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MVP watch Harden: PPG, APG, RPG PG: PPG, APG, RPG Giannis: PPG, APG, RPG Curry: PPG, APG, RPG.

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@praet0rian He had the most points on the winning team. It was going to be Giannis until his team tanked..

Team Lebron didn’t try the whole first half while Giannis’ team tried the whole game and their team still dominated lmaooo. This what happens when you let Lebron draft a few HOFers..

“I need Giannis’ body & skill with my jump shot THEN I’d be ready to take on MJ.”-Reggie Miller In all the games I had to brutally endure with his horrible commentating he FINALLY says something I agree with. That also tells you what other HOFers think of MJ. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.

@mad_african @TrashTalk_fr Le principal concurrent au MVP pour PG c’est Giannis..

@RealSkipBayless And giannis is doing allll that, less minutes than anybody else!!!.

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I think MVP is between Harden and PG and everyone else should be an afterthought. Giannis and Jokic will get votes for record tho..

@kimkarlocastro I think it’ll be PG and Giannis. At least those are my forwards, as of now..

@Suns_Reddit Same, that’s another reason why I’m pulling for Giannis or PG13.

@Hoodie_Milly Voters prob give harden his second MVP but most all fans outside htown want Giannis/PG to win it and think harden “doesn’t play D”/“Shoots too much”/“flops”/“shoots a million free throws”.

WhAt If GiAnNiS GeTs A ReLiAbLe 3 PoInT sHoT #FearTheDeer #bucksinsix.

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Έτοιμος για το All Star ο Γιάννης Αντετοκούνμπο (video).

Giannis’ numbers are ridiculous but he also has 3rd highest usage rate in the league. Yes Bucks are neck and neck w/ Toronto for tops in the East, but OKC is games out of first & 1 game behind Denver for the 2 spot. Fair to say #2 out West is much more impressive than #1 East.

Giannis Antetokounmpo ties Shaq’s record. 💪 #Bucks.

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giannis is the mvp as of right now, 27,13,6 on 58% shooting and on pace for 60 plus wins with kris middleton as his best teammate.

@chicagobulls I like Lauri but Giannis would eat him for lunch one on one the difference in foot speed is not close..

Alright somebody loan Paul George their baby for his next media availability. Pretty cheap campaign move by Giannis, tbh. #MVPG.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is on a roll right now. 🔥 #Bucks.

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@Heze_Hez @RealSkipBayless Skip is a Giannis Hater because he hasn’t proven anything in the playoffs. Skip stupid af.

Hey @Katie_George05 did the baby giannis was holding get a good selfie? How was the pic? Did she make it the wallpaper on your phone? 😂😂.

Giannis held a baby in his postgame presser tonight, so I fully anticipate @Yg_Trece to have a puppy in his next one..

@ExpandTheThang Yeah I got it Harden, PG, Giannis and then Embiid. Harden ahead but PG looking mighty MVPish in 2019.

@culturedyl Giannis hasn’t past the first round in his entire career and the first year embiid and Ben played together they made it to the 2nd round LMFAO ain’t nobody confident in Milwaukee.

@FlySteelo Idk bout that bruh Giannis getting mvp and y’all definitely not going to the finals.

👶🏼+ 🇬🇷💪 Giannis gives his entire postgame interview holding a baby:.

MVP watch Harden: PPG, APG, RPG PG: PPG, APG, RPG Giannis: PPG, APG, RPG Curry: PPG, APG, RPG.

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