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imagine getting slashed in the chest by some guy named Derek.

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We may have missed Derek Trucks doing Love and Regret with Billy Strings at the Bridgestone, but we did see Trey do Love and Regret with Billy Strings on a rooftop in NYC, so…no regrets…just love..

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Overhears today: Derek Jeter looks like the kind of guy who would fuck someone while wearing socks..

@POTUS You aren’t investing in the thousands of Americans dying each week of the disease you promised to get under control..

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Dark Choco having the name Derek is catapulting me to outer space. LMFAO 😭.

CLASSIFIQUE O SEU PET raça: mulher pelo amor de deus nome: derek beleza: 1000/10 inteligência: 10/10 raiva: 1/10 medo: 7/10 apelido: dedé/dé já mordeu alguém: só de brincadeira 😭.

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@JustinBerkobien @alivingdeadgrl But it is Moki, Margo, and Derek back on their adventure grind. They don’t make them like they used too.

• Hate speech is not real at all. • Derek Chauvin is an innocent man. • Fortnite controllers create violence. • The entire Biden family should be in prison for life with no parole. • Food stamps and welfare should be permanently outlawed. Wake up, America..

Of all the names you could’ve chosen you gave DC the name DEREK?????.

@CRKingdomEN number 1 derek and marcus fan🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️.

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@That_Guy_Derek @SpaceRiders_NFT Welcome to the #SpaceRiders fam!!! Great pickup🔥🚀.

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@growing_daniel I can’t figure out which way the stock market’s going and it’s emotionally draining..

I echo the sentiments being heard around the province. Derek was a positive, kind human. Condolences to those grieving his passing..

Welp!!! #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup According to ItsOnlyEntertainment Derek has been arrested and posted bail on a $10,000 bond..

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@That_Guy_Derek @SpaceRiders_NFT Galactic forge to get a board Then you can go on a journey with your rider #LetsRide.

Derek was an outstanding MLA, this is such a tragic loss for our province. On behalf of the @SaskREALTORS network, we send or sincere condolences to his family, his friends, his colleagues and to everyone who benefited from his efforts to passionately serve his province..

@FarvaRangers There were Rangers fans wanting to hand back their ST if Porteous got a move to us. No doubt the same Rangers fans that claimed Lewis feguson was only being discussed because of Baz and Derek.

See if he was a pastor the republicans would listen to him. GOP guard our pastors..

@derekahunter Derek, can you tell me how often AR15s are used in school shootings compared to how many school shootings are committed by transgender people?.

@RhiannonTwitbit Haha same. Tom fun and Derek…”is it Giro day Tom?” My ex never liked them so knew that was doomed to fail! Haha did you ever watch Catterick?.

40 Cars are entered for the Xfinity Race at Richmond 00- Cole Custer 02- Blaine Perkins 07- Stefan Parsons 08- Gray Gaulding 1- Sam Mayer 2- Sheldon Creed 4- Garrett Smithley 6- Brennan Poole 7- Justin Allgaier 8- Josh Berry 9- Brandon Jones 10- Derek Kraus.

@PremierScottMoe Truly sad news. Derek was a great guy and a good friend. RIP good buddy..

Los FILIS acaban de dejar en el campo a los BLUE JAYS DE TORONTO, con doble de DEREK HALL y ganan 6 a 5 ,estamos listos para la INSUGURACION del campeonato este jueves contra los RANGERS DE TEXAS!!!.

B5 | FS scores twice and Derek True takes the mound in the fifth. CP - 8 FS - 5 #RideHigh | #CPvsFS.

I have finished the elite 4, now comes the arduous process of raising a team with okay stats to defeat pokemon stadium. My true goal in playing pokemon red..

@chatabix1 Just starting to watch Derek series 1 having not watched it before for whatever reason seem to have missed this .David is without doubt the absolute star of the show along with Karl Pilkington. Roll on series 2.

@davenewworld_2 @LauraRiggaro He is actually awaiting trial for J6 crimes, identifies as a 3%-er, has ties to the Oathkeepers. His name is Derek Kennison. 4:6 he was arrested with took pleas-this idiot wants to go to trial. Show this video at sentencing..

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Tinderowym kolesiem jest Alex a nie jego brat. Może i zdjęcie było jego, ale styl pisania to Alex + mommy issues. Dzieci pewnie nie chce przez to, co go spotkało i pewnie mu tłukli do łba, że jest jakimś potworem. A Derek pewnie wie o tinderze, bo Alex mu powiedział #LWLsoe.

This How does the Left justify this kind of response, to anything? #TransTerrorism.

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