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Elon Musk says Trump will win ‘landslide victory’ if indicted.

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Elon Musk says Trump will win by LANDSLIDE in 2024 if arrested | Daily Mail Online.

Obrigado Elon Musk. Finalmente o monopólio do fact check da esquerda caiu. Fake News braba sendo desmentida pra todos verem..

NEW - Elon Musk: The banks are melting. #Bitcoin is the escape route ✊.

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Elon Musk paid more income tax than anyone ever in the history of Earth for 2021 & will do that again for 2022. Mainstream Media will never show you this. @elonmusk.

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@SerLondonCrypto Gm you $MONKEY @elonmonkeys Elon will tweet about monkeys soon!.

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Every so often I pause and think how remarkable it is that Elon bought a website that is mostly full of people calling him an idiot..


“My legacy could never be undone!” - Nicki Minaj. Anyway just documenting before Elon takes them away.🫠 contrary to popular belief, i got to do a lot bc this lil png blue dot. TV shows, commercials, podcasts, etc. It’s been real tho. TO FREEDOM‼️💙🫡.

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twitter should let me scream slurs and call people fucking morons without risking suspension 💔💔💔 so much for ”freedom of speech” elon.

Elon saying that people that don’t pay for the app are permanently shadow banned basically👍 this man so retarded.

Is Elon just bad at business or is he trying to tank Twitter on purpose so marginalized groups can’t organize as easily.

@elonmusk Poll: Who wants to tell Elon that we don’t need the actual poll function to poll on Twitter? A. I do. B. I really do. (Team meetings that could have prevented another Twitter embarrassment.😬).

Hey Elon Musk…while you have your tech team working on the infamous blue checks, could you throw in an edit button? Also, separate fonts for rhetoric and sarcasm might be helpful..

@iambroots @hexographer Get a bigger tub roots. Ape an eth into $BUMBLE-C at these prices could do just that. Elon other bot #optimus is at 50M.

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Elon is about to make Twitter loose it value This is insane.

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Make I just cash out my demo acct first, who born Elon!!!!!!!.

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@Logically_JC The blue check mark has clearly become the rising symbol of the White Nationalist Party. Elon’s new symbol of promoted hate speech. I refuse to pay for it..

@SamWhyte I noticed this earlier and thought it was some kind of weird glitch, but seems it was Elon, a different kind of weird glitch..

@vidsthatgohard Bro was more lost than elon after buying twitter.

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Isso que o Elon tá fazendo com o Twitter foi de tanto vocês twittarem esse site é de graça quando um tweet bom aparecia na timeline.

Elon Musk not only ruined twitter but ruined the magic of my @ looking like shooreh pippi but actually being ShoorehpLppL.

“Yo, Bill, Stay In Your Lane!” Elon Musk Tells Gates He’s Not As Educated On AI As He Thinks He Is..

Elon Musk is gonna make it even harder to find/see non-verified accounts (ones w/no blue check mark) So u don’t pay, u don’t play- is how he’s putting it- & I don’t want to pay 4 something that WAS free &for good reason- but Elon only cares about Elon;) ((😈)).

Since Elon decided to make the polls so just people that pay for it can vote I will have to rush and post my polls more often..

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if we “don’t have time,” how did kara find time to tell us all we should be putting our retirement money in crypto and defending elon musk?.

I’m Jeffrey Brower and I approve this message. Please elect me to take over Twitter. It’s time for real leadership. I might not know shit about technology but neither does Elon..

@ozan_blk07 Elon musk Kafayı taktı sana virüs 🦠 bulaştı bi sefer bu hastalık yakanı bırakmaz Sen en iyisi Tweetteri terket Ayasofya ya git,Hocayı bul Tövbe👆İstiğfar getir sonrası kendiliğinden gelir .Mutlu_Mesut Yeniden👆Refah ‘lı günler içinde hayatına devam edersin İnşaAllah.

Honestly nothing will really change when Elon makes the for you tab feature exclusively blue checks cuz even now it’s populated only with fucking idiots.

This is crazy he wants that money so bad😭 One day you wake up and Elon Musty only allows 1/3 tweets per day for non-Blue Twitter users.

@Crypto_Crib_ As ever, big thank you 😊 to Elon for takin care of retail - both banks & Alts’ shorters treat retail as garbage - we can safely say that both of them will get what they desrve - a big Z E R O 🤪🤪.

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