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We are investigating issues where logging into Epic Games accounts fails with the Invalid Client error and preventing from logging in to the game. We will update you when this issue is resolved

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Angie J. Han
Angie J. Han ()

ok i finally watched Happy Death Day and it’s a delight all around but that epic Groundhog Day troll — 👏👏👏

Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor ()

On the 10th anniversary of the movement fraudulently labelled India Against Corruption, @mihirssharma excoriates those who were willing participants in self-delusion&points to what IAC has given us, a(much worse) increasingly illiberal elected autocracy:

Izaan Fly
Izaan Fly ()

@jtel1990 @Edwinwkf Tun Mahathir can stand and worked together with Lim Kit Siang and DS Anwar Ibrahim. Nothing can beat this epic partnership in our political history.

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League ()

🔴 Bayern produce epic comeback against Manchester United #OTD in 2014 🔥 @FCBayernEN | #UCL

Darshan Mistry
Darshan Mistry ()

We’re not even half-way through the epic road trip with and mischievous Toto is hurt! Found a doctor on the way. We chose to #LeaveTotoWithDoc to go and buy medicines. What’s next on the journey, @PrimeVideoIN? #HelloCharlieOnPrime

Justin Udany
Justin Udany ()

He’s obviously had some awesome dance partners but Gargano is epic on every Takeover.

Ravena ()

the servers being broken after the update is super visible in this clip -- see the wall bounce! idk how the game gets broken in such weird ways with each update. the server quality has really gone downhill since the S1 Epic Games update. sorry to vent😖

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones ()

Rally the realm. Relive the most epic moments from #GameofThrones and stream the entire series on @HBOMax. #IronAnniversary

Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Resources ()

Locke & Key/The Sandman Universe: @joe_hill Hill & @GR_comics Tease the Epic Crossover

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Horrible Fortnite Short Films
Horrible Fortnite Short Films ()

so it would be pretty epic if you followed @melonguts. They are a really good artist.

Tybuddhaboy ()

we’ve moved so far beyond epic science and rationalism as a society that it’s legitimately shocking to meet one of them in the like running into a neanderthal at the grocery store

K1rua【フォロバ100%】 ()

みんなEpic luncher 開けなくて困っているらしい…少しうざいかもしれないけど俺の身内の一人と僕は無事…他の身内のかたはなんでたよぉおおおおおぉて騒いでました。 身内情報ですがPC落とさなかったら勝ち組!キリていってました ぼくPCじゃないからいいけど、 他のCS勢どうなんですかね

RayEden ()

Pues ya estamos de vuelta en twitch! ❤❤ Vamos a jugar apex porque Epic está caido y mañana se viene pase del rocket a full! Vente a saludar :D @twitchpr0mo

PΛИÐΛ Nostryx🇩🇪🇬🇧
PΛИÐΛ Nostryx🇩🇪🇬🇧 ()

How is the Epic Games launcher still not starting? Like its been down for like 5 hours, are you guys even doing anything @EpicGames

Constitutional Nobody
Constitutional Nobody ()

Angela Staton King Schools ‘Dr.’ Phil In Epic Beatdown

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11:FS ()

#11FSisFive 🎈🎂 Every birthday party needs an epic playlist, right? 🎶 We asked some of our team to pick a track that encapsulates their time at 11:FS. This is what they said 👇

This Week In Video Games
This Week In Video Games ()

#Outriders - How to endlessly farm Epic Loot in under 30 seconds

JIMMY Patterson Books
JIMMY Patterson Books ()

Sophia, Princess Among Beasts, the epic YA fantasy by @JP_Books, is out now with a GORGEOUS new paperback cover! Who else loves to admire fantasy book covers? 😍😍😍 Get yours here:

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tokyo 🇯🇵
Tokyo 🇯🇵 ()

@ShadowGuille93 Pero si lo quitaron de móviles cuando lo puso Epic en su tienda para pc :( yo estaba igual y acabé descargándolo en el pc

Thisisshit ()

bro what the f>ck is going on with the fortnite servers? I don`t can open the epic games launcher this is so stupid

Keel ()

@rubixka Amit küldtek az gmailre amin van az epic account, 2fa esetén minden bejelentkezésnél kéri ezt

Trollmasterr ()

People say epic cares about competitive too much, in reality they don’t care about comp at all

Luis Velarde
Luis Velarde ()

@rock_pix avisos parroquiales Servidores de Epic Games caídos no se puede jugar fortnite gracias jajajajjajajajjajaj

しーるず🦭トリオ固定@2 ()

ずっとこうなってるんだけど どうなってるんですか?epicさん

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Itz.RPG23 ()

A alguien más le está dando error el launcher de epic games o la página? Espero no ser la única desgraciada JAJAJA🥲

இம்சை_சேபி_ نواز _ ഛേപി_#voteforDMK
இம்சை_சேபி_ نواز _ ഛേപി_#voteforDMK ()

Please conduct a fresh listing of voters in all constituencies. Also kindly find a reason for low polling percent. We have an idea to increase polling percent. 1. Link Adhaar and EPIC. 2. Link all EPIC to unique number, We know it is in use but still not widened. @TNelectionsCEO

VAMOS かな ()

@Uniuni_FN 鯖落ちしてたらEPICとれないの?初期化するタイミングミスった。

Dave-The Mandalorian
Dave-The Mandalorian ()

Could you imagine the smoke Trump would have brought down on MLB if he was president and they moved the would have been some epic

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Fortnite Status
Fortnite Status ()

We are investigating issues where logging into Epic Games accounts fails with the Invalid Client error and preventing from logging in to the game. We will update you when this issue is resolved

Epic Photo,Epic twitter tendance - top tweets
☚ Bolivie #beINLigue2 ☛
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