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Imagine if measles were spreading rapidly because some religious Muslims refused to vaccinate their kids. Fox News would be calling for internment camps.

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Black churches are burning & AS ALWAYS politicians are on fox news trying to appeal to nazis & white supremacists.

Tom Perez Blasts Fox News: Too Untrustworthy To Host Dem Debate | @crooksandliars.


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@startrekfan58 @marklevinshow Yes lying Donna Brazil, nail in the coffin. Brett Bair & Martha McCallum intertaining socialist Bernie Sanders, just so anti American puts the very Republic in the balance. Fox News the last bastion of conservative press wilting away by Media Matters and younger liberal owners..

Pete Daou and Fox News today are both Bernie wins. Are pigs about to fly over?.

“It’s not antisemitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel,” @SenSanders tells Fox News while defending @IlhanMN #BernieTownHall.

@BernieSanders come on Fox News spewing venom and hateful bashing of Trump. You can spout that crap at any of your liberal political venues. You sure won’t be winning any votes from those undecideds or middle-of-the-road voters who tuned in. Just sayin’........

Fox News watchers must be trying so hard not to like everything Bernie is saying right now..

Wow! A stunning rebuke of the Fox News host. He asked the audience to raise their hand if they got insurance through their employer. Most did. Then he asked who of those would be willing to transition to Med4All. The hands stayed up. #epic #BernieTownHall.

It is sickening to see Bernie Sanders on Fox News Town Hall disparaging our President!.

@MissDiagnosis @POTUS Qanta: How much hell did USA unleash on .. ... How many innocent people were killed by creating anarchy in Well over a million. How many American leaders charged with war Fox News and its supporters can roast in hell..

@CrackedAces00 800+ years of European history is going up in flames due to an renovation accident and you post an f*cking meme of an edited video (not even Fox News wanted to show!) ... What is the matter with you?! ♡🇨🇵.

Follow along: Live Updates: Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall in Bethlehem.

Perilous times for Mozambican children impacted by cyclone | Fox News.

Fox News Anchors Shut Down Conspiracy Theories About Notre Dame Fire.

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Trump is Getting Messages From Former Obama Officials Appearing on Fox News #SmartNews.

DNC chief says party will not reconsider holding Dem debates on Fox News -.

@ryanjreilly @bradheath That is funny. I can just see Corsi going on Fox News and whining about this court.

⚡ SCOOP Bill Gates a été diagnostiqué chelou sans aucune honte. Le fondateur de Microsoft aurait déclaré il y a de cela 5 ans à Fox News “Suivez mon poto Giscard sur Insta” à propos de son diagnostique..

@HuffPost pretty sure Fox News is not going to fire Laura Ingraham because some rappers are.

Ariana Grande reunites NSYNC at Coachella, gushes over ‘nicest human beings’ | Fox News.

Justice With Judge Jeanine 4/13/19 --| Judge Jeanine Fox News April 13, 2019 via @YouTube.

@sianoresist All the Dunkin donuts shops by me are run by Pakistani people. They never play that or Fox news. 😍❤️ And I thank them.

@JoeConchaTV When debates for the general election comes up Trump should refuse to participate unless they are hosted by Fox News.

Imagine if measles were spreading rapidly because some religious Muslims refused to vaccinate their kids. Fox News would be calling for internment camps.

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