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jk rowling: you’re the pit guy right me: jk please jk rowling: dumbledore’s pits smelt great me: I didn’t even read your books jk rowing: they were deep, musky, like an old library.

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Draco: Daddy can u pass salt? Harry and Lucius: yea sure! Harry: Lucius: James: Narcissa: Lily: Remus: Sirius: Dumbledore: Ron: Salazar Slytherin: Voldemort: Obama: Draco: I can ! #HarryPotter #drarry 😂😂😂.

یه روز یه توئیتری گیر نداد به توئیت بقیه مرد:)).

@cakeoryx @CJPendragon I guess she needs to team up with James and write 50 Runes of Dumbledore..

Dumbledore y Grindelwald tuvieron una intensa relación sexual y JK Rowling lo acaba de confirmar.

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nobody: JK Rowling: Dumbledore fucked Snape right in the ass, it was so gay. Like too gay. And Harry is a bisexual non-binary who fucked a carrot in the ass while Ginny had a orgasm in the corner..

Jk Rowling Grindelwald ve dumbledore arasında ilişki olduğundan bahsetmiş şu kitabı bi sal artık gözünü seviyim yeni yeni icatlar çıkarma.

She been saying Dumbledore is gay for 10 years tho. But that comment showed me she got a fetish lol.

the gross over sexualization of gay people continues as jk rowling says that dumbledore and grindelwald had an intense sexual relationship.

@joogasama jk Rowling just revealed Dumbledore used to buttfuck or get buttfucked by a terrorist..

jk rowling: you’re the pit guy right me: jk please jk rowling: dumbledore’s pits smelt great me: I didn’t even read your books jk rowing: they were deep, musky, like an old library.

Me: Rowling: Albus Dumbledore taught Magic Johnson how to play basketball and invented Hepatitis C.

I wonder if in the wizarding world they had spells for douching. Dumbledore probably had a spell for quick magic douching whenever Grindelwald wanted to clap his wizard cheeks with his monster cock..

a última de rowling eu não sei quem ela pensou que ia surpreender as fanfics ja trabalham com tensão sexual altíssima entre dumbledore e grindelwald desde 2007 pra ela vir com isso como se fosse novidade eu hein.

se o dumbledore gosta de mim e me da pontos atoa é pq eu MERECI eu não CULPA se a sonserina não tem diretor de escola pra puxar o saco deles, CARALHO.

@GBTW47 @jk_rowling Sexual relationships can still stem from a naracisst just look what happened to Johnny Depp. In fact I see Dumbledore and grindelwalds relationship quite similar to that. One loved the other and the other pretended to love back. Its complicated which makes it good..

literally no fucking body: jk rowling: dumbledore used the bumps on the elder wand as anal beads.

the first three tweets of my feed are different variations of DUMBLEDORE FUCKS HARD and can i give a shoutout to jk rowling to shut the fuck up and eat your salad and leave the rest of us in peace. please. for the LOVE of god..

...I thought Rowling’s big reveal about Dumbledore and Grindelwald was just an Onion parody..

Revelation: Auto mein jo couple tha vo Grindlewald aue Dumbledore thhe..

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Tava assistindo Os Crimes de Grindewald e percebi que preciso ler os livros do Harry Potter novamente pra relembrar pontos da história que fala da família do Dumbledore.

JK Rowling: Dumbledore and Grindelwald were gay for each other Fans: Do you plan to meaningfully expand on that in any future Harry Potter stories? JK: No, but I will tell you that they had a bunch of hot gay wizard sex.

Rowling forgot to mention the passionate 3-way Dumbledore and Grindelwald had with Dobby..

Nobody: JK Rowling: “Dumbledore and Grindelwald walk into a talent ”.

Dumbledore was actually a furry, his fursona was a dog. He loved being walked on a leash. Just write another damn series omg eoaigrjoaeirjg stop.

Nobody: JK Rowling: Dumbledore was really into chastity and was the keyholder for 6,000 plus men. Remember the room with the flying keys? They unlock as many knobs as they do doors. He also liked to dress up as Rei from Evangelion and chow down on some deep fried Oreos..

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