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A statement from our Chairman and CEO, H. Lawrence Culp Jr., on recently reported claims:.

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@generalelectric I hope you guys have asked the CFA institute to clarify whether Harry Markopolos has beached CFA ethics guidelines..

@Brandallmalik @generalelectric Know the difference between an accusation and actual 🤦🏻‍♂️.

@generalelectric literally committed FRAUD! Why is their stock going up? CROOKS #GE #StockMarket.

11 años de historia al piso: General Electric sufre por acusación #noticias #generalelectric.

@HarryMarkopolos if you would like to discuss my work on @generalelectric dm me or contact me via.

Interesting perpspective from Harry Markopolos who is best known for uncovering the Bernie Madoff scheme. Time will tell. #GeneralElectric #finance via @BarronsOnline.

@alfarhan @generalelectric كيف استطيع قراءة تفاصيل اكثر ؟.

Remember #GeneralElectric pays no federal taxes because in 2012, @generalelectric stashed $108 billion in offshore tax havens to avoid paying income taxes..

das könnte eine spannende Geschichte werden: US-Investor wirft #GeneralElectric Milliardenbetrug vor.

Tiens donc, Général Electric (@generalelectric) accusé d’une fraude à très grande échelle de plus 38 milliards de dollars. Oops le ruissellement des multinationales..

@generalelectric I am a shareholder for 20 years and I am selling this morning. I am tired of hearing these claims and poor returns..

#GeneralElectric - $GE - once the biggest Global.

Please read the statement of our chairman addressing recent negative news!.

@alfarhan @generalelectric صدر منهم بيان ينفي صحة ادعاءه... إن غدا لناظره قريب.

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#GeneralElectric mit Kursdebakel – eine gute Kaufgelegenheit?.

one of the companies featured in the book “Built to Last” has been alleged of an accounting fraud. Stock price is at 1994 lows. #GeneralElectric.

@generalelectric i could see from his face on cnbc that he is most likely a fraudster trying to manipulate share price..

Leslie Seidman, GE Director and chair of Audit Committee, former chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on the claims:.

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A statement from our Chairman and CEO, H. Lawrence Culp Jr., on recently reported claims:.

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يبدو أن العالم على أعتاب فضيحة فساد مالي مدوية. المحقق المحاسبي الشهير الذي كشف قضية مادوف يقول أنه وفريقه عملوا ٧ شهور على مراجعة أرقام وحسابات جنرال الكتريك، أصدر تقرير خلاصته أن هناك تلاعب مالي وفساد وخسائر غير معلنة وأن مصير @generalelectric الإفلاس.

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