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fights to make after #UFC286 main card edition Leon - Colby Usman (taking time off) Gaethje - Poirier 2 Fiziev - Jalin Turner Nelson - Carlston Harris Barberena - Lainesse Maia - Murphy O’Neill - Cortez Vettori - Du Plessis Dolidze - Allen Thoughts?.

#UFC286 thoughts: -great win by Vettori against animal like Dolidze -w/Dariush over Gamrot, now Gaethje over Fiziev, the old guard standing tall against the young lions -Usman’s game is built on intimidation, but he wasn’t able to fight w/his usual confidence, legacy win for Leon.

@judobetter995 People acting like Dolidze spamming rights at a 33% clip should win him rounds 😂.

was just a solid display of the difference between them. Dolidze kept Vettori honest in that third round, but for most of that fight, including many moments in the first, Vettori was on point. Timed Dolidze well throughout. He does drop his hands a lot when he throws though..

#UFC286 Bet Picks Recap Fiziev miss away from 3-leg parlay 🥲 🅿️ Klein ✅❌ Hadley +1½ ❌ Mokaev / Fialho -2½ ✅🐶❌ Duncan -2½ ✅ Shore / Amirkhani +1½ ✅ Vettori / Dolidze +2½ ✅ Nelson ❌ Fiziev ✅ Usman / Edwards +4½ A pick away from a profitable night 3 weekends in a row..

@Imai_mma J’ai regardé le combat vettori/dolidze sur RMC j’ai coupé le son tellement ils me rendaient ouf les commentaires. Quand t’es habitué au caviar en VO c’est dur de te manger cette merde franchement..

RESULTADOS - #UFC286 Leon Edwards vence a Kamaru Usman por decisión mayoritaria. ➡️ Justin Gaethje vence a Fiziev por DM ➡️ Gunnar Nelson derrotó a Barberena por sumisión. ➡️ Jennifer Maia derrotó a Casey O’Neill por DU ➡️ Marvin Vettori derrotó a Roman Dolidze por DU.

Dolidze Photo,Dolidze Photo by Ferz Paucar 🇪🇨,Ferz Paucar 🇪🇨 on twitter tweets Dolidze Photo

Some really unbelievable judges scorecards tonight Dolidze DEC would’ve paid another $550 Usman DEC another $540 Some last minute bets and split decision’s really came through.

Dolidze Photo,Dolidze Photo by AussieFightFan,AussieFightFan on twitter tweets Dolidze Photo

@HadyMawasy Leon Edwards ML +200 ✅ Gaethje on points | Leon Edwards ML +2380 ✅ Gunnar Nelson ML ✅ Also lost 3 parlays that otherwise would have cashed due to the Dolidze loss. 🥹.

Galera, confesso que fiquei decepcionado com a derrota do Roman Dolidze… minhas apostas eram baseadas numa vitória dele, e na minha opinião ele venceu, mas se vai pra decisão dos juízes, a gente não consegue controlar. Logo após a derrota de Dolidz….

Dolidze Photo,Dolidze Photo by MMA HOJE,MMA HOJE on twitter tweets Dolidze Photo

@bjpenndotcom Bet on Dolidze and still think Vettori won. Santos on the other hand got absolutely shafted!.

@SpinninBackfist However you scored it, 30-27 Vettori ludicrous. Dolidze won round 1 no question.

A profit of units on #UFC286 ✅Hardy (live) +1u ❌Carolina -1u ✅Klein(P)/Hadley +.48u ✅Hadley KO +1u ✅L. Duncan/Murphy + ❌Patterson/Shore DGTD -1u ❌Morales/Shore -1u ❌Shore ITD/Nelson/Fiziev ❌Dolidze -1u ✅Maia + ✅Edwards + #GamblingTwitter.

@DSolidarias Perfecto! Yo iba con Dolidze y Fiziev Lo hicieron bien Pero perdimos 🥲😝😉.

Lol im taking a break from betting UFC. Idk if my bet is influencing how I view fights but i dont see how Usman & Dolidze Loss today. Just gotta watch it for a while before it ruins my entire experience from the sport..

If you think Dolidze was robbed but Leon deserved the win, you are actually thick as pigshit and your mma knowledge is atrocious.

@Octagon_Insider 30-27 é absurdo. A primeira ronda é claramente do Dolidze. Ele irritou-me bastante porque o vettori estava bastante desprotegido do seu lado direito e o Dolidze nao lançava crosses de esquerda. Apenas mãos direitas. Podia mto bem ter vendido o combate. É frustrante.


@KyleAnthonyUFC @WagerTalk Congrats Kyle! Finally after the botched R. Dolidze robbery. Roman was pounding Marvin’s head sending him back 5ft each time..

@SpinninBackfist UFC judges for Vettori vs Dolidze. Robbery or points for Orc power? #UFC286.

Dolidze Photo,Dolidze Photo by Stu-Tang-Clan,Stu-Tang-Clan on twitter tweets Dolidze Photo

I don’t care, Roman Dolidze is still the real deal. I’ve been on the hype for quite some while. That fight was very close, but Dolidze won that. Clearly 2 rounds. This was against a #4 ranked. He could still hold his own against all the others in the top 5..

@GossipDudeGoss1 Very true, but the only bad decision tonight was making Marvin Vettori the winner over Dolidze in my opinion. Also the Murphy-Santos decision could have gone either way. How about you?.

regardless of the loss, dolidze showed he’s a tough night for a lot of middleweights and georgian mma is on a very healthy rise.

@PerplexedByThat Agreed, I had it 29-28 Dolidze, but could see 30-27 Dolidze. Losing, no way. SMH..

@ColinCrandall33 Option E. Could have seen it either way (granted it being the last leg of a parlay of mind, Dolidze should have won) but 30-27 is insane.

Vettori’s corner is dog shit, after dolidze threw the same combo for 3 rounds come up with something cmon.

@J_gonzalez015 @SpinninBackfist So Dolidze’s kick’s didn’t do much damage but those leg kicks did right?.

#UFC286 i can’t really believe these boring girls bum fighting above of Vettori vs Dolidze fight !! 😡.

@MMAmelotto Esperava mais do Dolidze, QI de luta 0, fez a mesma coisa durante 3 rounds, mérito do vettori por ter mapeado e conseguido impor seu jogo..

@MattyBetss Hey @CircaSports you guys really hung -600 on Dolidze live? Can I apply for a job in your risk room.

les coups de dolidze on plus impacté + il a mieux dicter le rythme.

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