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“I want to share this good. And I want you to do it with me.” ☺️ #GreysAnatomy.

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Qadri had a crush on Avery for the majority of season 14 and chased around a dog. I have never seems her idolize Meredith. I might have believed that rant if it was Helm delivering it. #GreysAnatomy.

Haven’t watched the grey’s ep from tonight but omg what if they bring Addison back for a few ep’s because Amelia is pregnant? This is what I need @GreysABC #GreysAnatomy.

Why do I need to see Jackson and his new girlfriend? Where is Maggie’s new FINE boyfriend? They should bring Morris Chestnut on for her #GreysAnatomy.

They need to fix Dr Baileys story line this season I hate disliking her. #fixit #GreysAnatomy.

So happy for Amelia she could never get a break n now she can b happy and with link omg yay so excited ur next week’s episode #GreysAnatomy.

#GreysAnatomy Esto es una gran historia de amor, cuentan que se amaron, y como hablan distintos idiomas se comunicaban atraves de un #Diccionario. Historia que conmueve a todos en la sala, especialmente a Amy.

Pra quem diz q #GreysAnatomy não tem mais história.

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#GreysAnatomy Para los fans de #MerLuca Tenemos bellos momentos de la nueva pareja.

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Good things about this season: - Amelia and Link - Amelia and Maggie - Alex and Richard Good thing about this episode: - Amelia and Link ❤️🤰 - Amelia and Maggie (she is her person 😍) - Alex, Richard and charmed storyline. 😂 #GreysAnatomy.

#GreysAnatomy Para los fans de #MerLuca Tenemos bellos momentos de la nueva pareja🤤🤭.

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Guess what?? This west coast girl was finally able to catch a show on east coast time! And I know, know the But I’ll make it up by watching on repeat online. Promise. #GreysAnatomy #CastFromThePast.

Essa discussão entre Meredith, Teddy, Amélia e A Maggie na platéia, socorro, kkkkk Bem vida, 14 temporada #GreysAnatomy.

La primera vez que besé a mi esposa, ella todavía no era mi esposa sino una chica en un bar. Cuando nos besamos, debo confesar, fue como si no hubiese besado a otra mujer antes. Fue como mi primer beso, el beso correcto.  -Derek Shepherd. #GreysAnatomy.

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@EllenPompeo Merediths reaction to Amelia´s baby news was the cutest! and she doesnt even know about her lost baby #Sisters | #GreysAnatomy.

“So would say because Dr. Grey is gone we’re giving WORSE care” FACTS right there! #GreysAnatomy.

Woman flew across the world to see a man she had a small fling with over 30 years ago damn #GreysAnatomy.

You all seriously gonna fire the only hijabi intern? Reallly? That last what 2 seasons? -_- #GreysAnatomy.

These new residents have lost their damn minds. What the heck is this audacity that they’re talking to Bailey like this? Tha fuck? Fire all of them! I’m so mad! #GreysAnatomy.

@GreysABC AHHHH next week is going to be exitingggg 🤪😬😬 i can’t wait ❤️#GreysAnatomy ❤️❤️❤️.

I just love how caring Owen is towards Teddy. He really gets her. I love them ❤️ #GreysAnatomy.

@EllenPompeo A lady came back from the dead !! Towen and Amelink are the cutest and MerLuca too. Oh yeah and Meredith is still picking up trash 🙄 #GreysAnatomy.

To be fair Maggie was not trying to talk to Vic ass, shoulda took the hint #GreysAnatomy.

Yes she did!!! I want Yeddy to upgrade from his ass too! I love Owen but he needs a whole new woman! #GreysAnatomy.

WTW? Bailey firing her interns and residents. And going on a date. Whoa look out! #GreysAnatomy.

“I want to share this good. And I want you to do it with me.” ☺️ #GreysAnatomy.

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