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Biden chastised Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Tate Reeves of Mississippi for relaxing restrictions, calling it Neanderthal thinking. What a great line!

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ANGEL?? just married
ANGEL?? just married ()

#TalesFromTheSMP so did connor, francis, zachary, and greg die?? or were they ghosts??? or just kept in the basement?

Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Biden chastised Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Tate Reeves of Mississippi for relaxing restrictions, calling it Neanderthal thinking. What a great line!

Greg ()

This is happening fast and it WILL happen in Canada. Are you ready for tyranny?

💧Bob New
💧Bob New ()

The jobseeker increase is pathetic – and so is the spin to justify the paltry amount | Greg Jericho #auspol

Always on the Slang
Always on the Slang ()

@dissonanceusa @bozchron Greg sucks. He’s tried to sue to keep fisherman off public lands by his mansion, and he assaulted a reporter asking a normal question. The guy is an all around jerk.

Linou ()

Greg il devrai faire la villa des cœurs brisés je comprend ce qui fait encore dans les marseillais nishen

Romy 🐲
Romy 🐲 ()

Greg il a osé dire avec un ton outré « moi oppressant ? » 😂😂 le mec il est capable de te faire une crise de jalousie alors que tu connais pas encore son prénom #LMAD

IG: @cakes__ville
IG: @cakes__ville ()

@Femi_MartinsOG @Sulaiman_cule Lol. Laugh na. That’s why I said he should allow u enjoy yourself. Cuz me sef still get many laff wey I go laff you

Euclid ()

Greg Roman is clearly disliked in the building. Maybe not on a personal level but as an offensive coordinator.

Greg Barnett
Greg Barnett ()

@InTheHuntUSA You can assist to raise money to help those who had significant issues with the loss of power. You have the recognition to do do. Follow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and lead. Wesley, you can help people!

GIᑌᒪIᗩ ()

@Ginevra_Styles_ Eli Greg con questo scherzo ha vinto tutto!!! La 👑 indiscussa #ScherzoIeneEliGreg

Machiavelli ()

Greg me saoule une vrai sangsue. C’est limite obsessionnelle. En plus il boude h72 rolalalaaa💀

Misspeperuta ()

Comunque troppo carina la Greg mi hai fatto litigare con tutti gli amici del Grande Fratello #SCHERZOIENEELIGREG

Greg Scanlon
Greg Scanlon ()

Ugh, officially been a year since my last time in an audience. At least it was a great show:

Ron Logue
Ron Logue ()

@aliciasadowski6 Greg you need to get a life, sad. You should go to the White House & interact with Mr. German Shepard which are real dogs

Stan ()

@greg_lanre @Sulaiman_cule I dy see una dy drop statistics and was funny to me, make i no laugh Nawa oo, small play

andrew ✞ ᴺᴹ
Andrew ✞ ᴺᴹ ()

babies with grown people names scare me “isn’t Greg the cutest” sounds so weird

Supply Chain Now
Supply Chain Now ()

This coming March 23, join @ScottWLuton, Greg White, Mike Lackey from @SAP, and Tobias Hoffmeister from MHP America Inc, and learn about their journey with Industry transformation, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. Register now:

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Patriots Fan
Patriots Fan ()

@GregABedard Greg, a BSJ fan here. Perhaps an unintended presumption within this tweet? There are plenty of good reasons for Tiger to have a driver and many good reasons to suggest he have one. Is this imperfectly stated as one can easily do in a tweet?

peter thomas
Peter thomas ()

@TooMuchMortons_ Tell that to Greg Maddux though. Pretty much any fastball in a bad location is going to get hit.

Film Updates
Film Updates ()

#AgathaAllAlong from #Wandavision is now available to stream. Spotify: Apple Music:

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FedEx Help
FedEx Help ()

@NSkou1 Hi, my name is Greg. If you need assistance, please send me a DM so I can get some specific information to help you.

Greg Helland
Greg Helland ()

@GeraldoRivera Geraldo steel ball core iron put it in vaccum chamber at minus 400 degree use power to increase its pressure 1/560 Atmospheres vapor locking on core creating Sun 70,000 space vapor cloud polarity Sun Air Touch Cintrol Flight Control Farm?

Bean ()

@TorontoFC @_AIR_RIQ_ His own Uncle did not want him and I thought Greg was the only reason he had a contract.

Jon P
Jon P ()

@greg_doucette Moving 2022 primaries closer to the general election, I could get behind. It’s absolutely nuts to hold primaries half a year before the general election. Nuking all municipal elections for all of this year? Fuck that with a cactus.

HudsonAlpha ()

(1/3) Hi! I am Susan Hiatt, and I’ll be taking over here for a bit to tell you about our research. I am a Senior Scientist in Greg Cooper’s lab, and much of our work is in understanding how differences among human genomes (variation) can lead to disease. -SH #HATuesdayTakeover

Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang ()

@mattyglesias Rodgers would arguably be the richest member of congress right? At least rivaling Mark Warner/Greg Gianforte.

Patriotic Melburnian
Patriotic Melburnian ()

@HuXijin_GT How many have died in China? Do you honestly think we believe the numbers given? China lies about everything.

Greg Price
Greg Price ()

Literally cried last night thinking about how Joe Biden is putting kids in cages at our southern border

The Washington Post
The Washington Post ()

Where is Greg Abbott? Anger grows at Texas governor in deadly storm’s wake

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