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Grant Williams was face-guarding Curry at halfcourt. The Warriors knew exactly what to do with that — and Klay went back door right on queue.

2008 Champion Celtics bench had Posey, PJ Brown, Powe, Cassell, Eddie House, Tony Allen, & Glen Davis 2022 Celtics bench only had Grant Williams, White, and Pritchard and were collectively brutal in the Finals. Can’t go into the postseason next yr w/ 5 G-Leaguers on the roster.

@gswfacu Imaginate la foto de grant williams con el habano y el trofeo no no por dios.

Not to pick on him, but Grant Williams, who scored 27 points in Game 7 vs. the Bucks, had only 26 in the entire Finals. A sign that Celtics need a bench upgrade to compete at the highest level..

Derrick White and Grant Williams on the floor instead of Jayson Tatum to start. Williams promptly throws one off Jaylen Brown’s hands and out of bounds..

In fairness he said this after Steph got a wide open layup cuz grant Williams was hugging Loney like he was Tim Duncan.

dans chaque franchise de NBA il y a un joueur il est trop con bah au Cs c’est Grant Williams.

i’ve waited 14 days to say this. grant williams of the boston celtics is a little bitch.

Most important quarter of the season and Udoka runs out with Derrick White and Grant Williams?? 🧐.

Why is jayson Tatum on the bench. Why is Al Horford on the bench. Why is grant Williams handling the rock..

No sólo hace el trabajo menos vistoso, sino que además es un tremendo deportista y competidor. Con Grant Williams se dieron y putearon durante toda la serie, pero al primero en saludar y agradecer la deportividad fue a su mayor rival en la serie, un gigante @Money23Green.

Grant Williams Photo,Grant Williams Photo by Piñiñento 🤟🏁🏁,Piñiñento 🤟🏁🏁 on twitter tweets Grant Williams Photo

@jagdiaj Equipo cortisimo. Jugadores muy jovenes. Creo que en esta serie udoka se dio cuenta que no tiene pivot suplente, theis es peor que plumlee. Pritchard no tiene fisico para jugar finales de nba Grant Williams estuvo toda la serie peleando con Green. El equipo no acompañó a Tatum.

@celtic_husker We need to develop grant Williams and Pritchard that’s the bare minimum.

@ACuneo3577 @TwitchB51 Yes sir! Grant Williams played the Fred Roberts role. Derrick White starring as Darren Daye 🤮.

@DariusmWright i think they could but they need someone who can consistently score aside from jaylen brown bcuz tht def sint marcus smart, derrick white or grant williams.

@GwashburnGlobe Bench disappeared. White, Grant Williams, Pritchard did nothing after game 3..

@tuiterdoemanuel @HDB_ok Par de internos top, Horford, Rob WIlliams. Un defensor élite como Smart. En la banca elementos interesantes, Pritchard, Grant Williams, White. El tema es que los guards juegan al 1vs1 constante y no aprovechan el abanico de opciones que tienen. Ninguno de los 2 es playmaker..


Grant Williams getting into it with Draymond makes entirely too much sense. That’s who he wants to be..


crazy how grant williams stopped being good once there was no durant to let him get wide open practice shots.

@balldontstop Can you explain Udoka’s rotation plan???? Why is white and Grant Williams in the game???.

Grant Williams, Derrick white Boston Celtics need to get rid of these players. The bench is terrible.

Why is the ball in the hands of Grant Williams in the 4th Quarter of an elimination game of the NBA finals.

WHAT ARE THE CELTICS DOING!??? Why is Grant Williams in the game? Brown can’t hold the ball bro my g.


Grant Williams was absolute trash after his career game. Too big for his britches .. PPs shot went missing .. DWhite up and down. Frustrating.

@ShannonSharpe Where was Grant Williams? Dude was a -18 with a triple single 3/1/1. Shot twice the whole game..

@richeisen I love how golden state makes you switch grant williams its easy 2nd round just shooting 3s guarding bobby Portis and grayson he has a defender on him all day and has to guard 1 text to a friend.


@DBGyt_ @JayCanada10 Brother he got swept and clamped by Al Horford and Grant Williams.

@SavageSports_ Wtf happened to Grant Williams? Went from extremely promising role player to absolute bum on the offensive end..

Un posible trade donde nosotros damos a Tatum y el mogólico de Grant Williams, traemos a KD y con eso tiramos hasta ganar 5 al hilo.

@ShannonSharpe Well that’s the problem. They were hoping avergae players at best were gonna win them a championship. If not for lucky performances by grant Williams, white, and horford they would’ve been out second round. They were never that good.

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