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🚨 SCH x HAMZA ! FADE UP Produit par Zeg P. 📆 VENDREDI.

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🚨 Fade Up de SCH et HAMZA sortira ce vendredi ! Enfin 🙌.

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If it takes drake doing a dance album to open some of y’all rappers up to these house pockets we been sitting on since fade I’m completely with it lol.


Mesdames et messieurs, le son de l’été. Fade Up ☀️.

I know we talk about Kubo centering Rukia to Ichigo’s pov and how the other characters fade away around their interactions but we don’t talk about how it all leads up to eventually even the READER being a spectator to their farewell scene…they’re so beautiful.

My girl Maria the fade queen hooked me tf up today, she’s the realest. The one who gave me the first big chop that changed my life and now my first beard line up🥲🥺.

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@Methi_Dana Brain fade ho gaya so that over weekend FD come up wiht Abhis expressions in precap theories #yrkkh #abhira.

I hope we all wake up tomorrow more pissed off and even more desperate than we feel today. We can’t let this anger fade..

@gunthersgf [he freezes up] “like hell you do…the mortal mind can not physically process eternity. you will not know until you see your loved ones fade away before your eyes.”.

At that point he truly knew he had lost his only child. He’d never been there for her, and that was a pain he knew would never fade. His father had been there for him. But he’d failed to live up to him in the most important way of all: by being as good a father as Jango Fett..

Whatever you do in this life make sure you end up with a good partner 😎 Because love will fade but good person will always be good person ..


@azndfs Yup, talked ab his high impact and cashed his over easily 🏅 But in this I’m gonna fade I think shao gonna be a main contributor(all-time carry for FPX, shows up big in bo5s) and his line has more value this time.

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@FritsV4 @Logically_JC This is NOT going to fade. And SCOTUS is surrounded by HUGE fences and extra security. Our only way out of this is a HUGE sweep in Nov. Not that we shouldn’t keep up the protests, but lazy Americans not voting is the problem. Maybe they wake up now. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

@RepKinzinger Thanks for what you are doing. We Real Republicans need to stand up and be proud of what we believe in. Trump needs to fade into the sunset real quick..

Last night I had a dream I ran a fade with the Lord of the Nazgûl in my backyard and then he dapped me up saying I am the only one who can kill him and how he will see me in two years for me to take his place.

Keeping #hope alive is like gazing up at the night sky, not being able to see any stars, yet still, knowing they exist. I am proof that stars never fade, and so are you! When we share our stories we become the star in the night sky for others. Never stop shining! @KarenUnrue.

Fade Up je parie que le son a été enregistré entre 2016 et 2018.

@NickCzyk First of all, I HAAAATE UT. So having said that, there’s no way Arch Manning is in Austin for four seasons. Two, tops. Austin is where QB’s go to fade away. Granted, either way he winds up in the SEC. I can’t think of even one successful in the pros pass-first QB from UT..

Shits Wack! Mfs now and days can’t even catch a fade I remember foos would pull up just to catch a fade back then, now they can’t fade a 3v1 🤡 🤠🤣.

@jChapu15 i was literally trying to do this then my dad took my line up way too high and i had to get a mid fade 😭.

@goldnecklace2 @NickyFrank30 twitter attention drives a lot of people. i think some of them will end up being the dog that caught the car - when the current culture flashpoints that motivate them fade and the shitty policies they suddenly backed remain. 1/2.

@MamiTech7 @tom_adwar Na so one guy do me😭😭😭 carry my fade reach up turn am to semi punk.

@Mari_Cheng__ @lortomo1 Go be on a E rank mission then the damn Akatsuki gon pull up to fade u.

Bordel comment ne pas bien dormir quand à minuit on à eu: Fade up, un solo de nekfeu incroyable, un album de big flo et oli incroyable..

@Tricky_OW Not seeing as much as the fade the ramp moves today. A little nervous with rates up and oil up again lol.

@Akashi30eth Pumped - 4/4 time - 155 bpm - fade breakdown to fade build up - distortion on the kick - reverb on the snare - funky vocal hook - couple of beers and some good speakers 🔥🟨.

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@kekrafanacc fraude up mais juste les JSUIS FADE UP FADE UP NANNNN AHANANANN avec les basses c trop bien.

@vishykin @FayroeFox AYO same dude. I loved waiting with my friends I made THROUGH FURCAST to watch every Saturday. And then when the friend group broke up FURCAST seemed to fade as well. I still keep in touch sometimes with Fayroe and very rarely cj..

@ATLsportPAIN Just checked it yeah they changed the post after I did my recap. Dudes still 4-1. I mean they let up 6 runs last night but can’t fade a team who has scored 16,10 and 7 runs the past 3 games.

@DurGoat_7 @vvsEman Fade for me. Line is a toss up. COL struggles vs RHP on the road and has struck out 25% across 160PA in the past 2 weeks..

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