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Joel Embiid: “I’m not a two-time MVP. I’ve never made 1st-Team All NBA, I’ve never won anything, so why is there pressure on me to do something when there are guys that have won a bunch of MVPs and haven’t done anything either?” (via @ShamsCharania).

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Joel Embiid says he doesn’t need to stat pad to help his MVP case: “It is coming naturally. Even against the Bulls (on March 22), I could have easily stat-padded if I wanted to, but I don’t care. I could have easily come back in and got a triple-double and make sure that I keep….

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JOEL EMBIID TONIGHT: 46 Points 9 Rebounds 8 Assists 2 Steals 1 Block 56% FG 🔥🔥🔥.

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Joel Embiid says ‘analytics don’t make sense at all’ “You can talk about analytics all you want. When you got some guys in the league, the eye test tells you that they’re not good defensively, but analytics tell you they’re the best defenders. That’s when analytics don’t make….

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With 2 weeks to go, Joel Embiid remains at the top of the NBA App MVP Ladder 👀 📲:.

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Joel Embiid a Draymond: '¿Sabes por qué jugué así esta noche? Porque dijiste que Jokic era el jugador más difícil de defender. Me lo tomé como algo personal' 46 PUNTOS 9 REBOTES 8 ASISTENCIAS 💥💥💥.

Joel Embiid’den Draymond Green’e “Bu gece neden böyle bir performans sergiledim biliyor musun? Ligde savunulması en zor oyuncu Nikola Jokic demiştin ve ben de bunu kişisel algıladım.”.

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Doc not trusting players with fouls (Embiid literally only has 2) costing us 4+ point swings at end of halfs and quarters like clockwork.

@warriors 1. Give curry ball 2. double embiid 3. pay the refs more than 76ers 4. Contain Tobias Harris.

The Sixers perimeter shooting is finally showing some life to close the half. Excellent half from Embiid, who is on triple double watch again (19/5/5/2). Tobias with a much needed 15 points as well..

Joel Embiid told Draymond Green tonight: “You know why I played like that tonight? Because you said Jokic was the hardest guy to guard in the league. So I took that personally.” Green: “So now I want to say (Embiid) is the hardest guy to guard in the league.”.

Sixers down 2 at the half, pretty bad shooting half for both teams (have to prepare for Curry and Klay to be better). 19-5-5 for Embiid at halftime even with some shaky early touch. Great Harris half, too..

The good guys hanging tough with the defending champs, trailing 55-53 at the half. Embiid with 19-5-5 and 15 much-needed points from Harris..

Embiid ultrapassou todos os limites da normalidade hoje. Extrapolou no esforço físico, tecnicamente quase perfeito e mentalmente esteve intacto. Minha preocupação só é a saúde desse cara. Impossível não sentir dores depois de uma partida nesse nível de intensidade..

No Harden or Embiid tonight. As @SpikeEskin says, the mile high air is simply unfair..

I played a decade in the league and you know how many times I’ve missed the game in Green Bay. Are we suggesting that Embiid fears Denver and that’s why he hasn’t played here since 2019. That would be a very interesting Phobia don’t you think 🤷🏾‍♂️.

@JohnKincade Let’s put it a better way. No matter what the Sixers or Embiid do here it’s wrong. You can’t have it both ways. I mean he’s already dropped 47 in a win vs. Denver in Philly so honestly what does he need to prove against him. Get him playoff ready..

Lmao y’all are tripping I just want both embiid and harden healthy before the playoffs. Who care about these last few games. They both been playing insane minutes ..

Terminó la mitad 2 puntos abajo, a distancia cerradisimo el aro, Tobias con los ataques a Klay y Embiid resolviendo entre varios cuerpos nos dieron puntos. Bien Maxey, flojos los hermanos Mxlton.

Halftime: Warriors 55, Sixers 53. Sixers finally joined the three-point party to briefly pull even less than a minute before the break. Embiid on 40-point AND triple-double watch, with 19-5-5. Harris has 15 points on 7-of-9 shooting and 4 rebounds. Maxey with 10-3-2..

@jrichardgoodman You don’t think embiid is a bit lucky in terms of the rules and all his FTs?.

*watches curry be deterred from the rim, run from embiid and be able to shoot as soon as he’s away from him* “man embiid stinks on defense”.

Embiid is one of the few guys that’s just so overwhelmingly big and strong that it seems like it’s a bit much for Draymond.

@BangoBornAgain must be why they were having jokic/embiid defense debates in the urkle space.

@dodekabasket Embiid in ligin savunulması en ımkansız oyuncu olduğunu bilmeyen mı var ayrıyetten ligin AD ile birlikte en iyi boyalı alan savunmacısı.

@ileph999 Embiid winning a ring before that fat dude in Denver.

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@EMBIID_to_MVP 残留争い的な話です。 残留争いライバルなんで 滋賀は全然嫌いではないです.


@ATLHawksFR @vinsansalcool1 Défense oui, c’est le seul domaine où il a progressé effectivement Le playmaking, il est resté sur ses acquis. Excellent pour trouver les shooteurs dans les corners (le meilleur de la ligue ?), pas mal en transition, c’est tout. Aucune connexion développée avec Embiid.

@NordbThomas Det her er by far den beste utgaven av Joel Embiid jeg har sett, og det sier MYE etter de siste tre åra..

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