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Draymond is happy to see the improvement from the second unit.

BANGGGG ANOTHER LAYYY NBA Parlay (+558 odds)💰💰💰 Luka 3s✅ Draymond Green PRA✅ Anfernee Simmons points✅ 2 PARLAYS IN ONE NIGHT WE’RE STACKING CASH DEGENS🫡💵🔥.

If you’re Dallas why not run through every Draymond ball screen to force him to shoot FTs?.

ONE LEG AWAY FROM A FEW PARLAYS DEGENS NEED GOOD VIBEZ🙏🏼🙏🏼 CBB Parlay (+542 odds) Clemson ML✅ College of Charleston -6✅ Iowa 🤞🏼 NBA Parlay (+558 odds) Luka 3s✅ Draymond Green PRA✅ Anfernee Simmons points🤞🏼.

Warriors blew it by bricking a bunch of shots in a row and Draymond with back to back turnovers.

@anthonyVslater Draymond came in and immediately turned the ball over twice. This was the second time Curry went for a late three when he could’ve attacked the cup. Klay still pulling the string on his j..

Spencer Dinwiddie missed more game time for clocking Jordan Poole in the face than Draymond did.

@DK__DFS On a 3 game slate with decent value it’s insane lol too bad low owned Draymond busted but hopefully this ends up as a good night for me.

Draymond Photo,Draymond Photo by Ryan Schnabel,Ryan Schnabel on twitter tweets Draymond Photo

@urklespaces You don’t think they give the MVP to draymond is Kyrie misses the 3 and we score?.


against wiggins & draymond as his primary defenders… that’s tuff.

Draymond with two huge turnovers in clutch minutes and a Curry travel with the shot clock turned off and a Luka 40 piece to result in a Dallas W?.

Draymond Photo,Draymond Photo by Om Arvind,Om Arvind on twitter tweets Draymond Photo

I know Draymond knock his ass harder than that mans gotta chill 😂😂😂.

@DianaD1P @ESPNNBA Steph had world class defender draymond as well as sharp shooter klay to help him a lot. No doubt he was the best by far tho.

I thought Draymond was gon put Curry to sleep with a hook when he traveled with the game on the line..

Refs get Hardaway with a touchy foul on Poole on the inbounds. Warriors run the same action after the free throw and Draymond MAULS Hardaway while setting a screen, no foul. Make it make sense lol.

As much as I love draymond that man gotta go bruh, bro done passed up 2-3 possessions where he could’ve scored but didn’t,smh 😒.

You telling me Draymond grabbed 1 rebound the whole second half? Ain’t no fucking way bruh nba is so bullshit. Chances of that are so slim.

bro wtf is wrong with wiggins and klay today. DRAYMOND CANT GET 2 ASISTS, KLAY CANT HIT A ANOTHER 3, WIGGINS CANT EVEN GET 15 POINTS.


Klay fading out of bounds 3 or Draymond turnover out of this timeout.

Poole been catching that smoke since the Draymond Green situation.

vendo Warriors jogando clutch time dá a impressão que é um time em rebuild Stephen Curry com um QI negativo, logo ele demos 2 bolas seguidas pra Draymond Green conhecido por foder jogos que cometeu 2 turnovers seguidos a marcação ruim eu até já me acostumei.


@steph_ballin 5 points ?????? Steph be saving him 😂😂 even Draymond out scored him smh.

Hmm… Was this call made bc he intentionally got the tech at the end of the Minnesota game to stick up for Draymond? Refs didn’t appreciate that one 🤷🏼‍♂️.

@timkawakami That was the same play they used vs Raptors in game six in ‘19. Boogie set the pick then, but Ibaka figured it out just in time, made a brilliant recovery to contest Steph. Klay was more open tonite. It’s a brilliant play. Draymond with the pass both times..

@michaelgarriso7 @SportsCenter Draymond doesn’t get a pass from refs come on now you know this..

Draymond was out there trying to be Luka with a poorly attempted no-look pass to Steph that resulted in a transition pull-up 3 by Luka..

@NonchalantMuch_ I’m with ya. Draymond & I are definitely fighting at least once at some point after that sucker punch before we can move on. Lol.

@AndyKHLiu Wouldn’t have mattered. They still wouldn’t get it. Remember when they challenged that foul on Draymond when Mitchell twisted his ankle and Draymond didn’t even touch him? They challenged it and still lost..

@DaltonRichard17 I think he can become our Draymond green but more athletic and a better 3 point shooter.

This Wizards squad is 🔥🔥🔥 PG: Alex Caruso SG: Bradley Beal SF: Sadiq Bey PF: Draymond Green C: Porzingis 6: Kuz 7: Diallo 8: Daniel Gafford 9:Reggie Jackson.

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