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Party Games >>> Battle Royales??? Are party games the new wave? Side note: GTA 6 can come out any time now.

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C of Red Central
C of Red Central ()

@hintstheman GTA 6!!! (I know it would never be exclusive to Xbox, but let me dream dammit!!) 😂

Laclan ()

Bon c’est ou qu’on va pour précommander la version d’occasion de l’occasion de GTA 6

Najmi✗෴✗Syndicate ()

1. command & conquer red alert, tiberium 2. sims 3 3. gta san andreas 4. warcraft frozen throne my dad used to have pc when i was like 6,7 , so i listed all an old games that i used to play. i dont have pc now. 😭

Jonathan ()

releasing gta v on next gen instead of gta 6 should be illegal

Sully Crane
Sully Crane ()

@RockstarGames please put the song Drive-By (Drive) by @Lilpeep in GTA 6 somehow. Plz I’m begging you, make the people happy and by people I mean Lol Peep fans.


I don’t see GTA 6 happening for at least another 3/4 years If they’re making gta 5 for next gen that made me lose a lot of hope

Nick ()

@WeaponXKP21 Maybe the PS5 is worth getting is when the next Naughty Dog game, or GTA 6

oh great, this fkn guy
Oh great, this fkn guy ()

the PAX twitch will have comments disabled, so i will simulate the chat on a livestream for you here TheJoker: GTA 6 WHEN adamknox: show feet BelarusBoy: who here is also from belarus? BOT: some unintelligible admin stuff about bits and hype adamknox: show feet

BullsKingdom ()

And it released again for the PS4/X1 and going to release once again for next We never getting GTA 6.

RAP MAIS | R+ ()

Ator que fez Franklin no GTA V responde fãs sobre demora do novo GTA 6 -

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Fever 🇩🇴
Fever 🇩🇴 ()

Sony is literally making gaming history but the chat be like so trash, even xbox series s is better wheres gta 6 also available on pc guys please subscribe to my youtube channel for ps5 giveaway my wife left me

Marketinho™ ()

não faz sentido pagar 5k no ps5 que ainda não tenha gta 6, sinceramente, pra mim, não faz sentido nenhum.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott ()

I was 13 when this fucken game came need GTA at least a new map for GTA Online

Yt: Aniya.Cierra
Yt: Aniya.Cierra ()

Getting one ☺️ gta 6 bout to be 🔥 I’m already knowing

Yrg_Beerus ()

@deku2128 @YourRAGEz Let’s be real when the game comes out ima be buying it for my grand kids so in like 50 years they may come out with gta 6

Gfinity ()

GTA 6 trailer news has been debunked 🙁

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𝚕𝚞𝚒𝚣𝚐𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚒 | 📌
𝚕𝚞𝚒𝚣𝚐𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚒 | 📌 ()

@JackySozinho irmão, na live da Sony os cara só falava disso todo jogo q anunciava eles ficava booooooriiiiiing, we want gta 6 bagulho insuportável, mn, pqp

Ski ()

@Freddychini yep and whenever gta 6 comes out its gonna be on console only for like a year so ps5 gonna be the move

Sharp ()

@yapperfn @AnklesXI U just mad that PlayStation has fall guys,Spider-Man, uncharted, GTA 6 it’s ok you will come around eventually

Rakesh1212 ()

@Sharito742 @idkbenjy I’m in the same boat as you tbh. I will definitely get Persona 6 and/or GTA 6 on launch day whenever that is. Until then I’ll be catching up on my Switch & PS4 games.

جعفر🐆 ()

@Perscile 6/10 we frérot pourquoi c’est tout flou laisse ton visage mdr t’es rechercher par interpole ? On dirait quand t’es bourré dans gta


Moi quand j’ai pas vu gta 6 pendant la conférence de Sony #PlayStation5

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Antonius ()

@nespartacus88 No sé de que se quejan, han estado cerca del pleno en su quiniela previa al evento. Más allá del RDNA 3, de los 449€, del GTA 6, del Silent Hill, del Sunset Overdrive 2, del Scalebound, de la retrocompatibilidad total, o de la unión entre Psnow y Psplus, lo demás lo han clavao.

خاڤيير ()

الصراحه ماهو مضحكني الا اللي كانوا متوقعين اعلان gta 6 اليوم

Snoozle ()

Once again, people were hyping up GTA 6 and were disappointed. The never-ending cycle continues.

😡😡 ()

watched that whole ps5 showcase just to not see a gta 6 trailer <<<<<<<

My Mixtapez
My Mixtapez ()

The voice actor from GTA 5 speaks on the delay of GTA 6. Do y’all agree with him⁉️

sami93tounsy ❤️🇹🇳
Sami93tounsy ❤️🇹🇳 ()

@NesyouV2 « Est c’est se jour ou on a tous cru a l’nnonce de gta 6 »

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sami93tounsy ❤️🇹🇳
Sami93tounsy ❤️🇹🇳 ()

« Est c’est se jour ou ont a tous cru a l’annonce de GTA 6 »

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FaZe Cizzorz
FaZe Cizzorz ()

Party Games >>> Battle Royales??? Are party games the new wave? Side note: GTA 6 can come out any time now.

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☚ diogo jota Arteta ☛
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