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If the Shiv Sena defectors bring down the Maharashtra govt, they must be disqualified & the assembly must be dissolved. Fresh elections must be held to enable the people of Maharashtra to decide if they want these Aya Rams & Gaya Rams as their MLAs.


The other night, we have discussed about how “Polca” we are. And Off said that he felt smth since they were the host of “5live fresh”. Respect that ! Mine was when I was on a trip with them ! 🙈 Excited for tmr !.

An investigation by Al Jazeera obtained an image of the bullet used to kill the network’s journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, providing fresh clues about the reporter’s killing by Israeli forces ⤵️ 🔗:.

Last worn in Bangladesh five years ago and since left in the closet of his spare bedroom, Glenn Maxwell’s original Baggy Green is in complete tatters. It might be fitting that he’ll be wearing a fresh one if he plays against Sri Lanka next week.

🎉 Broken Heartlands paperback out today! 🎉 An all new edition published with a fresh chapter on the blue wall from Esher and Walton and the red wall one year on. Ideal reading for by-elections and to mark six years since Brexit referendum day. Buy here.

trending at eighth spot yeyy! more fresh tweets, sweethearts & solids! MAGANDANG BUHAY SA KDLEX | #KDLex.

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@ATLHawks @whoisAG21 That jersey gonna be fresh and clean every night because he ain’t playing.

The anti-Conservative electorate appears capable of tactically piling in behind the most viable opposition candidate with only the lightest of cues from party leaders.

I think Elon Musk regrets putting together a bid to buy twitter. Every time anyone in #CrankWorld ™ gets moderated, he gets snitch-tagged. Imagine how annoying that is. His mentions are probably 90% Elon help! They censored this piece about how drinking fresh pee is healthy.

Sch l’a dit, elyon réussira dans la musique grâce à son univers avec ou sans les 100k, bravo à Fresh #nouvelleecole.

Fresh c’est totalement mérité dès la première minute je savais que c’était lui 🙀🙀🙀🙀♥️.

Great Dane Watches The Funny Effects Of Fresh Catnip on the Cat.

(#5clip) Here We Go Fresh Off The Press! #January6thHearings 6/23/22.

Shirley & Jered got married last week & we had the pleasure of designing their wedding party florals. The bouquets were soft but textured in Blush & Dusty Blue, and they looked so fresh & pretty against the green grass! The weather was perfect for their day at PilsenSecretGarden.

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@SamsaraSings Talk a close look at it with fresh eyes and see if you can find ways to make it even better. If you can’t then it’s good..

@doyouloverats @JSpeep i really am amongst my true peers. i wish i had kept my biggest tuft rip. SUPER dark hairs too so you could see all the fresh white pore things. have a good night family.

i actually think the teasers were perfect for pop looking back like they got the essence of the song but still left enough of it unspoiled to be fresh at first listen.

“Forbidden” — one of the most commented here. I feel some MJ inspiration here, it’s fresh, makes me wanna dance, jump around and vibe. Cool that he tried something like this, album worthy, and would be amazing to have a video for it! 10/10 🤍🕺.

@NorCalRiverRat @HardPass4 I stopped eating it; all the fresh ones with any meat to em are full of fentanyl and processed foods..

I think Cupertino needs some fresh ideas and a change of pace, we need more people like and now we have a chance!.

should point out that the owners of capital also have a stake in this narrative to preserve their supply of fresh labor against alleged demographic decline, and this is how they become the benefactors of fash ideologues or libs who advocate 1 billion americans.

@RadaNotSay Fafafel pita sandwich, loaded with fresh chop veggies and tahini sauce. Vegan, lots of protein and fiber, little bit of oil from frying to satiate, infinitely customizable.

Everybody in the club tryna get as fresh as me. What you on dawg? Tryna stay recession free!.

Fresh out the shower. Where all the dad bod lovers at? #nsfwtwt #Nsfwtwt.

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If you have enough internet to monitor people’s lives on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and comment on gossip forums online, then you have enough time and internet to also find a way to make enough to also post fresh nails, coffee and get to a pool and enjoy small joys in life too..

going to bed after a sh sesh is like a leap of faith and i had to learn that the hard way 🥹 woke up to blood patterns on my fresh sheets last time shtwt beantwt ouchietwt.

My wraps be rolled so fresh it don’t matter which end you light that bitch gone hit ! 💯👌🏿.

Studio Giraffe designed a white paper for global investment manager Schroders on new perspectives in retirement planning. The paper aims to offer a fresh take on five established notions about retirement planning:.

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ੈ✩‧₊˚ WTT LFT TXT PH ੈ✩‧₊˚ have: taehyun want: beomgyu ・fresh pull, on hand ・mint condition ・rcbyt: 🏷 tomorrow x together 2nd second story memories dvd official pc photocard.

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Pas fan de Fresh sur le parcours global mais sa prestation finale a été à la hauteur faut le dire. Victoire méritée sur les trois #NouvelleEcole.

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