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Steve Kerr going over film personally with DeMarcus Cousins at Warriors practice.

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Demarcus Cousins took a fat pay-cut to win a free ring and spent 90% of the season in the hospital and didn’t win shit 🤣😭😭.

Steve Kerr going over film personally with DeMarcus Cousins at Warriors practice.

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Watching peja slash 3s and Chris Webber light up an entire arena and Bobby Jackson coming off the bench and putting on a show and Demarcus cousins putting up 50 points and Tyreke Evans looking like the next Lebron in his rookie year. Never find a more loyal fan than me 👑.

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@Fadewade Des décisions comme ça y en a plein surtout en playoffs. Ce qui m’embête c’est qu’on juge que c’est irresponsable parce qu’il se blesse (alors que les restes de Demarcus Cousins se baladent sur le terrain et c’est au moins aussi dangereux que pour KD).

we are only idolized as superstar athletes not human beings. once we .... do human type things then we are considered bad guys - DeMarcus Cousins.

#DubsOn7 Did Demarcus Cousins earn back his role in the starting roto tonight??👀 #DubsOn7.

This is a huge deal. Warriors can’t rely on DeMarcus Cousins.

@chaddwick LMFAOOO okay so when a player goaltends, they stop the bucket from going in the basket by using their hands lol so when DeMarcus tried to grab the rebound the ball was RIGHT over the rim & Lowry got his 2 points because it would have went in had Cousins not interfered.

Demarcus Cousins made 3 key mistakes in the final two minutes of the game. Toronto should have capitalized on those mistakes and closed this series out. That shows a lack of inexperience and could of given Golden State Warriors the hope they needed. #shame.

DeMarcus Cousins sounds really hyped up for a guy who never had more than 33 wins in Sacramento.

@tonycuozzo Fuck Steph Curry Raphael Michael bay ninja turtle looking ass fuck KD snake bitch ass fuck DeMarcus Cousins cheap cop out bitch ass and fuck Draymond Green filthy dusty ugly burnt charcoal black ass and fuck every single warriors bandwagon fan.

@boogiecousins Way to go, DeMarcus! Way to not foul! Way not to explode and get a T! Way to lead the team to victory!!!! Yes! DeMarcus Cousins! Back from injury after injury! Way to go big guy!!!.

Nigga I almost broke my tv because of Demarcus cousins 😤🤦🏾‍♂️😁.

This man just put Jordan Bell, Quinn Cook, and DeMarcus Cousins in with the season on the line..

How you block Demarcus Cousins, but let Curry drive through in the same possession..

I love Demarcus Cousins but he be so tired and don’t contribute much defensively.

Demarcus Cousins is really not shit. He’s 25 feet tall and 400 lbs but Kyle Lowery’s little baby ass is scoring in him left and right..

Qué agujero defensivo supone DeMarcus Cousins. ¡Los Raptors le buscan en casi cada ataque! #NBAFinals.

A DeMarcus Cousins ya lo deberían de sacar @warriors, pero del País, solo esta regando el tepache 🤪🤦‍♂️.

Demarcus Cousins is such a waste of space. Thank God nobody offered him a max contract..

DeMarcus Cousins just Charlotte Dwight Howard without as much criticism and a green light outside the paint.

Entran Stephen Curry y Draymond Green. Salen Shaun Livingston y DeMarcus Cousins..

How many times has kyle lowry just took Demarcus cousins and gave him and fake them scored.

Demarcus Cousins looks like a guy who used to play basketball but hasn’t played for a long time and just got invited to play today by his friends. Rusty, slow, bad shots, etc..

Demarcus Cousins really finna let Ibaka be the reason his 2k rating go down lmaoo.

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