chocolates?extra attention and love? but they are things that a couple in a relationship should already be doing on a regular basis 💭.

Headed back in a couple days to Michigan from Flordia trip. Look at the frost this am on the fence and pasture. Wow! Good thing i put blankets on horses last night. #ranch.

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4 men charged in beating of gay couple leaving a bar in Austin @CNN.

@collectdog I assumed all of the pairs of ppl at my work tonight were a couple so gl.

@johndarner @BearcatChE91 It works for me but over the last couple days I’ve had a few others say this as well..

Will you be our Valentine? Come join us for a couple of matches of Worbital online 😍 Today, at 5pm EEST / 10am ET. Join our Discord for matchmaking:.

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@xoxosteroline They were never a couple. Julie wrote it and said it. Even in the official book of TVD is Kc never mentioned and Steroline was always planed since S2. Julie said Steroline is endgame like Delena. She only needs viewers for Legacies..

#KTNLightMyValentine hi guys, we are a young couple expecting our first child, it has been very tough on bae and i would just love to appreciate her for being in my life..

@StageDoorGuru Check out the insta of @LucieBFink !! She posted a bunch last night and got video walking out stage door a couple times while they were backstage :).

@Cyrilhanouna mettait nous ce soir svp le couple Max et Kelly. Il reflète mieux l’esprit de la St sont glamours et mignons peu importe si il existe rien entre eux. Ils donneront un peu de rêve @TPMP.

@CampbellX Very true. I need to get through today. Then I’ll hide for a couple of days and regroup xx.

We were able to find our man from last week! Now he has a couple jerseys of his own to choose from and I have a new friend named Brock..

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“ออฟ จุมพล - กัน อรรถพันธ์” สุดปลื้ม คว้ารางวัล LINE TV Best Couple คู่จิ้นขวัญใจมหาชนจาก #LINETVAWARDS2019 มาครอง เผยไม่คิดว่าบท ”ปิ๊ก-โรม” ที่ประกบการคู่กันครั้งแรกจะทำให้ประสบความสำเร็จได้ถึงขนาดนี้ เอ่ยสัญญาจะเป็น #ออฟกัน ที่น่ารักแบบนี้ให้แฟนๆตลอดไป ♥.

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So in a couple weeks, we are now removing the following industries according to Democrats: 1) Airline Industry - Bye 2) Oil & Gas - Bye 3) Private Healthcare - Bye 4) Meat Industry - Bye Did I miss any? #DemsGoneCrazy.

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