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David Luiz: 3 penalties conceded in 160 PL games for Chelsea 2 penalties conceded in 4 PL games for Arsenal Laurel, meet Hardy..

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@CFCLew_ @CFCJamiee I remember ‘someone’ wanted David Luiz to stay, so he could ‘help’ him defensively… Imagine these two trainwrecks starting today🤣.

Arsenal Fans lets tell ourselves the truth, Chelsea sold us an empty Brazilian hair in David This is pure fraud.

Jokes aside, 8M we spent on David Luiz is the worst money we have spent on a defender since Andre Santos and Squillaci #ARSAVL.

-Sokratis and David Luiz isn’t a partnership that works. Holding and Chambers may be better when Rob is ready. -It’s far too easy to create chances against us. I’m not a coach though there’s got to be a solution. Got to press as a team or not press at all. We’re in between atm..

@Matt5cott Love your positivity. However watching David Luiz i found myself thinking the unthinkable which is wanting Mustafi back. never thought i would have ever consider that..

Chelsea should be happy they let David luiz leave, a joke of a defender #CHELIV #ARSAVL.

Hey man, my names David Luiz and next game I’m going to score a goal to win the game man. I’m sorry about the penalty man but it happens to all of us man. Can’t wait for the win man. Let’s go man *proceeds to do shitty dance*.

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“O Arsenal precisava contratar um zagueiro que soubesse lidar com a pressão e com qualidades para liderar, mas gastou 8 milhões de libras no David Luiz, um jogador que nunca demonstrou ter essas qualidades” - Tony Cascarino, em entrevista ao The Times.

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David Luiz conceded 3 penalties at Chelsea in 160 games, already 2 at Arsenal 🙃 #Arsenal.

If David Luiz is too trash to play for Arsenal or any other team for that matter, why the fuck do I want him on my team? Because he was here before? Ok. Let’s sign Shéu then! Or maybe José Augusto if he’s available..

They thought David Luiz would be better than Mustafi 😂.

David Luiz is doing a great job for A̶r̶s̶e̶n̶a̶l̶ Chelsea.

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It was a good week for Mesut Ozil and Lucas Torreira Less so for David Luiz and Ainsley Maitland-Niles Arsenal power rankings | @jamesbenge.

Somebody on Aftv said getting David luiz to solve your defensive problems is like giving an alcoholic more alcohol to solve their alcohol problem 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Arsenal show wrong attitude to shine light on same old problems By @TonyEvans92a #afc.

David Luiz penalties conceded: For Chelsea: 3 in 160 games For Arsenal: 2 in 4 games.

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Günaydın David Luiz’e sahip olmayan şanslı insanlar 🥰.

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@Arsenal @Aubameyang7 David Luiz is a Chelsea Agent sent to Arsenal to destroy Arsenal from inside.

Can’t believe Arsenal fans were really gassed about David Luiz signing making out he would transform there attack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

David Luiz is a complete clown at Arsenal. Thankyou so much Frank for selling him to Arsenal..

Arsenal fans were like, David Luiz ticks all the boxes and we have had the best transfer ins ever since ages - it’s our time to win the league. They are level points with a banned Chelsea that was supposed to be ‘relegated’🤦‍♂️.

David Luiz à Paris VS David Luiz à Arsenal #PSG #WATARS.

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@Aubazettes Why are you only criticising Sokratis, Aubzettes? Saw that on your earlier post as well. You should critisize Emery for having to play out from behind when we clearly dont have good enough players to do so. What about David Luiz making another decisive penalty costing us points?.

Scenes when David Luiz scores an own goal against Chelsea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..

David Luiz: 3 penalties conceded in 160 PL games for Chelsea 2 penalties conceded in 4 PL games for Arsenal Laurel, meet Hardy..

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